Legend of Zelda Canonical Crossdressing

So, in the new Legend of Zelda game, Link crossdresses as a gerudo, a race of desert dwelling women. Leaked screenshots, show Link talking to several Gerudo women, and being complimented for how beautiful he looks, dressed in a baby blue gerudo top with silk pants and a veil over his face and a feminine version of his usual hat.

So yeah, I'm sure any gamers on here will find that delightful. Naturally fan art of gerudo link is starting to pop up to and several of my friends have sworn that if they can play as crossdressed link all game, they are.

a question of morality

So, I'm writing several little one-shot stories at once here, and my naga one (finally)

But I have a question related to what is probably my most controversial story, and I'd like some feedback. If anyone wants to discuss this question further with me, please PM me as I'd be more than eager to hear your personal thoughts or whatnot.

Stay On Target!

my brain is always exploding with an endless supply of ideas (I have 2 kicking around in my head right now. One drawn from those horrible tough love camps, except tg focused and another where a sorceress turns a rapist into a succubus with nothing short of disastrous results)

But my biggest struggle is that i can't seem to get down to writing. Argh i need someone to keep pushing me.

Got a letter from the government


So, yesterday afternoon I got a letter in the mail from the Department of Homeland Security.

It read:

Welcome To The United States Of America

This is to notify you that your application for permanent residence has been approved. It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the permanent resident status in the United States.

Needless to say, I am very happy.

have you ever regretted reading a story?

My husband and friends tease me that i'm such a bleeding heart. I'm a very forgiving person and I'm told i'm gentle, I don't even really express anger.

I also love to read, and for some reason I have a weird fascination with revenge/punishment stories. Perhaps because I was raised in a household where extreme punishment was the norm.

But this fascination has lead me to read a lot of stories that I regret reading because they eat at me inside. Has anyone else experienced this?

You're turned into a girl but...

I have a curious question that may develope into something more.

So let's say you're playing an MMO and you have made your character as a female (or male as you prefer) and you've been enjoying yourself. Suddenly you find yourself yanked into the world of the game, where you are not only the gender you chose in character creation but also the same class and race.

Would you want to leave? Would you try? What would you do in this new existence?

AMA from a stripper


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so one thing i see a lot of is stories where 'being turned into a stripper' is used as a punishment. But apparently it's not all bad. Here is an AMA from a former stripper. It'd be interesting to see a 'turned into a stripper' punishment story where the whole thing back fired now that i think about it....

Forced-Femme character in The Blacklist



So I love The Blacklist; it's smart, dangerous and exciting. But the last episode left a sour taste in my mouth. Season 3 episode 4 featured a young arabic woman who is revealed to have been a man, a young boy forcibly feminized into a girl for being gay by her father. The ending however, didn't give her justice or closure. Instead she probably went to jail.

Has anyone else seen this and what do you all think?

from he to she

just an idle question. I'm writing a story and i've hit a segment where my protagonist has turned into a female...more or less. I'm still using male pronouns and i intend to keep using them until he acknowledges that he is now female and may not be going back, though this may confuse the audience.

I'm curious though, when do you start having your protag reffer to themselves by their new gender?

is it enough?

so for arguments sake, let's say we somehow have discovered a way to reset someone's age, back to childhood and maybe even play with gender a little.

Now, let's say that someone has personally and deeply harmed you, use your imagination. I'm not sure what each individual would constitute a great injury but let's say it's something deeply personal and wounding.

Would you be satisfied with this person's life being started over and them being re-raised as a child? So they don't make the same mistakes or decisions in the future? Or would you want more punishment added?

Ending a story

So, I have a lot of ideas that pop into my head. The majority are silly or have no future, but for the handful of ideas that have some potential, I never seem to be able to bring them to an end or find an ending that satisfies me. Feedback? ideas? I recognize i'm far from skilled and bow to the superiority of those who surround me.


so I play a lot of video games (some would say too much) and often get inspiration from them.

I was playing an MMO, one where my girl was running around in massive, heavy sci-fi iron man-styled armor with a giant laser minigun and rockets and all sorts of ordinance.

And I also rp scenes in my head, or write out what my character is doing and why and all that.

Somewhere along the line I found myself asking: "If I wrote this as a story, how would it address the concept of 'feminine'?"

USA: Here I come!

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So, after a little more than a year of wrestling with the United States of America's really unfriendly immigration system, I was approved and I have my immigration package. I'll be heading there this Sunday to marry my fiance.

I don't know entirely what to expect at the border, but it's the last place I can be denied entrance. Naturally, I'm nervous but hopeful, any tips from anyone?

Kamlai: Breaking her Chains

A follow up to Shauna's "Thai Pie", following the ordeal of the unwilling kathoey "Kamlai". But it turns out that when anger rules action, the results are unpredictable at best, and the victim may not always be who you think.


Transgender kid is tormented by his older brother growing up. His brother almost beat him to death when he caught him in his room in heels.

His older brother grew up to become a world famous scientist. He had a wife who died delivering triplets.

The transgender girl (who her brother insists is a man) found love and invited her brother to the wedding.

Her brother refused to acknowledge his sister as a woman, kidnapped her on her wedding day, and took her to his lab.

he tested "cures" for what he saw as a disease until his sister died on his lab table.

Laufey: The Butterfly Effect

Laufey: The Butterfly Effect

By: Licorice

A little follow up to Anon Allsop's The Coven Please be aware that I explore some ideas in here that may upset some readers, so please keep that in mind.

Edit: updated with input from Elrodw

female Mowgli

I just thought I'd drop this a line, I was watching stuff related to the new Jungle Book movie, and out of mild curiosity I googled 'Female Mowgli' just to see if it would come up with anything.

There was the usual porny stuff but in amongst that i was surprised to discover that there exists a Jungle Book comic featuring a female mowgli. Now i can't offer much more beyond that, but I thought that it was interesting, maybe some fodder for someone's story ideas and at the very least it may be

a little feedback needed

so, thank you to everyone who responded to my last blog post, it's inspired me to write something kind of short, but i want to pose a question to you all before i get started.

How important would it be to you to see a criminal punished versus one rehabilitated? The idea I have involves turning criminals into children, where tehy are then re-raised to adulthood. Though this can take longer than others for...reasons.

punishment that didn't work?

So, a common storyline is that a male does something to upset a female member of the family so they're punished by being feminized and eventually comes to love it. Is there are any stories out here however which change this in some fashion? Maybe the boy becomes a girl but on their own terms or maybe the punishment doesn't work or something else? I"m just looking for something new and different.

Sis and Bro...uh what?

so, I'm the youngest of 3 sisters (i'm also trans) and I have an identical twin brother. I have also known others with siblings, and since coming to this site (and admittedly, others) I have encountered a curious phenomenon where people refer to their siblings by 'sis', 'sissy' or in male cases 'bro' or 'lil bro' or stuff like this.

give me some ideas!

So, I play a lot of Neverwinter which is heavily based on DND, and I want to turn my character into a short story, but I need some advice. How would a young man get transported to the world of DnD and why? Is it a punishment for maybe some kind of attitude or an accident? I preffer punishment because it lets me kind of turn it around on the person doing the punishing (maybe a disgruntled sibling or mother or something)

man pretends to be transgender in women's change room


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Weeeeeeeeeeeell shit. We all knew someone was going to try it sooner or later. I'm going to be watching the fallout from this fairly closely.

need some insight

okay need some help. You see i have 2 stories on the go. One is almost done and should be ready to post, but the other is giving me issues in the stupidest way possible.

You see it centers around one of my favourite creatures: a naga. A boy angers his girlfriend's grandmother who turns him into a snake. THe girlfriend is horrified and tries to change him back, but she only knows one spell: change-into-girl. So the result is a naga made of two different kinds of magic. This is my excuse as to why he can't simply be changed back.

Now, what's been eating me about this?

does this kind of story exist?

so, i've seen a lot of stories that focus on a protagonist doing something wrong (either real or perceived) and being punished by being made into a girl and liking it along the way and so on and so forth.

What I'm curious is are their any stories where the new girl's identity takes on a life of its own and those orchestrating this punishment quickly discover they don't like the person she's becoming?

Gor: I don't get it

I don't get it. You see, I have stumbled across stories from it here on this website and elsewhere, and i've done some research into it. What I've learned is that it seems to be an extremely sexist, hyper male power/sex fantasy where females seem to be nothing more than worthless abuse toys. I...I just don't get it. If someone can help me try and understand this I'd be grateful because I don't understand why anyone would find this attractive or would want to be part of it.

Corporal Punishment.

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I've been reading some stuff on the net, stories and opinion pieces and my mind drifted back to what sometimes pops up here. So please, let me ask a question.

Would you spank a child?

Beyond that we see petticoat punishment being used around here in stories. But if you ran into something like this would you support it? Would you yourself use it?

My personal opinions.

No. For both.

Can an idea or concept be too dark?

Warning: Wall-O-Text

So, can a story be too dark? You see, I read some stuff from Tigger and some other stories (I don't know why i like 'punishment' stories so much. They usualy make me sad. i guess i'm an emotional masochist) and i thought occured to me.

In stories where a rapist is punished, it's always some random person getting punished by by the victim/victim's family/victim's friends. But I then wondered, 'what if you know the rapist personally'?

Charmingly Feminine

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as i am sure many of you know, I'm immigrating to the United States. Well part of that process was that I collected my medical records and in it I found records from CAMH, which does gender identity therapy amongst other things. What I was delighted to discover were the notes taken by my psychiatrist and psychologist. THey found me 'charmingly feminine'.

It made me blush and beam in spite of myself, it was such a nice thing to read!

I don't know if this has any discussion value but I was so happy i wanted to share it.

When people justify the fear

A US Marine murdered a transgendered prostitute in The Philippines, and was found guilty and given 12 years in jail.

But what's heartbreaking for me is the number of people defending and even applauding this 'man's' actions. What they say you'd only think that a 2 dimensional Saturday morning cartoon villain would say.


my most recent blog seems to have brought out a lot of anger and negativity that I did not intend. I suppose it was more of a rant than anything that ended up hurting some feelings it seems. I apologize to those whose feelings were hurt and i will strive to avoid it and watch my words in the future.

Hollywood is making a bad TG story

so...hollywood has decided to make a TG movie...

"The script, written by Hill from a story by Denis Hamill, centers on an ace assassin who is double-crossed by gangsters and falls into the hands of rogue surgeon known as "The Doctor," who turns him into a woman. The hitman (now a hitwoman) sets out for revenge, aided by a nurse named Johnnie, who also has secrets."

looking for a transphobic chew toy? Then boy do I have a link for you!


This is where I have been spending the better part of an hour, debating with some fairly colourful characters. It's in response to a 14 year old transsexual getting her first dose of hormones from her mom, and boy are they all coming out of the woodwork.


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