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What a Long Strange Trip it's Been

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So as I'm staring at my stories page, I noticed that Becoming Robin is 4 hits away from 10,000. The next closest is chapters 2 and 3 at around 6.5k so of course hits don't mean much :-) But since Robin is technically one year old at this point (Though her 1 year anniversary is in a couple of weeks) I thought I'd post something appropriate.

knock knock ... anyone home??

Started seeing a shrink/therapist/getting help with as a goal GRS, when I was 17yo. Got the okay in 2003 (witch resuleted of the GRS being in 2004) with 1 commentary. Namely probable personality development disorder (hope I got the right group name in english). Didn't care mutch about it at the time, but as usually those things kind of bite you in the ass when your aren't looking.

time of year

It's that 'time again. Just past one of the worst parts of the year when I'm alone and I'm, again, waiting for my scores on the exames. Lucky me, the're only 2 but ,aaargh, the waiting is more stressfull then the exames themselfs.

I'm starting to think that the 'waiting'thing is really not for me, bwah.

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