Biker Bitch Ch. 05

Biker Bitch
Michele Nylons

Chapter Five: Fuck The Business!

“What the fuck was that!” Dale was shocked and angry.

“Shut up and lookout to make sure we aren’t followed while I concentrate on driving,” Cassie was driving at high speed to the arroyo where she had parked her BMW.

Cassie pulled off the short blonde wig she had worn as a disguise and Steve ripped off the salt ‘n pepper wig he was wearing.

They ditched the stolen Mustang after wiping it down and transferred the two suitcases full of cash and the two brief cases to the trunk of her car.

Cassie drove silently and carefully back to her ranch house in Reseda. As soon as the car stopped Dale jumped out and angrily slammed the door.

Cassie got out of the driver’s side and came around to confront Dale.

“What the fuck Cassie! That wasn’t…” Dale never got to finish his sentence as Cassie threw herself at him.

She pressed herself against him and crushed her lips against his and stabbed at his mouth with her tongue. Dale was stunned momentary and then he responded, wrapping his arms around Cassie as she moulded her body to his.

She broke the kiss briefly.

“Inside now!” Cassie dragged Dale through the front door of her house; she was obviously excited by the events of the morning.

She almost threw Dale on the couch and launched herself on him. She kissed him fervently and started ripping at his clothes. His jacket followed his shirt onto the tiled floor and then she fumbled with his belt and flies, never breaking the kiss.

Once she had Dale’s erection free of his pants she scooted forward so that her buttocks hovered over his rampant member. Dale tried to unzip her skirt but she impatiently smacked his hand away and rucked her skirt up around her waist. She was wearing sheer thigh-high holdup stockings so she simply pulled the gusset of her panties aside, ripped off her gaff, and lowered herself, impaling herself on Dale’s hard throbbing cock.

“Fuck me Dale!” Cassie gasped through bruised lips.

Dale clung to Cassie’s hard body and drove upwards, driving his cock deep inside her ass. Cassie squealed and pushed down, meeting Dale’s thrusts. Dale pulled his cock nearly all the way out of Cassie’s anus, leaving just the tip of his glans inside her sphincter; then he thrust upward as Cassie pushed her buttocks down.

They fucked like that, gradually increasing the pace. Cassie wriggled her ass so that Dale’s cock pressed on her prostate and Dale hugged her body to his and kissed her passionately. They grunted and groaned as they lecherously used each other’s bodies.

“Fuck me Dale! Fuck me Dale! Oh god, fuck me!” Cassie was close to coming and she broke the kiss and sat upright, arching her back as she rode Dale’s cock cowgirl style.

Dale held her by the waist and gazed into her beautiful face as she guided herself up and down on his pulsing manhood, he was holding his orgasm back so he could come with her. He could see Cassie’s cock poking out the front of her panties dripping clear pre-seminal fluid; she was close too.

Cassie’s makeup was smeared over her face from their wanton kissing and her hair was dishevelled but she still looked magnificent. Dale reached up and popped open her blouse and extracted her pert titties from her bra. They were firm and delicious and he rubbed his thumbs on her hard nipples as he squeezed the pale globes.

That was enough to send Cassie over; she screamed as Dale triggered her orgasm.

“Oh god Dale I’m coming! I’m coming! Fuck me!” she wailed, writhing above him as he hung on for the ride.

Her anus spasmed and Dale released himself inside her, he spent his sperm deep in her ass, his cock pushing on her prostate eliciting deep and pleasurable sensations from the sensitive gland. Cassie took herself in hand and stroked her cock as she ejaculated; her hot spunk spattered on Dale’s chest.

Dale drove himself deep inside Cassie and gripped her tightly by the waist as he emptied himself; Cassie squirmed and writhed, spraying the last of her issue, her head flung back in passion and release.

They both finished coming and Cassie fell forward, uncaring that she had smeared her semen on Dale’s chest and her bosom; she kissed Dale hard, almost viciously, crushing her lips on his until her passion had been consumed and then she lay on top of him spent and exhausted.

Dale held her to him and they both fell asleep.

Dale woke up momentarily confused and then realised where he was and who he was with. He smiled until he remembered what Cassie had done to the bank manager then he frowned. He looked up from the couch and saw Cassie was dressed in spandex sports tights, a figure-hugging bright pink tank-top, and running shoes.

She looked down at Dale with no expression, then he saw she had the Sig Sauer nine millimetre she had used to dispatch the bank manger resting at her side.

Dale flinched as she raised the weapon but relaxed when she ejected the clip and worked and released the action to show him the weapon was unloaded. She dropped it on the couch beside him.

“Pick that up without putting your prints on it, bag it and give it to Steve Monahan. Any ballistics will match the bullet they take out of the bank manager and my prints are all over it. Now Steve has me for felony murder if he wants. Give him the cash too and tell him I’ve met my end of the bargain,” Cassie said.

“I want my patch.”

“I’m still feeling wound-up so I’m going for a run. Let yourself out after you’ve cleaned up, you’re covered in dried cum. I know how that feels,” Cassie smiled without humour.

Cassie was sprinting before she hit the door, full of nervous energy.

About one klick from her ranch house Cassie was running on a narrow track between the trees when Natalie Styles broke cover and started running beside her.

“How did it go?” Natalie asked keeping pace.

“Like clockwork,” Cassie grunted with exertion.

“My sources tell me you went off script,” Natalie looked sideways at Cassie.

“I thought of a better way to get the bank manager to capitulate,” Cassie grinned evilly.

The bank job had been set up by Natalie with two FBI agents undercover as the bank manager and his assistant. The manager had been fitted with a squib that was activated as soon as Cassie fired the blank, simulating a head shot and his brains spattering on the wall.

“You were supposed to force the manager to give up the combination by threatening Henry and Carol not by making them fuck each other,” Natalie grunted.

“They seemed to enjoy it,” Caddie smiled as she ran.

“How did you know those two agents were partners and dating each other?” Natalie asked.

“I didn’t have a clue; I just saw that guy checking out that woman and I could tell he wanted to fuck her so I changed the plan to make it look like blackmail,” Cassie shrugged her shoulders.

“Well it turns out Henry has no complaints but Carol is pissed that you fellated her fiance,” Natalie replied.

“She’ll get over it,” Cassie shrugged her shoulders.

Natalie just grunted.

“Pick up the pace bitch; you’re still too soft,” Natalie accelerated ahead of Cassie, her tight buttocks undulating nicely in her spandex tights.

They finished the run on a dirt road turnout where Natalie was parked. As usual Natalie lit a cigarette as soon as she’d finished the run and offered the pack to Cassie who refused and kept her head down panting, trying to get her breath back.

“Ok you’ve cost the FBI a shitload of money so it’s time to start earning. We have Intel that the Devil Dogs are running drugs and prostitutes out of Tijuana and are tied to the Medici Cartel. Your first job is to get us evidence to support a RICO prosecution,” Natalie leaned against the fender smoking.

Cassie took a cigarette and leaned on the car beside Natalie.

“The Beasts of Burden and the Devil Dogs have strong ties; as a probie I ran dope riding with the Dogs. First I’ve heard about the hookers though,” Cassie exhaled a plume of smoke.

“The girls are kidnapped by the Medici Cartel and smuggled into the USA and sold into prostitution. Some of them are young…real young. I’d really like to nail those assholes,” Natalie said.

“I’ll send you what we have on the secure laptop. Enjoy your patch party then get your skinny ass to work,” Natalie ground out her cigarette in the dust and climbed behind the wheel.

“Hey my ass ain’t skinny!” Cassie called through the car window.

“No you’re right. It’s not half bad,” Natalie grinned and spun the wheels of her car, raising a plume of dust as she accelerated away.

Cassie tried in vain to look over her own shoulder at her buttocks.

“I have a great ass!” she shouted after the receding vehicle.

She smiled to herself and started running again.

Dale called Steve Monahan, the club president, and got him to get the office bearers together. Dale handed over the money and the Sauer nine and told the assembled executive of the club how Cassie had organised and pulled off the job. He did not tell them about any of the sex.

“So the bitch wasted the bank manager?” Steve sounded impressed.

“She was fucking cold hearted about it too. Just blew him away,” Dale shook his head.

“I got the Secretary to do some digging with our friends south of the border. It seems our girl Cassie’s story holds up. Doctor Hernandez fixed her up after she escaped and she stayed at some fleapit hotel for nearly four months working for a couple of weeks as a hooker and then smuggling small quantities for Diego Martinez. When she had made enough money she got her tits done; we have copies of the medical records,” Steve said sagely.

“She worked for Martinez for a while longer, upping the ante until she had made enough money to return to California.”

“You know that bitch has a ranch house not far from where she lived before, and she even has a BMW cage as well as that high-end sled.”

“She just made us three hundred K so as far as I’m concerned she gets her patch just for tenacity and what she can earn for us. I don’t care if she’s a chick with a dick,” Steve shook his head incredulously.

Brin Sarsgaard leapt to his feet; he still had bruises on his face from where Cassie had beaten him.

“I don’t care if that tranny whore can make us a million bucks! This is bullshit! Who is gonna respect an MC that has a patched tranny riding with them!”

“I agree!” Kyle Shipton chipped in, as usual the follower.

“You know what Brin? You had your chance to take care of her and you blew it. You believed everything that skank Bendy Wendy said but still you and Kyle couldn’t keep your hands off her and your dicks away from her; and that’s before she even had tits!” Steve growled.

“You’ve had it in for Cameron Rivers and now Cassie Rivers since forever. Well fuck you Brin you’re fired!”

Brin rose and advanced threateningly on Steve Monahan who hit him with a roundhouse punch, knocking Brin to the floor.

“You know you were always were a lousy Sargent at Arms, a bit too cowardly and you even got beat up by a girl,” Steve sniped.

He nodded his head at Dale and he and another biker pulled Brin to his feet and stripped him of his denim jacket on which were stitched his colours.

Steve Monahan ripped the Sargent at Arms insignia off the jacket and tossed it at Dale Clifford.

“Any objections?” Steve looked around at his office bearers and they all nodded solemnly.

“Ok. You’re my man Dale. Get this piece of shit off our property,” Steve pointed at Brin.

“What about you Kyle? You following your Bro or staying patched with the Beasts?” Steve glared at Kyle Shipton.

Kyle just looked at the ground and shook his head.

“You fucking pussy!” Brin bellowed.

Dale punched Brin in the belly to shut him up.

“You fucking watch your back Kyle. You stick to the by-laws or I’ll have your patch next,” Steve said.

Dale and his comrade manhandled Brin Sarsgaard off the club property and pushed his bike out the gates and locked them. They went back to the meeting room where spirits had lifted as the guys counted the cash from bank job.

“Get everyone here tomorrow night at seven. Cassie gets her patch and were gonna party til we puke!” Steve threw two handfuls of cash in the air like confetti.

Dale called Cassie and told her the good news. Cassie did not get emotional over the phone, as far as she was concerned she was only getting what she had earned.

Cassie’s makeup was heavy, lots of black eyeliner and mascara, maroon and dark blue eyeshadow, rouge and ruby red lips with a shiny long-lasting lipgloss. Her shoulder-length black hair; straight-cut with subtle ruby highlights and bangs streamed behind her as she gunned her Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide down the freeway.

She was wearing tight black leather pants with a pair of black pantyhose under them, a black spandex-cotton blend longsleeved T-shirt, her fitted leather jacket and black leather calf-high boots.

“Fuck the helmet laws!” she had cried as she raced to her patch ceremony.

Cassie arrived at the Beasts of Burden clubhouse at exactly seven thirty as instructed.

Every full-patch member of the Beasts of Burden MC and most of the prospects were outside the clubhouse and applauded and cheered Cassie as she rode through the gates. Two prospects closed and locked the gates and took up positions as lookouts in the event of trouble; the rest of the MC was about to get wasted.

The members retired to the clubhouse and formed a circle around Steve Monahan who called Cassie forward. She stepped into the circle and stood before Steve Monahan, her head held high.

Steve Monahan held out a denim vest with the an embroidered snarling wolf insignia on the back in the centre of the vest. A rocker above the wolf insignia, emblazoned in gold letters on a black background read ‘Beasts of Burden’ and a similar rocker below read ‘Los Angeles California’. On the front of the vest was the usual OMC 1% badge high on the right breast and below it, again in gold on black, was the patch ‘Original’ indicating that Cassie was a member of the founding chapter.

Over the Original insignia was another patch that read ‘Men Of Mayhem’. This special patch was worn by a club member who has committed violence against someone on behalf or in the best interest of the club; usually it was given for committing murder.

On the left breast was the stylised emblem of a woman riding a hog with the words ‘Biker Bitch’ above and ‘Don’t Fuck With Me’ below. This patch indicated that that the MC had given Cassie a ‘Road Name’; in this case Biker Bitch.

Cassie felt so proud and she held out her arms so that Steve could put the denim vest, which was in effect a Levis jeans jacket with the arms and collar cut off, over her leathers.

She walked the circle hugging the patch-holders and shaking hands with the prospects. The old ladies and mommas had to wait outside until the ceremony was over but then they poured through the door and congratulated Cassie.

They were proud of her; the first female full-patch member of the Beasts of Burden MC. Sure Cassie was a transsexual but as far as they were concerned she was still a chick.

Lots of alcohol was consumed and as was the custom Cassie had to have a drink with every full-patch member and probie; the full-patch members poured beer on Cassie’s colours to wear them in. A patch-holder’s colours were worn until they basically disintegrated and were then replaced and bikers were proud of their stained and faded ‘Cuts’ as they called them.

Around midnight Cassie found herself sitting at the bar with Steve Monahan, Dale Clifford and couple of other patch-holders.

“That’s some story Dale tells of you over in Nevada,” Steve pointed to Cassie’s Men of Mayhem patch.

No one ever admitted to a crime outside the sanctity of church. The meeting room was swept daily for bugs and other forms of surveillance, even the windows had RF-proofing mesh in them. Every OMC knew they were under surveillance from law enforcement and took appropriate precautions.

“Well the fucker wouldn’t dance so I tuned him into a wallflower,” Cassie knocked back her shot of Jack and followed it with chug of Miller Lite.

“You are one cold bitch,” one of the bikers commented staring at the bar.

“And we appreciate your entrance fee to the club,” Steve smiled around his cigar.

Cassie was smoking a stogie and she blew on the tip to get it red hot and took a long drag.

“I got another proposition for you mister president,” Cassie studied the end of her cigar.

“Please call me Steve or Beast,” Steve replied.

Beast was Steve’s road name, passed down from the founding member, Cassie’s father.

“Well Beast, this one’s tricky but the pay off should be big. I’ll talk to Dale about it in detail a more private setting and then we can see what you think,” Cassie smiled.

Steve had had a lot to drink and he was starting to think to himself that tranny or not, Cassie was one hot lady.

“Put the proposal to Dale later; let’s party for now,” Steve grinned.

He jumped on the bar and proposed a toast to Cassie. Whiskey was passed around and they drank. The party raged until the early morning.

At around three in the morning Kyle Shipton sidled up to Cassie and grabbed her by the ass.

“It wasn’t that long ago that you were chained to that billiard table and I was fucking you in the ass,” he mumbled drunkenly in Cassie’s ear.

Dale overheard Kyle and was about to step in but Cassie held up a hand to stop him. The club went quiet, sensing trouble; the crowd wondering how Cassie would handle herself.

Cassie leaned into Kyle and whispered back.

“And you were the lousiest fuck of them all, you limp-dick shithead,” she clamped her teeth on his ear and bit most of it off and spat it on the floor.

Kyle howled like a banshee and Cassie spun around and kicked him in the balls while the rest of crowd roared their approval. The new patch-holder was indeed a real Biker Bitch.

Cassie rode home in the early morning light and slept until the next evening. She got up, made sure the place was locked up, and opened the FBI laptop. She spent the evening reviewing the files that Natalie had sent her and was about to call Dale when her phone vibrated.

“You must have ESP I was about to call you,” Cassie said into her phone.

She listened for a while and then replied.

“Yes that’s right I wanna talk to you about our next job so why don’t you come around here and fuck me a little and then I can tell you my proposal,” Cassie grinned into the phone.

An hour later she heard Dale’s bike pull up in her courtyard. She was prepared for him.

She’d showered and put on makeup and bathed herself in perfume. She wanted to be feminine for him so she was wearing pink satin and lace panties, a matching suspender belt, long black stockings, red highheels and an open black satin robe.

She met him at the door that way and he took her in his arms and kissed her all the way to the bedroom where he lowered her on her huge bed. Cassie wanted to be made love to like a woman; she was tired of being the aggressor and Dale picked up on the nuance.

He took his time, kissing her softly at first, tentatively slipping his tongue into her mouth. His hands sought her breasts but was patient and at first just caressed them through the satin and lace, feeling her nipples harden and the quickening of her breathing in his mouth. He teased her, his fingers tracing down her firm abdomen until they came to the waistband of her panties where his hand stopped and massaged her taught belly.

His other hand found the clasp and undid her brassiere, releasing her breasts from the cups and softly stroking her pale globes, only occasionally grazing her nipples with his fingertips.

Dale was driving Cassie wild with his gentle caresses and she loved him for it. She felt so appreciated and feminine.

He squeezed one nipple and then the other and Cassie gasped. He tweaked her nipples, but gently, feeling them harden further and he kissed her a little more fervently.

Then his other hand dropped down further and found her hard in her panties. He felt Cassie freeze, wondering if Dale would find her penis repugnant but he didn’t stop, his finger traced the outline of Cassie’s erection through the satin panty.

Cassie began to shake and push up against his hand.

“Uh, uh!” Dale admonished her gently.

“Let me drive,” he whispered in her mouth and kissed her a little harder and squeezed her cock.

His fingers pressed harder on her nipples, moving from breast to breast while his other hand massaged her hard cock through her panties. He broke the kiss so he could lower his face to her bosom and suck and nibble on her breasts and Cassie lay back and groaned.

With two hands free Dale was able to slide one inside her panties and found her fully erect, the flesh smooth, sleek and hot. Precum was dribbling from Cassie’s glans and Dale smeared it over her cock and slowly stroked it. His other hand came in behind the back of her panties and found her puckered anal bud. He smeared her precum on a finger and slid it inside her and worked the tip against her prostate.

Cassie moaned and put her fingers in Dale’s hair and pushed his face to her bosom, encouraging him to suckle on her tits, which Dale was happy to do as his hands worked their magic on her penis and anus.

When he felt it was right Dale knelt between her legs and lowered his face along her body, licking her taut abdomen and flicking his tongue on her belly-button ring then moving further down. He pulled down her panties and her erect cock sprang free.

Cassie was trying to bring his face back up to her breast or his lips to hers but he resisted. He put her stockinged legs over his shoulder and engulfed her penis.

Cassie screamed and writhed underneath him.

She tried to pull his head from her crotch; she didn’t want Dale to do something because he thought he had to, but Dale resisted. He sucked on her penis and slid his finger into her back passage and tweaked her nipples with his other hand.

Cassie arched her back and began to shudder as Dale sucked her cock, working his tongue on her glans and his lips up and down her pulsating shaft. His finger worked in and out of her anus.

Cassie was jabbering incoherently as her body arched and spasmed; she entwined her fingers in Dale’s hair and pushed her groin up, forcing her cock all the way into Dale’s mouth.

Dale was swallowing copious amounts of precum and Cassie’s anus was beginning to convulse; he knew she was close.

He tore his face away from her groin and held onto her thighs; he sat between her open legs and pulled her to him, punching his cock into her anus and began to fuck her. He took her cock in his hand and masturbated her in time with the long slow strokes as he fucked the gorgeous creature mewing on the bed.

Cassie convulsed and felt her sphincter tighten and her anus spasm, long ropes of semen spewed from her cock as he milked her, his cock working its way deeper inside her.

“Oh god!!!” Cassie let out one long scream as she orgasmed.

When she had finished coming Dale eased his still erect cock from her anus and lay beside her. He held her to him and kissed her. He stroked her hair and she stroked his face.

“That was wonderful Dale,” Cassie whimpered.

She snuggled up to him and held him close while they kissed and soon became aware of his cock poking her in the belly.

“You didn’t come?” she looked into his eyes questioningly.

“I didn’t want to. I wanted to please you,” Dale smiled down at her.

Cassie’s smile became mischievous.

“In that case I’m going to take another ride,” she grinned and began to mount him.

“What about the business?” Dale teased.

“Fuck the business; we can talk about it later,” she bit him playfully on the lip and then lowered herself onto his rampant phallus.

To be continued.

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