Will Chase SOASN 2

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"You know," Walter said, "you are one hell of a beauty."

"Thank you." She seamlessly switched to playing another melody.

"You've been flaunting your body at me ever since you saw me."

She grinned at him. "Is that so?"


If she was going to ensure Walter was thrown out of the competition, she would have to encourage him. "So what are you going to do about it?"

His arms encircled her waist and he lifted her up off the stool and swept it to one side. Admittedly, she assisted him in that operation as otherwise he might not only have dropped her, but caused her to mis-key. Her standing stance meant she had to bend over to reach the piano keyboard, an opportunity too good for Walter to miss. He reached around to the slit in her dress, and suddenly flipped the hem up and over her bum. She felt the cool air wafting around her panties, but not for long, as his fingers were probing the gusset and then moving it aside.

"That's one hell of a tight little pussy," he said, exploring with his fingers.

"Maybe it's because it's my first time with a man," Sam said, quite truthfully.

"Yeah, and pigs might fly."

She could hear him undoing his zip and fumbling with his underpants, then he was resting something against her slit, something that felt rather large and very hard.

"I think you're too big for me… Oh shit! You are too big. Stop. Stop this minute. You are really hurting me."

"You've stopped playing," Walter observed as he proceeded to slide what felt like a pick axe handle inside her vagina.

And it wasn't even a real vagina, Sam thought, just a pretend one with this damned Sensotouch. Somehow, she got her hands onto the keyboard again and stared playing. Damn! Why was she playing Oomp-Pa music; a rhythm which Walter immediately took up as he slid in and out of her vagina. Actually, she thought as he settled into a nice pace, it wasn't too bad. In fact, she realised, it was bloody enjoyable being rogered by a man who seemed to be considerate about her feelings, a man who wanted her to enjoy the moment.

"Do you mind if I join in?"

It wasn't so much a question as a statement of intent, for no sooner had she half-turned to see Ben standing directly next to her, his large cock just inches from her face, than he grabbed her head and pulled it violently forward, whilst at the same time, thrusting his cock into her mouth.

"Enjoy it, slut." The words in her ear were unnecessary as Sam was just starting the most fantastic orgasm she could ever remember.


Walter had just come down from his orgasm when Sam heard yet another voice, "Step aside old boy, and let someone have a go at unexplored territory."

It was Jenson, Sam realised, trying to prevent herself from throwing up as Ben's cock thrust against the back of her mouth. She was trying to work out exactly which part of her body could count as unexplored, when she felt him grasping her hips and something nuzzling against her back passage. Something which felt very large indeed.

"Nnn!" she tried to protest, but the voice in her ear said, "Don't you know, its rude to talk with your mouth full?"

Sam sighed. In for a penny, in for ten thousand pounds, and maybe in for a few million. She tried to relax and think of England.

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