Dad, That's a Beautiful Dress You're Wearing!

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Dad, That's a Beautiful Dress You're Wearing!

By Ginger Collins

Estrogen had taken possession of her body and testosterone was in frantic retreat, if not final surrender. She had curves, breasts, and luxurious blond hair. Her cheekbones were high and her painted lips were full. Undeniably, there were ever so slight traces of maleness in her, but it actually added to her charm and made her appear exotic or beguiling. She was wearing a coral suit with a long skirt and wrap jacket with Princess seams. Her matching handbag was large and just right. Her pumps were of snake-print design and with dress soles and two-inch heels. This young lady was a class act!

knock knock ... anyone home??

Started seeing a shrink/therapist/getting help with as a goal GRS, when I was 17yo. Got the okay in 2003 (witch resuleted of the GRS being in 2004) with 1 commentary. Namely probable personality development disorder (hope I got the right group name in english). Didn't care mutch about it at the time, but as usually those things kind of bite you in the ass when your aren't looking.

Transsexual considering return to politics

Georgina Beyer, a former Mayor and Member of Parliament is considering a return to local body politics.

Beyer has eye on mayoralty

Beyer considers Masterton mayoralty bid

Georgina Beyer (Wikipedia)

I predict that if she stands, she will be successful in the October elections.

Political Service

TG=More Readers?

The newspaper headline:

Sex-change officer recovering after being hurt at checkpoint

Sometimes, I wish the media would just report the news, and not try to sensationalise it. The officer was just doing her job, and her gender status had nothing to do with the incident, afaik.
[Click the headline to read the story.]

This story should have been reported as: “Police officer hurt at checkpoint.”

Taking Responsibility

In today's Guardian newspaper (23.5.07) ( - under life & health, story titled, 'Mistaken Identity'); one of the leading gender psychiatrists was censured by the General Medical Council for inappropriately referring 5 patients for surgey. He didn't stick to the rules regarding referral so the censure may be appropriate, but I won't comment upon the case directly.

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