Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 24


My people loved my father and mother and they loved my eldest brother Justin as well. I grew up thinking that we were good folks and had few real enemies and we did well for our folk in our lands.

And that was one of those things that I was going to inherit third son or not. I was going to do things, do whatever I could to help the people in Lyonnes.

And that’s gone; well it’s gone for as long as it’ll take me to find things out and to get strong enough to maybe do something.

But here’s Nicole who has actually done it here today and I know that she’s done more and that she’s already held in high esteem with Lady Tatiana and very much by her folk here.

I’m in that mixture of both awed and wistful and jealous of it all.

But I’m still very, very proud of her too.

A nightmare come true

Luna was laying in bed half asleep when her husband of five years came in. Jasper smiled at his beautiful wife and laid next to her. Immediately Luna nuzzled up against Jasper and caressed his face gently. He blushed and looked at her swollen belly smiling bigger, Luna looked up at him. "Someone looks happy." She said softly and smiled as she pecked his cheek, "Maybe just a little." Jasper smiled back and kissed her gently and held her hand interlocking their fingers. They stayed like that for awhile perfectly content in each others company.

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