2012 April Fools and Other Wise Contest

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This kind of fell between the cracks and didn't get announced but there were five winners in the April Fools and Other Wise Contest. Check here to see if you were one of the top four winners and then PM or email me to tell me what you want done with your $35 prize. Since there was only ONE vote between fourth and fifth place, we decided to go ahead and give five prizes.

2012 April Fools and Other Wise Contest -- Voting

This is the voting form for the 2012 April Fools and Other Wise Contest -- Vote for as many stories as you believe deserve it, but please only vote once.

Voting will be open from Monday (5/21/2012), at Noon (12:00pm) Pacific till Monday (5/28/2012), at Midnight (11:59pm) Pacific.

2012 April Fools and Other Wise Contest - Last Chance!

We only have 13 entries so far in the contest, so I'm going to allow a few more days for anyone to mark a story that was posted during the contest time, April 1 to May 5, as an entry in the contest. Unfortunately, things got really busy around here the past week or so and will continue busy through next Monday, so I'm not sure how many days I'm going to be able to allow for this. So hurry. I will start the voting no later than Thursday, May 17 but hopefuly, sooner than that.

Missed-comunication finale

I had just finished asking the class of girls to tell me the importance of Stephanie Louise Kwolek in today's women's history class when I looked up and notice that Janice was once again looking outside.

I couldn't help to think back to the time not that long ago when she broke down crying to me when we were both going to the public school. Me as the teacher and her as a boy by the name of Jason.

Emotional Appraisal

Emotional Appraisal

by Kristina L S

Strength or weakness is sometimes an elastic concept. It's easy to judge at a distance. Should you try to hold on to that fleeting bubble of beauty and joy or human warmth despite the pain that may accompany it?


Dear diary

Today is the day! I'm wearing my normal clothes and I'm going to prove to Mom and Dad that they made a mistake. I am not a boy but their daughter.

I'm wearing my favorite pleated skirt, black tights, white blouse with the peter pan collar just like I see those girls wear to that school I so want to attend. But I cannot because Mommy and Daddy keep trying to make me a boy.

It hurts so much when they call me a boy! Even that name Dalan hurts it's not my real name. I don't know what my real name is as I haven't let myself think that way for some time.

April Fools or Are You Serious?

April Fools
Are You Serious?

By Angel O'HareAngel_Jeans_0.jpg

Did you ever contemplate murdering someone? I have! My older and much too devious sister Megan was number one on my hit list. Well, Megan and three of her friends i.e. Mary Beth, Susan and Emily, Emily being the most devious of them all!

Reluctantly Marcie - Part 3

Finnaly! Wow is reloaded and I can play again!

What do you mean I can't?

Common get real! I fed you yesterday.

I am NOT, I repeat NOT responisble for paying off your poker bets.

Whatever I am going to play...


This is a work of Fiction. No transpeople were harmed during the making of this story. Muses on the other hand are about to lose some limbs...

Reluctantly Marcie - Part 2

I was playing that!

Do you understand what a solo story means?

You do realize that the term new chapter also means it goes on further than a sequal.

Fine let me know I'm going back to playing wow... Where the flagnar is my icon?


This is the work of fiction. No transpeople were harmed in the making of this story. Muses on the other hand....

2012 April Fools and Other Wise Contest


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It's another contest! The 2012 April Fools and Other Wise Contest will be open for submissions from 1 April, 2012, 12:01 A.M. until 5 May, 2012, 11:59 P.M. PDT.

Submissions should be original stories or stand alone chapters in a series or serial, not posted elsewhere before or during the contest and voting, and should have some transgender content. Length is arbitrary but should probably not be much over 10,000 words because we want people to have enough time to read all the entries if they want to.

If you have already posted a story that would fit the contest, go back and add the contest tag before the end of the week! There are only nine entries so far!

Reluctantly Marcie.

Let me go back to sleep.

What do you mean you have something new to write?

How can a muse play strip poker?

Oh you didn't! I am so gonna get in trouble for this. Wonder if I can write up a muse police squad thing.

Ok that is just not fair at all!

This is a work of fiction. No transgender people were harmed in the making of this story. Animals and bigots I'm not so sure about.

"No! N.O. End of discussion! I'm Not gonna even think about it!" I slammed my bedroom door on Gwen.


A Change of Summer Camps

Change of Summer Camps

By Jessica C

My name is Willy and Summer Camp started for me and my sister as soon as school was out in mid-June. I started at Camp Arrowhead but that and a few other things changed on my tenth day. Willy will get the full experience of being a Rainbow Camper.

The Wanderer: Eating Dreams

The Wanderer: Eating Dreams

By poetheather

Erin Summers has been enjoying her vacation but all good things come to an end and when a girl who feels like a boy needs her help she must fight against Hungry Ghosts for the dreams of street kids.

The New Girl in My Life (REVISED)

The New Girl in My Life

By Jessica C

My name is Jeff but for years now and then I get these compulsions to see myself as a girl. It has become a growing ongoing tension between me and my parents that was supposed to be a thing of the past. It was two weeks before school let out for Christmas break, and I had an urge to be sick at school. I worked myself up to be sick so I could get sent home from school. I had weeks ago found some clothes a friend was throwing out and I had taken them, without anyone knowing but not yet had a chance to try them on.



By Annalise

Dreams and nightmares never bear much resemblance to reality, do they?

I was dozing on the couch in the living room at home, not really tired, but it was a wet, cold Saturday morning, which didn’t give me any incentive to do anything or go anywhere. I must have drifted off.

Fooled Again

Fooled Again
By Stanman63
April Fool's Day Story
Synopsis: This Genie just can't help falling for the same trick every time. Tommy and Sarah help Jesse to realize her dream by once again calling upon the Genie.
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