2012 April Fools and Other Wise Contest


It's another contest! The 2012 April Fools and Other Wise Contest will be open for submissions from 1 April, 2012, 12:01 A.M. until 5 May, 2012, 11:59 P.M. PDT.

Submissions should be original stories or stand alone chapters in a series or serial, not posted elsewhere before or during the contest and voting, and should have some transgender content. Length is arbitrary but should probably not be much over 10,000 words because we want people to have enough time to read all the entries if they want to.

If you have already posted a story that would fit the contest, go back and add the contest tag before the end of the week! There are only nine entries so far!

We have a list of suggested themes/story ideas below but any theme that ties into April, May or Spring or one of the holidays in April or May is appropriate. There will be prizes!

At least four prizes will be given, and first to fourth prize will be $35 sent by PayPal or check as the author may require.

Suggested themes/ideas:

1. Fooled Again
    Some people just can't help falling for the same trick every time.
    A twenty five hundred year old tradition with no reason or rhyme.
2. Spared from Evil
    Something terrible may happen but a few can be spared.
    But what secret of safety in time can be shared?
3. Redemption
    Someone must pay a price to save another.
    Who will sacrifice to save a sister or brother?
4. Working for the Man
    Bureaucrats in high heels or MIBDs?
    It's been like this since we climbed down from the trees.
5. Rescue Me
    An appeal for help may not be answered.
    Was it not known, not felt, not seen, not heard?
6. Working Girl
    Some things are best done by professionals.
    Like dog walkers, street cleaners and guys who dig tunnels.
7. "It's May!"
    She may only be a model but in Camelot
    We sing about ham and jam and spam a lot.
8. Remembering Our Battles
    Everyone has a struggle to survive -- even if they don't.
    Keeping track helps us stay alive -- even if we won't.

If we have at least 32 entries, a fifth prize will be given, also for $35. If we have 32 entries and 125 votes cast, we will have a sixth prize, also for $35. Ties will be adjudged if they happen but likely we will add more prizes if necessary. You can enter up to eight times but you can only win one prize. Voting will begin sometime the week following 5 May and there will be at least 7 days of voting before the winners are announced.

Authors will retain all rights to their stories except such rights as BigCloset needs to display the stories for the length of the contest and the voting afterwards. Even so, any author may withdraw their story at any time and unpublish it from the site.

Happy writing and reading to all!

Erin and the BC Staff