Can an idea or concept be too dark?

Warning: Wall-O-Text

So, can a story be too dark? You see, I read some stuff from Tigger and some other stories (I don't know why i like 'punishment' stories so much. They usualy make me sad. i guess i'm an emotional masochist) and i thought occured to me.

In stories where a rapist is punished, it's always some random person getting punished by by the victim/victim's family/victim's friends. But I then wondered, 'what if you know the rapist personally'?

So my head constructed this concept of a seventeen year old boy who had grown up being best friends with his neighbor, a girl who is fairly attractive. The girl's mother is very strong willed but is very fond of the boy, having helped care for and even to a degree raise the boy all his life.

So these two families are very tightly knit, but the boy is very attracted to his childhood friend.

One night the two of them go to a party and both get really drunk. SHe passes out in a bedroom and him, with his inhibitions gone, takes advantage of her.

He then promptly passes out.

Understandably, the girl is enraged, hurt and betrayed. She tells her mom who talks to the boy's mother and father. The fact that the girl's mother helped raise the boy and still cares for him (even now) is the only reason he isn't taken to jail.

However, both sets of parents agree that this cannot go unpunished. THe boy's parents do not want to have a rapist for a son.

So the boy is given a choice: face the justice system where his parents will not back him up nor defend him...or submit to his neighbor's personal style of justice.

He doesn't truly have a choice.

He is moved into the neighbor's house, fully aware that his parents know everything that will happen and support it all completely, and he lives in the basement. He only has a bed and bathroom and closet. The door is kept locked at all times unless he is being taken somewhere.

THe goal was to simulate the emotional anguish and torment his childhood friend is going through without actually raping him, for both parents (and the childhood friend) agree that raping him would make them no better.

Inspired by Tigger, what follows is roughly two to three weeks of carefully constructed illusions to simulate the emotional torment. Much like in tigger's story's they are only supposed ot make him feel vulnerable, hurt and alone and humiliated.

one Idea I had was that he is forced to serve, cross-dressed, at a bar where a family friend (of the neighbor's side) accosts him. He's never raped or molested but he's groped a lot and due to not wanting to be revealed as a cross-dressed boy, he is forced to take it without saying a word. This shows him humiliation and shame and helplessness.

Another idea is that he is made to model clothes while blindfolded and he hears people laughing and calling him names. What he doesn't realize ist he stage where he is modelling is entirely empty and the sounds are all stock, carefully constructed to make him think that he is facing a mocking audience.

This makes him feel shame, helplessness and humiliation again.

There are several of these but the last one is both a final punishmenta nd to showcase that feeling of absolute betrayel that his childhood friend had. She specifically requested this and her mother and the boy's parents were hesitant but ultimately bowed to her wishes since she is the victim in this.

One of his meals is drugged and he passes out. When he wakes up, he has undergone a forced sex change and breast augmentation surgery. Understandably, he (now she) is in shock.

The two families then speak to her explaining why this is necessary. They then stress that they ultimately care for her and don't want her to grow up to be a thug or a rapist. They also explain that this is her chance to start over fresh and it was also the victim's right to choose this punishment.

Now both families are aware how...traumatizing this has been for the new girl, but they don't realize how traumatizing. He has been out cold for about a week and needs another for recovery during which time both families watch him closely.

The childhood friend feels...better, seeing the new girl punished so soundly has given her a lot of closure. But this is still her friend and she wants to help her now, as do both sets of parents.

The problem quickly arises however that they can't, or rather she won't let them. The new girl closes up and shuts down, she doesn't really talk to anyone or discuss her feelings or thoughts. She is empty and broken: they can't get passed the massive walls she has built.

Now originally this story kind of went off in the direction of the Arrow series from netflix from here, but I decided that it didn't make much sense so i went with a different ending.

One where the new girl works as a stripper making frankly emberassing amounts of money but the job is demeaning. In spite of their best efforts, neither the childhood friend nor the parents are able to reach her emotionally to get her to listen to them. She's been broken by this and while she will never harm another preson as they wanted, she also didn't recovery from the experience.

The ending is...bleak, dark.

After I finished prepping this story, I stopped and looked at it and realized how miserable of a tale it was, how dark and depressing. I became extremely hesitant to start writing it out of fear that it would trigger some people, that others would get angry. I even considered having the new girl committ or attempt suicide (still isn't off the table either), as I coudln't see this having any happy ending.

So...have I gone too far here? is this story too dark, too depressing and too bleak? IS it too much for this site?

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