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Australian newspaper report of transgendered teenager


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I thought it might be of interest to Australian readers, and maybe others that one of the two Melbourne Victoria newspapers "The Age" today, 7th June published a half page photo on their front page of a 17 year old trans-girl Mia who has started to attend school wearing a girl's uniform. The accompanying article is quite balanced and reports that she is supported by her mother and also school staff members.

Land of My Heart - Chapter 1

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Land of My Heart

A novel by Bronwen Welsh

The sequel to 'A Foreign Country'

Copyright 2014

Author's note: When I finished my first ever novel 'A Foreign Country', like many other authors I nearly wept at the thought of saying goodbye to characters with which I had become so familiar. Now, two years on I have taken up the story of Lesley Brodie and what happened in the new chapter in her life. For those who have not read 'A Foreign Country', I respectfully suggest that by doing so they will learn about the background of many of the characters who appear in this story.

Three Points of View - Part 1

Three Points of View
A story by Bronwen Welsh
Copyright 2013

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Part One    A New Start

It is often said that witnesses to an event will give you as many different versions as there were people observing it. This is a story told by three people, each of whom saw events from their own point of view.

Five Candles

Sometimes we'll do anything not to rock the boat.
But what happens if despite everything it does rock?

Then everyone ends up in the water.

Five Candles
by Bronwen Welsh
Copyright © 2013 by Bronwen Welsh
All Rights Reserved.

Ring of Stone - Part 1

Ring of Stone

Castlerigg1.jpgA Novella by Bronwen Welsh

Part One - A Disappearance

When I persuaded Leonard Bolton, my friend and an expert in Middle-Eastern antiquities that he might spend some time investigating British prehistoric monuments, what followed was to change both our lives in ways we could never have anticipated.

Mandy Collins - My Story


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Mandy Collins - My Story
A novel by Bronwen Welsh

Part One Chapter One   'To thine own self be true'

Author's note: Mandy Collins appears briefly in my first full-length story “A Foreign Country” when her path crossed twice with that story's heroine Lesley Brodie. Apart from both being transgender the two women had little in common, but there is more that connects them than is apparent at first.


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