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Picked up "Romancing SaGa 2" on Xbox today and...

It's vicious, I love the features but the prologue is brutal and I mean "toss you in the deep end of the pool". I was NOT expecting to have a couple of my characters straight up die during combat at the beginning in your average battle. They revive with full health after each battle but OUCH.

Fanfic Story Idea

Just curious if anyone else on site is a video game player like myself. I particularly loved Final Fantasy VII, and was thinking about doing a fanfic of it, based on Cloud Strife's forays into cross-dressing. Would anyone be interested in reading it if I developed a story arc?

Haylee V

Edit (02-AUG-17):

After reading all the comments, and the rather heated debate regarding backstory (or lack thereof), I have come up with the following opening. Please do me a favor by IM'ing me your feelings about it. Thanks!

Help me make a web site!

No, really!

I'm looking for a few interested tech-heads, game geeks, and dungeon masters! You! Yes, and you too!


For a venture I'd like to try: an LGBT friendly (though, to be clear, by no means strictly LGBT FOCUSED) gaming site.

Non-TG related, but seeking answers

Anyone who has spent any length of time talking to me already knows this, but just so it's stated... I'm a video game geek. Not like some casual "yeah I play on occasion" or "I like X series but not much else," but a dyed in the wool, I-can-name-you-the-processor-chip-from-every-console-ever-made kind of obsessed gaming geek.

Crossdressing RPG

Found this game from Steam. It's called "High School Romance". a familiar situation where a boy gets into a fancy school not realizing that it's a all girls school. there are several endings that you can experience. It's about $10 to buy.

I'm going to see if I can find it somewhere for free. I may not be easy but I'm still cheap. lol
This does look pretty good. Here is a link for a youtube video about it.

Link Gets Pretty

Ok so I've seen numerous female Link pictures and stories for years now. It seems to be one of the big staples with a lot of TG artists. He's not the only one who gets gender flipped actually---loads do. However he seems to be the first to get it done to him officially.

Yep, Link is now a girl...sorta lol.

Pathfinder players!

For those participating in the role-playing game tonight...

If you aren't already aware, the chat server for BC has changed to . It DOESN'T auto-reroute you to a room, though, so you'll have to manually direct to the dungeon via the [/JOIN dungeon] command.

I'm heading there now, and I hope to see everyone for the game tonight!

Melanie E.

Money making idea for TG RPG

Ideas and Opportunity.
Money Making Idea ... "TG Fantasy / (Person) Maker"
Tell the Tales of the Closet in the form of a Game!
I am open to the thoughts and ideas of our community.
Who is up for an adventure in non-code, coding?
Hope the people take this idea, and run with it for a Golden Award.
Character closet.jpeg

Satoru Iwata

For many of us who've grown up primarily over the last 25 years, Satoru Iwata was an important figure in our lives. As a member of the team at Nintendo, and CEO, he's influenced a lot of us more than we may care to admit, and for many of us -- such as myself -- the products he's helped bring to the market have been one of the few things in life at times that helped us deal with the pain of transgenderism, adolescence, and just life in general.

I'm not sure what Satoru's stance on trans issues or LGBT stuff in general was, but it really doesn't matter at the moment.

Free Comic Book Day

Today is a fun and free Holiday to those that enjoy Graphic novels and Pictorial Books.

In other words it is "Free Comic Book Day"
How does this holiday work you ask?
It is easy you go to a comic or one of many hobby stores and ask for a copy of a Free pre-approved comic book.


Scarpe Gucci sono una delle scarpe popolari che si possono vedere nel mercato di oggi. Gucci ha fornito l'abbigliamento di moda di alta qualità per diversi anni. Queste scarpe sono realizzate in materiali di altissima qualità e garantiscono la migliore qualità. Il marchio è molto popolare per le sue coppie di lussuose ed eleganti di scarpe. Possedere un paio di scarpe di Gucci è un segno di fama e ricchezza.

TOO loud sound

I thought I would ask questions here before I go haring off in the dark.

When I am not using headphones, I play my sound quite low as I live in an apartment house. It is frustrating that when an advertisement comes on, the sound generally surges to very loud and this is a problem when I am listening at midnight.

Gender Identity And You

I've said it before, and I'll likely say it many many more times: I love video games.

That said, there are a lot of problems that the industry has with not taking alternative sexualities or even anything other than guys into consideration when designing games. Sure, that's slowly changing, but it can always use a bit of a push.

This is my idea for a game that could do just that.

Pickles: The Game

So, a few of you might remember my Pickles choose-your-own-adventure story I started here a few years back. I still think it was a really cool idea, but it never worked out QUITE the way I wanted it to, and eventually just got kinda ridiculous and dragged down by my renowned poor dedication to a regular posting schedule.

Well, I've figured out how to use TWINE.

Magic: the Gathering's first trans character introduced

Wizards of the Coast introduced their first canon trans character ever with a story on their site today. And she kicks So. Much. Ass. Even if you're not a fan of Magic: the Gathering as a game or aren't familiar with its worlds, the story's a great read for anyone who enjoys heroic fantasy. Enjoy!

Alternate Identities

I like the name Rasufelle.

It's a name I came up with many many years ago; I was messing around with the Dungeons and Dragons second edition ruleset, a PC program designed for creating characters in fact, and I built myself my first ever elf rogue (drow at the time, though I've since learned better.) The only issue was I needed a name for the character. From somewhere in my brain, unbidden, arose the name Rasufelle.

RPG in the #dungeon

Last night a few of us had our first gaming session in the #dungeon room in the IRC chat.

I think it was a success. I enjoyed last nights session. This is my first time being a GM with Pathfinder and I like to think I pulled it off with teaching two new players about how to game in this system, and letting the two experienced players have some fun playing.

This game is being run on Thursdays from 7pm to at least 10pm EST. We actually went to just past 11pm.

The Adventure party is full barring no one drops out. Everyone is welcome to come watch.

Gaming in the IRC Chat

Hi everyone.

Through reading many of the comments by authors and readers here on BC, I know that many of us are gamers of the role-playing kind.

It's still being worked on but a few of us are going to start gaming in the IRC Chat in the #dungeon room.

The room isn't permanent, but it's still being worked on. Also there isn't a dice rolling module in the chat yet either but I've been told that's being worked on as well

I am not a site admin, but after a few of us in the IRC chat professed an interest in gaming, this came about.

Help finding a story

I've got an itching to go re-read a story but I can't seem to find it or remember its name. The main character of the story has a day job at a warehouse but spends his evening/nights playing as a faerie/pixie in a mmorpg with a team he only knows online, they start producing videos and group gets famous, then someone releases nano bots that turn every one who played into their characters.
He (now a female faerie then defeats the villain at the end of the story.
Any help on finding this story would be greatly appreciated.

DVD's, Stacks, and Twilight

So, I do not own a TV and do not wish to purchase one. I watch DVD's on my ancient Dell XPS 430. Sometimes to watch a Video disk, it is like dragin a dead mule through the mud. It freezes, or won't load and it seems impossible to predict when it will happen. At first I thought I could solve this with new DVD drive, but once I got a message that Windows 7 could not read the disk. Out of 5 disks of "Twilight", two were exceedingly frustrating, while the other three played without issue. Last night, the last disk would not load at all, so I just went to bed.

Honorary Girl

Not being American I have no knowledge of news anchors Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange but seeing this I was so reminded of the games I played with my girl friends at school that regardless of gender or sexuality I would like to vote Robert Jordan

A few pieces of entertainment for those on BC.

The return of the Beautiful Sailor Scouts.
As of 3 am (PDT)today, Saturday, July 12, 2014.

The reboot of Sailor Moon, has already started.

Is anyone interested in a Quest type forum-RPG?

Hi everyone,

surfing around the net I've found several interesting role playing games that are played in forums. One form, where the gamemaster essentially write the story, fascinated me very much. The players decide by vote what the character does and the game master rolls to decide wether that action succeeds and what the consequences are.

I thought that we could maybe do the same here and wanted to ask if some of you would be interested. That wouldn't mean commitment to anything, I just want to know if people would be willing to check in and vote for the next action once in a while.

Transgendered Game Writer's Project on Kickstarter

I'm not sure how many of you play video games, but for those that do, I thought you might like to know about a kickstarter project that is about to expire (5 more days), and hasn't reached it's target goal:(

The project is led by a transgendered woman, Dani Landers, who has dreamed up a very lovely story involving a mother and her child. The artwork looks incredible, and, while the team is small (4 people, I think), it looks like it will end up being something that people who enjoy adventures will have fond memories of long after they have played the game.

Trying to find a story

I was hoping someone could point me towards a story I read not to long ago, I remember that the main plot was these friends were playing this vr rpg and that the brothers were forced to play female characters, and as time went on characteristics from the game carried over to their real life.
I also remember that the in game GM was an older man who aproached them in real life once they finished the game...
Any help would be appreciated, it was a good story and I enjoyed it

By Request - Computer Care and Optimizing

While I am not a Tech Geek by any means. Several people ( no names used) have ask me about Keeping their PC, clean and running in top notch condition. That being the case, what knowledge I have about the subject I will gladly share. We'll start with step one.

For cleaning my personal PC. I use Ccleaner by Pierform, it's a free download and easy enough to find. I have this on all five of my PC's, two desktops and three laptops. On to step two.

Find and run the (disk cleanup utility) built into windows. Delete anything it finds. on to step three.

Expat Shield

Well, I don't think I'm breaking the law. Someone mentioned the program "Waterloo Road" and I decided that I wish to watch it, but somehow, this sort of programing is blocked between the North Amercan Colonies and the UK. Had heard of a thing called URL Anonomizer and downloaded Expat Shield, hoping it would be useful for several countries.

At first, I knew it gave me a url in London, but now I think it might be San Francisco, but I can still get UK programing. This means I probably do not know what I am doing.

So, does a URL of 10.200.xx.xx mean anything?


What's in a name

Yesterday a post was list with a link to a story about a young transgender and what's in a name.
A little fun post of did your parents have a girls name pick out if you where born a girl ? Not to long ago parents didn't know the sex of a baby till they made the grand entrance onto this world.
That being said I would have been ROMA SUE instaed of RICHARD STEVEN ,Don't ask where or how they got ROMA .
Write a responce with the name you would have had if you know it , just for fun

The end of days is coming!!!

Stay a while and listen...
So for those of you who don't know In round about a week from now ( 6 days and nine hours, but who's counting?) "Diablo 3" is being released.

Aside from the normal hell and the destruction of Tristem (Again) it would release the Doom days curse on the world ( and in Doom I mean the game not the "end of all life" and the likes): A drop in human productivity . In my group alone there are 6 people who hold prime jobs in major companies who took a week off for the sake of helping man-kind fight against the forces of hell.

so my questions to you are:


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