Under the knife in less than two weeks...

One thing loosing my job has done, it has moved up my timetable on SRS. This is because SRS is covered on my old insurance, and part of my severance package was insurance for 11 weeks after I was laid off. I am prepared to buy COBRA if I have to if I need the insurance extended.

So, baring glitches, I will be going into an operating room and having what was supposed to be the final stage of my transition done. Like I said, it was moved up. I do not see myself ever being able to afford this on my own, and I qualify now (or will as of Dec. 16).

The electrolysis on my facial hair will have to wait until I have a full time job again. The laser treatments have done a lot of good, but there is plenty more left to go.

People keep asking me if I am excited. Silly question, of course I am excited. I am also terrified. There is so much that can go wrong, no surgery is without risk. But it is worth it, I'll just have my fingers crossed when I go under.

Wendy Jean

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