The Depression

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This is basically more of an explanation than a rant.

I have shut down. I barely read (that is when I know I am really down), I don't write or do electronics. I do my electronics forum moderation duties, but that is a duty, not just pleasure.

I have contacted a therapist, I have an appointment. I hope to God this goes somewhere, I'm not sure how much more I can take of being down. The urge to do something unpleasant has been very strong, but I have grown kids, and I will not do that to them. I keep telling myself that over and over, it is the little angle on my shoulder while the demon wants to drag my soul to hell.

I keep starting to read stories, then loose interest. This is not me.

I really meant to write, but that isn't happening either.

There are a lot of people here I consider friends. I will be OK, given time and help I'll pull out of it as I have in the past. If I offend, it is not on purpose, and I apologize.

Thanks for reading.

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