Will Chase SOASN 1


He'd lifted her boobs out of her bra cups and was squeezing them mercilessly. Even though the Sensotouch was turned low, it was hurting quite a lot. "Sit on that bunk, and make it good."

He was pulling her breasts hard downwards and she was forced to sit down on the bunk. She grimaced, uncertain how to proceed. She guessed undoing his belt and pulling down his trousers would be a start. From the way his underpants were ballooning out, it looked as though Tony had rather a whopper in there. After pulling down his underpants, she realised that was a massive understatement. It was enormous, the blue veins protruding around the shaft, topped by a glistening purple head. Thank heavens, she thought, that he wasn't thinking of putting it inside her. She knew her Hiplet had a built in vagina but it could never accommodate a monster of that size.

It was really strange seeing a penis from the business end; a penis made erect due to the sexiness of Sam's body, and after a second she realised it was rather arousing that she could do that to a man. Strange! She'd never looked at a man sexually before, but since she was playing the part of a woman, perhaps she was entering into the spirit. This was not being gay, it was simply paying the part of a heterosexual woman.

It took rather more adjustment of her body position than a professional of her talents normally would, but Tony didn't seem to mind too much, in fact, he even started smirking at her incompetence. Eventually, she could clasp both her breasts and squeeze them around his giant cock, and rub them up and down his length. As she watched the penis disappearing and reappearing between her breasts, she found it even more arousing.

"Come on," Tony gasped. "We haven't got all day. Faster. Faster."

So she put her back – and everything else – into it, jerking up and down Tony's cock until the sweat was pouring off her. Except, of course, she couldn't sweat beneath her Bustlet or Hiplet; it was all coming out around her tummy and on her arms and legs. And the faster she got, the harder his cock seemed to get, and the blue veins stood out in a more obnoxious way. And the more obnoxious it looked, the more arousing she found it.

That arousal entirely disappeared as he started squirting semen under her chin. Yuk! How abhorrent. There were bucket loads of it. She thought she was going to drown in the stuff, but fortunately, he was already turning away.

"Come on," he repeated walking over to the ladder without a glance behind him as he zipped up his flies. "Get a move on."

Fortunately, she found a pack of wet wipes in her bag and she managed to clean most of it away as Tony disappeared up the ladder.

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