Fanfic Story Idea

Just curious if anyone else on site is a video game player like myself. I particularly loved Final Fantasy VII, and was thinking about doing a fanfic of it, based on Cloud Strife's forays into cross-dressing. Would anyone be interested in reading it if I developed a story arc?

Haylee V

Edit (02-AUG-17):

After reading all the comments, and the rather heated debate regarding backstory (or lack thereof), I have come up with the following opening. Please do me a favor by IM'ing me your feelings about it. Thanks!


Cloud stood before the Honeybee Inn like he had done many times before. Yet no matter how many times his compulsion hit him, he always felt as if the entire planet's population of butterflies made their home in the deepest recesses of his stomach.

he took a deep breath, trying, in vain, to quell the queasiness he now felt. Mukki was a kind man, if somewhat older, and always treated his "Bubby" well. Cloud knew he had nothing to fear, but being here un Wall Market, in the heart of the Sector 5 Slums, always made him feel somewhat uneasy.

Even though Corneo was long gone, having met his end, courtesy of the Turks - Rude and Reno - on top of the Da Chao Mountains in Wutai, he still couldn't forget the first time Mehgan made her appearance. Of course then, it was a forced visit, as it was the only way he and Aeris could save Tifa from the Don's clutches. Many things, both in his own life, and the planet's, have changed since that fateful day - the day he first realized that he wanted to be something - no someone - more, much more than just ex-SOLDIER and AVALANCHE member Cloud Strife.

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