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Hi, it's me again, I've been gone for a while. I haven't been able to get computer access for a while now and have been reading the stories from my phone. My fingers are too big to easily type on my phone and I have to delete and retype most of what I write. I'm still in the same state of mind/ situation as my other posts, and it's starting to bleed through the mask I show to the world. No one that knows me in real life know the real me and that I am a girl inside. I feel so alone and stressed.

Looking for a story


I read a story, think it was on Big Closet about a young man who is a dress designer, ends up work in an upscale dress shop in a mall and is slowly feminized. His mother is also a seamstress and he help her. Along with his BFF he dress as one of the female characters from Lord of the Rings for halloween, his boss dresses as Jessica Rabbit.


I wrote my first story yesterday, because I had an idea stuck in my head for it. I thought it would get maybe ten or fifteen reads, but I was surprised and delighted that people cared about what I wrote. Not only did it get attention, but I found I liked it. That story was my first try at writing something outside of a assignment for school. I realized I loved writing that story, because it was something I cared about. I'm working on a second story and might continue my first. Writing also helps me pass time, I got lost writing earlier for two or three and felt so alive.

The Ideal Image

Author's Note: Hi, I'm Unknown_Person and this is my first story. It may be small, but its a start.
This came to me while tossing and turning in my bed at midnight, I hope you enjoy

The Ideal Image

“Hey,” I said to my friend Josh. “Do we have academic team practice today?”
For most people spending extra time after school to take tests and answer random questions may seem like torture, to me and my friends it was what drove us to be better.


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Hi! This is my first post, so I'm a bit nervous. I have trouble putting my emotions into words, whenever I try I end up frustrated. This means I usually just bottle up my emotions, fighting to keep the down, to wear that fake smile that never reaches my eyes. I feel like I'm lying when I talk to others who think they know me, who think they know how I feel and in a way I am. They see my act falter and they wonder what's wrong, but I push them away. Even my family gets pushed away. They ask why I stay in my room all the time, separated from them.

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