knock knock ... anyone home??

Started seeing a shrink/therapist/getting help with as a goal GRS, when I was 17yo. Got the okay in 2003 (witch resuleted of the GRS being in 2004) with 1 commentary. Namely probable personality development disorder (hope I got the right group name in english). Didn't care mutch about it at the time, but as usually those things kind of bite you in the ass when your aren't looking.

A few years ago I started having a work related depression and started seeing another shrink. One of the things that came out was what kind of disorder ->autism spectrum disorder. Reading the DSM and the notes on it gave me a damn big shock (and still shocking) 'cause a lot of things felt into place.

Copping with GID and being ts and al the stuff that accompagnies it as well as being attracted to the 'female of the species' (cfr a qoute from a poem) I now have to cope with having being labeld as disabled. And I mean 'labeled' aka registrate as mentaly disabled. That isn't going very well with the rest of my bagage, let alone the inherent proprieties of the above mentioned diasability.

'cause of the work related depression and the fact that they are reposting me (they are looking for a new post to place me ...) I haven't been to my work for more then a year now. More problematic is that I shutting myself of more and more of IRL. like I haven't been out the door since monday even I do need to make a small grocery run (need milk and bread). I'm 'lucky if I go out the door more then 2 times a week at the moment.

And lets not talk about communicating with people let a lone GF's or SO's :(.


sorry for dumping this on you people

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