Lilli of the Valley

Lilli of the valley
By Gypsy Woman

Note; This story is just a short to get me back into writing. It has nothing to do with anything else I have written on here. It has been a bad time for me but I am trying so here goes nothing. Gypsy Woman

I had a secret. It was a life changing one. When I heard the door open I knew my secret would be out and I would be in big trouble. I slowly turned to find my sister staring at me. My mind went blank my eyes rolled back in my head and I crumpled to the floor in a faint.

I slowly opened my eyes to a sight I did not recognize at first. As my mind cleared I realized where I was. I was on my back on my sisters bed. Looking up I could see the lacy top of her four poster bed. How did I get here? Then it came to me and I started to panic. My sister who was to be staying at a friends for the night came home to find me in one of her favorite dresses. A lilac floral patterned sundress with short puffy sleeves. It came to just above my knees. The panic was pulsing through my veins giving me a near heart attack feeling. I was afraid to move. Thinking it might let my sister know I am awake. I tried to think of a way out of this.

At that point she spoke "So Troy what do I call you now? I don't think my little sister should be called Troy, do you?" I turned my head to face her. She was smiling. It was the type of smile that said she knew she had me at her mercy. "I was thinking it should be a old name like Margaret or Lillian. Both would be a good girly-girl name for you." She was having too much fun with this. I was in real trouble here. She was not yelling or telling our parents so I was really in big trouble! I did not know what to do?

Slowly I sat up my head spun a bit but I stayed up. "Janet I can explain. I was just ..." My mind worked quickly to find a lie she would believe. "It was a dare I was to take a photo of myself to prove I did it." It sounded like something my looser friends would do to me. It looked like she was considering it for a moment then she got that smile again.

Janet took a close look at me. I was a skinny 15 year old kid of her height 5' 4" and only 3pounds different in weight her being heavier at 126lbs. I had shoulder length brown hair that always needed a brushing and hazel eyes. She was a curvy 16 year old with blonde hair and dark blue eyes. She stood up and told me to stand in the middle of the room. She took out her camera and started to take shots of me. Ordering me to pose in certain ways. Very famine and sexy ways that made me blush even as I did what I was told. Janet kept saying "Work it girl!" and other things to keep me blushing. After a bit she stopped and lowered her camera. "I asked you to tell me what to call you but you have not so I will pick your name. You will be known as Lillian and you will answer to it if you know what is good for you. If you be good I will let you use Lilli as the short form of your name." She was having way too much fun with all this. She had me and I knew it. With all those photos she took of me she could ruin me real fast. "Now I want you to tell me your name."

With a even deeper blush I said in a whisper "Lillian". She shook her head and tapped her foot. So I tried a little louder "Lillian". She looked at me a moment as if trying to see how far she could push me. I just tried to calm down and stop blushing. My heart rate was still up so I was one shock away from fainting again.

Janet sighed "OK we will let that go for now. We need to work on your voice some before your first trip out into public." I froze she wanted to take me out of the house. I had never been out of the house dressed as a girl before. It scared me a lot. "By the way what are you using for padding? It is looking real good!"

I smiled at that. I cost me every penny I could scrounge up for a year to buy the breast forms I was wearing. They were a full B cup so I was as big in the chest as my sister. Of course if I tell her that it would blow my lie sky high. It probably is already but I could hope. Just looking at her smile I knew she knew the truth. I was caught and she had the photos to prove it. I decided to tempt fate and confess. "Sis I bought breast forms off the internet. It took a long time to save up but I have pride in my look with them on. I also have a waist cincher to give me more shape. I was going to buy hip pads next. I am always trying to upgrade my look." She made a spinning motion with her finger so I slowly turned around.

She thought for a moment then said "There is going to be rules if you are going to use my dresses. First is you buy your own Panties and bras. I don't want you using mine. Next you wash what you use and ask first. No more hiding this from me. Next We take this slow and you learn the right way to present as a girl. I will teach you all I know. Do you agree Lillian?"

It was a lot to take in but more than I could have ever hoped for. I "I agree to your rules. I only ask you be kind to me this is very hard to share." I always envied my sisters style so learning from her will only help me.

My sister came over to me and hugged me whispering "Welcome to the new you Lillian." I did not know what to say so I cried soft tears. Good thing I was not wearing make up. After a good cry I pulled back and looked at her face. So much was going on in my mind I did not know what way to turn. Janet took charge again. She took out her phone and called a number. when it was picked up she said "Hi Jody looks like I am not going to make it back there tonight. My little brother got a fever and mom would have killed me if I left him alone wile sick. Yeah some other night, call you later." she hung up and looked at me "Now we have all night to explore this. It will be great fun. You look good in that but I think we can do better. You ready Lillian?" Was I? This whole thing was blowing my mind.

I looked her in the eye and only could see love. That gave me the strength to go through with this and not faint. Slowly my blood pressure was coming down and I was feeling stronger. I smiled at her and said "Let's do this!" That led to 12 hours of girly-girl fun with lots of love and some happy tears.

The next day when my parents got home I was back to being Troy. I now knew that at every opportunity my sister would be training her little sister to take after her and have pride in being a girly-girl. One night wile dressed pretty Janet looked at me and said " You are my pride. You are a pretty young woman ready to take on the world. You are my Lilli of the valley.

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