The Tale of Two Girls part 10

The Tale of Two Girls part 10

Dear readers,

I have included a list of the characters which will help you keep track
of all the people in my story. It's basically in order of appearance.

New readers please read the preceding chapters of this story and the two
preceding stories, Chrissy's new life and Chris's surprise prize.

Please enjoy my writings; it gives me such great pleasure to write about
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List of Characters

Chrissy's new life

Chris Reilly Chrissy Reilly almost 13 years

Aunt Mary Susan, Aunt Mary's daughter

Carolyn Aunt Mary's maid Bernice Carolyn's daughter

Edwina Aunt Mary's maid

Karen Aunt Mary's maid

Brenda Reilly Chrissy's mother

James Reilly Chrissy's brother

Mr. Mark Kennedy and Mr. Peter Foster: Aunt Mary's pilots.

Mandy Penelope

Chris's surprise prize

Christopher James Christine James 22 years old

Patricia and Kathy girls living in same apartment block as Christine

Beverly Guthrie owner of Cinderella's bridal boutique

Susan James: Christine's Mom

The tale of two girls

Priscilla Turnquist: Aunt Mary's mother and Chrissy's Grandmamma

Sylvia: Priscilla's maid.

Josh Maguire: 17 year old guy given job at Cinderella's. New name:

Kenny Short Best friend of Chrissy New name : Karen

Mrs. Gloria Short Karen's mother


"Jessica darling you must keep your genitals properly clean." She pulled
the foreskin of my penis back and rubbed the bar of soap there too. It
caused my penis to begin to erect.

Christine said, "Ooh how nice to have your clitty soaped up Jessica, I
just love it."

"Ooh you mean my penis. Clitty is such a cute name for my most loved body

Christine's clitty as she called was also erecting, I had never seen
another guy's penis before and I was looking at it and comparing it to
mine. I noted that Christine was completely hairless even around her ball
sac. Mrs. James turned her attention to my arm and got me to raise my
arm so she could get to my armpit she spent a long time there rubbing the
soap into my armpit and it made squelching noises.

I had to turn the other way after Mrs. James soaping up my arm and
finished by rubbing the bar of soap under my fingernails. She repeated
the process on the other side of my body.

I asked, "Mrs. James when are you going to remove the hair from my body."

Mrs. James replied, "I was wondering when you were going to ask that,
it's good as you have the desire to be hairless."

She continued, "We can do that right now."

Mrs. Guthrie came into the bathroom and asked if she could help.

Mrs. James said, "I was just about to help Jessica get rid of her body

Mrs. Guthrie said, "Ooh that is so great, Jessica you love being smooth."

They took me to the shower where they coated my legs with Veet lotion and
I had to wait a while for the lotion to do its work. My hair was wiped
off leaving my legs hairless and smooth. My arms, chest and belly were
done next; gradually step by step hair was removed. The final stage was
my genital hair.

I was completely hairless and the two ladies began to moisturize my
entire body. Mrs. Guthrie said I could spend the night with her and Mrs.
James if I wanted to.

"I would love that, Mrs. Guthrie, you and Mrs. James are so good to me.

I was helped into a long pink satin nightgown and helped into bed. I lay
in the middle of the huge bed while Mrs. James and Mrs. Guthrie went to
get ready for bed themselves.

They came back into the room wearing the most revealing little baby doll
nighties. They got into bed on either side of me and snuggled up to me.
They began to rub my body and I so enjoyed the feel of the satin
nightgown on my smooth moisturized body. My clitty began to respond to
their caressing of my body. The two ladies continued to excite me till I
could no longer hold back and suddenly I erupted with a shuddering of my
body into the matching panty of the satin nightgown.

Mrs. Guthrie held me in a tight hug as my shuddering body subsided. There
was wet spot on my nightgown too and Mrs. James said they should change
my panty and night gown. I was glad when they gave me a little baby doll
like they we wearing to wear except they did not give me a panty to wear
with it. The two ladies snuggled up to me as the light was put out and I
loved the feeling of their hands on my clitty as I dozed off.


It was so nice to wake up in my room in our new mansion. We had been here
for a week. Mommy and I had settled in nicely. And Susan was due to come
home today as well. Susan was Aunt Mary's daughter.

Karen my friend had spent the night with me and shared my lovely four
poster bed with me. It had the most gorgeous frilly lace curtain
surrounding the bed. It was so girly and feminine a far cry from my
bedroom in Amarillo.

We were wearing matching baby doll nightgowns and also were in diapers,
and plastic rumba panties. Karen and her mommy Mrs. Gloria Short had
moved in with us into the mansion as their arranged accommodation was not
very nice.

Karen was still sleeping and I kissed her on the lips. Karen stirred and
hugged and kissed me back.

Karen said, "Ooh Chrissy that was a lovely kiss, you kiss so well."

"As do you dear Karen."

Just then our mommy's came into the room. There were kisses all round.

Our mommies asked in unison, "Did our darling little girls sleep well?"

Karen and I answered in unison, "Yes, mommy."

A short while later, Carolyn and Edwina came into the room. They were
there to get us bathed and dressed for the day. Carolyn and Edwina kissed
each of us and Carolyn said, "Edwina, I think we have our work cut out for
us, both our darlings smell to high heaven."

Edwina said, "Yes you are right darling Carolyn they are two little stinky

A maid took each of us by the hand and led us to the bathroom; my nappy
was drooping it was so full and wee and poo it made walking difficult. I
noticed Karen had similar difficulty walking. We were two were wet and
messy babies.

Our baby dolls were removed and our frilly plastic rumba panties were
pulled down as we stood in the shower. Our nappies were undone and
allowed to fall to the floor of the shower.

The worst of the mess was wiped off us and then we were given a hot
shower. Karen and I enjoyed the hot shower together and we both knew what
was to follow, a lovely hot bubble bath.

We were put into the bath overflowing with bubbles. Bath time was always
special as Carolyn and Edwina washed us so thoroughly. As they washed us
they told us the plans for the day.

I would have to see the doctor today; we had been referred by the doctor
in Amarillo and we were due to travel to Miami to see a gender specialist.
We were two pampered little girls, the maids washed us thoroughly. Once
we were properly washed our hair was washed too.

After our bath we were dried off, and moisturized and powdered. Karen was
put into a nappy and rumba panty, I wore just a rumba panty.

We were dressed in skirt and blouses and stockings and Mary Jane's. We
went down for breakfast to the dining room where Aunt Mary was waiting for

Aunt Mary gushed when she saw us, "Ooh Hello my darlings," and we went
over to her and kissed her. We sat down next down to her one on either
side at the first chairs next to her. Our mommies sat next to us. We
started our meal; our mommies put bibs on us and fed us.

We had a lovely meal and after that we left to go to the doctors after
putting on our coats. The trip was to take an hour and a half. We were
also going to pick Susan Aunt Mary's daughter after our visit to the
doctor. There were 6 of us in Aunt Mary's Limousine, Carolyn was driving

At the doctors I was thoroughly examined. The doctor said if I wished I
could retain my clitty and they could make an opening and create vaginal
lips. I would still be able to pee using my clitty. Karen and our mommies
were there with us during the consultation. The doctor asked Karen if she
liked me with both clitty and pussy and Karen said she did. The doctor
wanted to know if we were girlfriends and did we think we would like to
marry. We both said yes.

The doctor did another scan and examination and it was just as well as I
had been feeling cramps down below and also was a bit bloated. The doctor
said it was that my period had started; the doctor in Amarillo had said it
was possible. It was a sign that I was female. He scheduled me for
surgery right away.

We were to fetch Susan later in the day. Aunt Mary suggested we go buy me
some sleepwear and also toiletries and a suitcase. They would get me
settled in the hospital room. We did just that, I had my own room. The
surgery was to be done that afternoon. Carolyn in the meantime went to
fetch Susan.

I was prepared for surgery and wheeled to the operating theatre. I came
round after the operation and the first face that came into view was
Susan. She kissed me on the lips. She called for the others to come see
me awake.

I felt only numbness down below. A nurse came around and checked on me
and told me I had a catheter in. The bedding was lifted and I could see
my buttocks were encased in bandages. The doctor came around and told me
the operation was a success.

After checking that I was comfortable my family said they had to leave but
they would be visiting me first thing in the morning. After my evening
meal I was given meds and was soon in dream land.


I had woken up this morning feeling so good; Jessica and I were going to
model some of the dresses from Cinderella's this afternoon. Jessica was
still living with us; her father wanted nothing more to do with her. My
mother had applied to adopt her and give her a family. It was going to be
great to have a little sister.

We had seen Chrissy and her Family. They were settled in and we all loved
Chrissie's little girl friend Karen. Karen was also to be a flower girl
at our weddings. The weddings were set for 23rd March.

Patricia was still sleeping and I kissed her to wake her. Patricia had to
go off to work and I always helped her to get ready. My favourite thing to
do was giving her a bath. I loved soaping up her lovely breasts.
Patricia responded to my kiss and hugged me tight me tight and put her
tongue deep into my mouth. I loved her deep throat kisses.

In the bath room I stripped both of us naked and ran bath water. I bathed
her thoroughly and then helped her out the bath. I dried her off and then
Mommy came into the bathroom with Jessica and she put Jessica into the
bath with me. Jessica was so much happier living with us and she was back
at school now. I helped mommy bath Jessica. Jessica was still going to
school in boy clothes. On days she did not have gym or sports she wore
female underwear, once at home she was bathed, moisturized and put into
female clothes. She wore boy clothes to school only.

Jessica was to be taken to school by Mrs. Guthrie. Mommy bathed me and
then invited me to help her bath. It seemed my hands were in soapy bath
water a lot.

We finished getting ready for the day and went to work in the shop. After
lunch I went to fetch Jessica and she had a friend Michael she wanted to
invite home with us. I was careful to call Jessica Jason still as I was
not sure if Jessica's friend knew of her female persona. We arrived home
and passed the boutique to get to the house. We parked outside the house
and not in front of the boutique. Michael wanted to know how come Jason
wasn't living at home anymore. Jason told him his father was violent
towards him and we had taken him in. We went inside the house where
mommy was waiting for us. We introduced Michael to Mommy and asked
if it was ok that he hang out at the house. Mommy reminded us of the
modelling we had to do later. Michael said he would love to see us model.
Mommy said that was great and he was welcome to. Mommy let the cat
out of the bag and called Jason, Jessica. Michael wanted to know who she
was referring to as there was no Jessica around. Jessica to her credit said,
"Michael, I am Jessica, I like to dress in girl’s clothes, Jessica is my femme name."

Michael said, "I would love to see you dressed like a girl, I think guys
who embrace their femme side are so brave, not worrying what others say?”

Jessica said, "You do? I never knew that and I thought I knew everything
about you."

Michael said, "Well it never came up."

Mommy asked, "And do you like to wear femme clothes Michael."

Michael said, "I do but don't have much at the moment, I have a few pairs
of panties that I took from my older sister who has since moved out to go
to college."

"And your mother clothes?" Mommy asked, "are you wearing panties now?"

"Yes I am, I don't dare try to wear my mother's clothes, she is far too
orderly and particular. She also does not like femme boys," Michael

Jessica invited Michael to her room when she was to change in femme
clothes. We went with to help Jessica change. Jessica also wore panties
and stockings that day.

Michael was amazed by the transformation of his friend.

Later that day we went to a community hall where we were to model, Michael
came with us. We modelled items from the boutique for the promotion of the

It was great modelling the dresses; I wore such a variety of wedding
dresses that were stocked by the boutique. Later afterwards we took
Michael home and as we dropped him off, his mother was outside, and his
mother made a comment she was glad Michael had a female friend.

After supper Jessica and I were bathed, Jessica was bathed by Beverly and
mommy while Patricia bathed me.

I loved the tender way Patricia thoroughly bathed me. My future wife
always ensured I was clean for bed. After the bath it was a thorough
moisturizing and then into a delightful yellow satin baby doll nightgown.


I had been in hospital for five days before the doctors allowed me to
return home and today was day I was due to go home. My scrotal sac had
been opened and the flesh had been fashioned into labia lips. I was
over my first monthly period. My limp clitty had been inserted into my
vaginal opening so I could have a smooth front.

James my brother was doing well at hospital in Palm Beach, he had been
transported by air ambulance from Amarillo to our new town. He was also
due to come out of hospital soon.

Carolyn, Susan and Karen my sweet little girlfriend came into the ward.
Karen ran to me and kissed and hugged me. Susan and Carolyn also
greeted me with kisses and hugs. Mommy had stayed behind in Palm Beach
so she could visit James.

Carolyn took charge in getting me dressed. As she dressed me, my
thoughts went back to all the times she had pampered me at the mansion
on Los Angeles. Susan assisted her. I was dressed in a diaper and
rumba panty, garter belt and stockings, bra, full slip and a pink satin
dress. Carolyn did my hair putting it into two pigtails. My shoes were
white Mary Jane's.

I was checked out of the hospital and we drove back to Palm Beach in
Aunt Mary's Cadillac convertible. At home Mommy greeted me with a kiss
and hug, Grandmamma and Aunt Mary also welcomed me back just as warmly.

It was a lovely time of year with Christmas approaching, just 4 days
away, and just after that it was my birthday. Susan and I were to start
school after the Christmas break, the doctor had given us a letter which
stated my gender was female. Karen was to be home schooled by my Mommy
until such time as she could be allowed attend school as a girl. We had
met Jessica the girl that Mrs. James had adopted after Jessica's father
had assaulted her. Mommy had given me money to buy presents, I had a long
list. Aunt Mary's brother and sister and their families were due to come
visit for the Christmas long weekend. Christine and her family were
invited to spend Christmas Day with us.

Lunch was to be served after Karen and I were taken upstairs to have our
diapers changed as we had both wet our diapers on the way home.

The maids fed us our lunch. Christine and her family were to come over
that evening Karen my sweet girlfriend and I were to be flower girls at
Christine and Patricia's, and Mrs. Guthrie and Mrs. James's weddings.

My and Karen's mothers said that we were to share our bed with
Christine, Patricia and Jessica. Karen and I had a huge bed in the room
we shared. We both felt like princesses in our pink and white lace
curtain trimmed four poster bed.

Carolyn and Edwina our lovely maids were to take Karen and I to town so
I could buy Christmas presents. The others had all done their Christmas

Carolyn and Edwina got us ready to go out. We loved the maids
pampering. Everything was done for us, including the brushing of our
teeth. Once our coats were put on we left to go to the underground

Edwina drove the Cadillac town car while Carolyn sat between Karen and I
in the back of the car. During the drive Carolyn opened up her blouse
and opened the flaps of her nursing bra and said, "Come my darlings have
a feed from me as we travel."

Both of us did not need further invitation and I smiled at Karen as she
and I moved to taken Carolyn's nipples into our mouths. I was soon
sucking strongly and swallowing Carolyn's wonderful milk. Karen and I
caressed each other as we swallowed the milk. Carolyn cooed and said,
"That's it my babies drink up my lovely milk."

Both of us enjoyed drinking the lovely milk from Carolyn and all too
soon we had to stop as we were approaching the mall. Carolyn covered up
her breasts and then fastened her blouse.
I spent the next few hours doing my Christmas shopping. After my
shopping we made our way home and once more Carolyn let us feed from
her. During the trip home I needed to wee and did it in my diaper. On
arrival at home Carolyn and I took my purchases to the present wrapping
room. The mansion had every conceivable facility including private
cinema and 10 pin bowling alley.

"Carolyn can you please change my diaper, I wet myself on the way home.
" , I asked.

"My Darling Chrissy, I will do that right away," she said and took my
hand and led me to my room. There was a full changing station in our
room. There was a full changing station in our room. Karen accompanied
us too and Carolyn asked, "Are you also needing changing sweetheart?"

Karen said, "Yes Carolyn, I'm sorry but I've got a pooh diaper."

"Its ok darling let me just get some help. Carolyn used her cell phone
to call for help. She spoke to Maid Karen.

Maid Karen arrived and she brought Carolyn's daughter, Bernice with her
and the two maids quickly got both of us into clean diapers. Carolyn
then spent some time with her baby breast feeding her. Carolyn remarked
it was just as well she had an abundant milk supply.

I went to the wrapping room were Edwina was waiting for me and we got
all my presents wrapped.

A huge Christmas tree had been set up in the largest of the living
rooms, it was waiting for us children to be decorate it.

Karen, Susan, and I were helped by Edwina to decorate the tree while we
waited for our guests to arrive.


I was woken by a kiss on my lips, I opened my eyes to see my lovely
fiancé Patricia kissing me. She was already dressed to go to work. We
had had a lovely time the previous evening, Friday night, Kathy,
Patricia, Jessica and I had gone out together, a girl’s night out. We had
gone to a gay night club and had enjoyed dancing together. Kathy and
Jessica just loved dancing together.

Jessica came into our room. Jessica was looking forward to the school
Christmas break and she could dress for the whole two weeks. The last
few days she had gone to school wearing lingerie under her school
clothes on day she did have gym.

Jessica and I were due to work at the boutique this morning. I got up to
get ready. Mommy and Beverly came into the room and they kissed both us.
Jessica and I went to bath and Mommy was there to help us bath. After our
bath Jessica and I dressed each other off while mommy went to get ready
for the day. Jessica and I helped each other with our lingerie, it was
nice to have assistance getting dressed. I knelt before Jessica holding
open her pink satin panties for her to step into. After she stepped
into the panties I began to pull them up her legs. While I did that I
took the tip of her clitty into my mouth and began to suck it. Jessica
began to moan with pleasure.

Jessica moaned saying, "Oooh, Christine please don't stop."

I took Jessica's clitty further into my mouth and then Beverley came
into the room.

She said, "Ooh my, what fun for you two darling girls, but please finish
getting dressed."

Just then I sucked harder on Jessica's clitty and caused her to orgasm.
I sucked and licked up all her lovely semen. Beverly was there to
support Jessica as her knees buckled and she moaned with pleasure.

Beverly said, "I think I must stay here and supervise you two girls."

Beverly did just that and soon we were dressed, we both wore suspender
belts and stockings with our matching bra and panties. Our outer clothes
were pink skirts and white satin blouses. Matching pink jackets
completed our outfits.

Beverly helped with our makeup and hair. We had breakfast and after
that we went to the boutique. The morning passed quickly and we could go
back to the house.

Jessica and I went to our room to change and resumed our fun from
earlier. We undressed to our underwear and then took off our bras and
panties. I held Jessica close and our erect clitty's touched each
other's bodies. Just then Patricia came into the room and a big smile
appeared on her face.

"Ooh, that look like fun, my fiancé is almost naked with our darling
friend." She knelt and pushed us apart and took our clitty's in her
hands and rubbed the heads together. Jessica and I swooned in delight
and ecstasy as our clitty's grew harder. We moved to the bed and
Patricia undressed to her stocking and suspender belt as we were. On the
bed Patricia was between us and masturbating us.

Patricia said, "Ok let's see you two girlies get into a 69 and suck each
other. We did just that and began sucking each other. I was on top and
Patricia had her finger up my ass and was getting in deep. Ooh it felt
so good, and Jessica was sucking me so well, I soon exploded into her
mouth. Not long after that Jessica came in my mouth. I loved the salty
taste of her cum.

We spent the rest of the afternoon getting ready to go over to Chrissies
house. Beverly was to close the boutique till after Christmas. Kathy
was going to spend Christmas with her family in Los Angeles.

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