The tale of two girls Part 1

The tale of two girls Part 1

The tale of two girls

This story continues where Chrissy's New Life part 10 and Chris's
Surprise Prize Part 6 left off. Please read those two stories for this
one to make any sense of this story.

Thank you so much to all who have reviewed my stories so far.


I woke up to see the sunlight streaming in through the window. I felt so
relaxed and rested. Touching the front of my diaper I could feel that it
was sticking to my skin.

Just then Karen came into my room and said, "Good morning, Sweetie, did
you sleep well?"

"Yes, Karen I did, I had a lovely dream, I dreamt I was wearing a pink
flower girl's dress and at a wedding where there were 2 brides, I think
they got married to each other."

"Oh My darling what a wonderful dream, so now you are even dreaming of
wearing girls clothes."

"I just prefer to think of them as my clothes, my panty, my baby doll, my
bra, you know?"

"Yes darling, I do know, you are just so precious, let me kiss you."

Karen kissed me full on my lips and scooped me up to her and said, "Come
precious, let's get you cleaned up."

We went through to the bath room where Karen undressed me. When I down
to just my diaper she felt inside it, and said, "A bit damp there
Chrissy, was it a little wee or cum from your cute little clitty?"

I blushed and said, "Oh, I just not help myself, I had to come."

"O that is so sweet, our girly playing with herself."

Once the diaper was off me, Karen helped me into bath and proceeded to
bathe me with the same tender loving care. I told her I just so
appreciated her bathing me.

After a lovely bath I felt clean all over. In my bedroom Karen began to
dress me. I was thinking it's into boy clothes again after she put my
lovely lingerie on me. My garter belt was a beautiful pink six strap
satin and stretch lace creation. My stockings were white lace and my
panty was to die for, a pink satin with lace trim lace. They were
trimmed in frilly lace at both the waist and leg openings, and even more
elaborately across the seat and front with several rows of lace running
from one side to the other. Karen surprised me by putting a matching bra
on me and inserting my breast forms. Karen asked me, "OK Chrissy what
would you like to wear?"

I said, "My blue pants and white shirt I suppose."

"No darling, I mean from your wardrobe."

"But won't that be a problem people who know me to be a boy see me?"

"Like who?"

"The pilots on Aunt Mary's plane for one."

"Oh they won't mind, they are part time cross-dressers."

"Really, how do you know?"

"They have been over to the mansion where we helped them to dress, Mark
like to be called Mandy while Peter likes to be called Penelope, Aunt
Mary says they have got so adept in their female wear they will soon be
wearing cute uniforms consisting dress or skirt and blouse and they are
in a relationship and live together."

"Oh Wow."

"Yes lots of male like to feel soft things on their skins."

"I'm now one of them and I love it"

"So what happens now that you have ultra sound scan done."

My thoughts went back to the MRI and ultrasound scans that were done on
me the previous day.

"The Lab will send them direct to our doctor and she will call us in when
she gets them."

"That's good my baby."

"I like my clitty being pleasured till I spurt but don't see how I can if
I don't have testicles."

"Your semen is produced mainly in your prostrate; having no testicles
just limits your typical male development, but I'm sure your doctor will
tell you why you don't have testicles. Anyway enough of the chatter let's
get you dressed, what would you like to wear?"

"My long pink dress and that lovely batwing cardigan, it's just so

"Ok baby you got it."

Karen got the items from the wardrobe and a long slip and dressed me in
them. She curled my hair with a curling iron and I loved to see how it
was done. Karen put lovely feminine curls in my hair.
Karen asked, "I just love your hair Chrissy darling, not suited on a boy
at all, how did you get away with long hair at school, didn't they moan?"

"Well it was a getting to be a problem, I was told to get it cut, they
did not mind longish hair, but mine was a bitty too long, But now I don't
have to get it cut for a long while maybe never."

"Oh Chrissy darling I can see you are going to be a lovely daughter for
your mommy, Ok let's see about shoes, what will go with that lovely dress
you are wearing?"

"What about my white ankle boots?"

"Yes darling perfect."

Karen helped me into the boots and then we went through to see what Mommy
and Aunt Mary were doing.

They were in the dining room having breakfast and as we came in they were
all smiles.

I kissed Mommy and Aunt Mary in greeting.
Mommy said, "My girl you are looking so smart today are you ready for
some breakfast."

"Yes, please Mommy," I answered.

Aunt Mary said, "Such a polite daughter you have, Brenda."

"Yes she is Mary, I'm quite proud of her; even as a boy she was a model

Mommy turned to me and said, "Are you comfortable to go out dressed as
you are my darling?"

"I am now Mommy after Karen said the pilots also like to dress, I suppose
as long as no one else we know sees us it's ok and then once we are in
Palm Beach it won't matter, if we did see someone like that they will ask
you is this girl you have with you seeing as you only have sons."

"Well let's hope that does not happen."

We had our breakfast and as I ate I remembered the breakfast I had at
Aunt Mary's where she admonished me for not eating like a girl.

Breakfast over, we got our suitcases packed and loaded and then drove to
the airport. Karen was to drive Mommy's car back to our house and visit
James in hospital while we were away.



This morning Patricia and I were to spend the afternoon at Beverly's
boutique, Mommy was going to work today. Patricia and I were facing each
other as I woke and my darling Patricia was still sleeping. I kissed her
softly on the lips and her eyes fluttered open and she thrust her tongue
into my mouth. We kissed passionately for a long while and only
interrupted when Mommy peeked her head into the room and said, "My
darlings I'm leaving for work now."

As we broke our kiss mommy came over and kissed each of us in turn.
Mommy told us to enjoy our day and then left. Patricia resumed kissing
me and began to rub my back as she ground herself against me. I loved our
satin clad bodies rubbing against each other and my penis began to grow
and throb in excitement. Patricia said, "Ooh, my darling, I can wait
until our wedding night and you put that lovely cock of yours in me. For
now I will be contest just to suck it. We stripped off each other's
nightgowns and got ourselves positioned so we could suck each other.
Patricia's lips around my penis as I sucked on her pussy lips was
wonderful and I forced my tongue into her vagina. We moaned in pleasure
as we pleasured each other.

I licked and sucked Patricia till she came and just as she did I erupted
into her mouth. We broke off our pleasuring and then kissed sharing each
other's juices. We striped off our panties and then to the bathroom to
have a nice long hot bubble bath. Once we were settled in the soapy water
we began to wash each other. I loved to soap up Patricia's lovely
breasts. The time spent during our bath was wonderful and we made sure
that the other was properly cleaned.

Once out the bath we dried each other off and then we put dressing gowns
on each other and then sat down at the vanity to do our makeup. I copied
Patricia's actions as she did her make-up.

Patricia said as we were busy with our eye make-up, "That's it Christine
you are getting it, that's very good."

"Thanks Patricia, I just love doing this, making myself look pretty, this
eye shadow certainly brings the best out of my eyes."

"Said like a girl," was her response.

Our makeup was done to both of our satisfaction and then we painted each
other's nails.

Our makeup was done to both of our satisfaction and then we painted each
other's nails. We dressed for the day; I wore a green floral dress with
tan stockings and green pumps. My breast looked great in the dress and I
wore a lovely satin slip, bra and panty.

We did our hair and then left the house to go to a mall where we were to
visit a baker to decide on a wedding cake, we were going to have one huge
cake for both weddings. Patricia was going drive this time she opened
the car door for me and I got in sitting down first and then lifting my
legs together to get in. Patricia leant over me to do up my seatbelt and
then closed my door. At the mall we went to saw the baker and decided on
a chocolate and fruit cake, alternate tiers in fruit cake and then

Patricia decided that we do some clothes shopping. I agreed with her and
we went to an exclusive boutique. I chose a glamorous dress, it was made
of gold lame and it had a halter neck top. The skirt of the dress was
knee length. Patricia chose a sexy mini dress in velvet.

We next went to a lingerie shop and bought some sexy bra and panty sets;
I loved my new lacy red and white satin bra and panty sets. I also
bought a black silk peignoir and gown set.

We met Mommy at lunch time at a restaurant and enjoyed a lovely lunch
together. I showed Mommy my purchases and she was glad for me. I knew the
next big step was to go and alone buy clothes for myself. I knew I would
have to as I wanted to get something really special for our honeymoon
that Patricia did not know about.

After our lunch we went to Cinderella's. We were both wondering if Mrs.
Alexander the lady Beverly told us about had arrived in Palm Beach



Mark one of the pilots greeted us when we stopped at the plane. Mark
asked, "Mrs. Alexander, who is this lovely young girl with you and Mrs.
Reilly, I thought Mrs. Reilly had a son. Well I assume its Mrs. Reilly."
Aunt Mary said, "Yes this Brenda Reilly and this is her daughter,

Mommy said, "Pleased to meet you Mark"

"Pleased to meet you both, now I'm a bit confused."

Aunt Mary said, "Can't you see the resemblance to the boy that you flew a
few days ago?"

Mark looked at me more closely and exclaimed, "Yes I do, and Chrissy you
look great much better to be a girl isn't it."

I said, "Yes it is"

Mark turned to Peter who had just come out the plane and said, "Pen..
Oops. Peter can I introduce you to Brenda Reilly and her daughter

Peter blushed and said, "Pleased to meet you, Brenda and Chrissy, welcome

Mark apologized, "Sorry Peter, force of habit."

"Ohh it's quite alright Mandy" said Peter with emphasis on Mandy, "they
will know soon enough."

Peter said, "Well let's get your luggage on board and then let us be on
our merry way."

Our luggage was loaded in the planes baggage hold and we boarded the

We were soon cleared by Air traffic control and were winging our way to
our new home city. During the flight Aunt Mary told her pilots the
purpose of the trip. She was planning to relocate to Palm Beach and
today was the first step where she would be buying a mansion. Peter and
Mark rented an apartment owned by Aunt Mary and would be able to rent
another of her apartments in our new city. We talked about my visit to
Aunt Mary's mansion where I was introduced into the wonderful world of
femininity. Peter and Mark said they would wearing only female dress
from this after this trip. Aunt Mary said it was time that they did.

We landed at Palm Beach International Airport and Aunt Mary arranged for
a limousine to transport us to her mother's house. Mommy phoned Karen to
find out how James was doing. Karen was just leaving the hospital and
she had taken care of James bed bath. The nurses were only too glad of
her help and had remarked she did an excellent job. James was content
and Mommy thanked Karen for attending to James.

The limousine chauffeur loaded up our luggage and expertly drove the
large vehicle out of the airport and we were soon on our way to meet Aunt
Mary's Mother, my new Grandmamma and mommy's new mother. Mommy told Aunt
Mary she was so glad our paths had crossed and that in spite of the loss
of her husband and son the future looked bright and rosy. Mommy began to
sniffle feeling sad and Aunt Mary immediately comforted her.

The chauffeur announced we were almost at our destination. My new
Grandmamma, Priscilla Turnquist lived in a large oldish house on Sea
Breeze avenue. Our limousine came to a halt and we exited the
luxurious vehicle after the chauffeur opened the door for us.

After Aunt Mary rang the doorbell we heard the clip-clop of heels inside
the house. Aunt Mary had showed us a photo of her mother on the way over
from the airport. The door opened and the lady standing before us
exclaimed, "There you are my dears, so glad to meet you, Chrissy and

I guessed Grandmamma was in her mid sixties. She was dressed in a gold
long dress which I'm sure had petticoats underneath as it was quite
bouffant and surprising for an older lady her dress was low cut. Her
greying hair was elegantly styled. She was quite spritely and had a
twinkle in her eye. Grandmamma bent down and kissed me on the lips
before kissing Aunt Mary and then Mommy. She invited us in and we went
through to her lounge. Grandmamma's house was very femininely furnished,
with ornate lacy curtains and fresh flowers in vases all over. It was a
wondrous place, there were dolls placed on the chair and sofas.

"Chrissy, darling come sit on my lap, I so want to cuddle my new

I felt quite honoured that she was paying more attention to me than her
daughter and I went and sat on her lap. She immediately hugged me in a
tight embrace and kissed me again. I drank in her wonderful perfume and
kissed her on the lips in a girly kiss.

Grandmamma was telling me how glad she was to have such a pretty
granddaughter and she was looking forward spending many days in my
company. I snuggled down on her lovely breasts and sighed contently.

Grandmamma told us of the delightful boutique she had visited the
previous late afternoon, "Cinderella's" which was bridal boutique. She
said she saw the cutest flower girl dress and said she could just picture
me in the dress if I ever got chance participate in a wedding. Grandmamma
said she was so glad to hear she was going to be able to help in the
comfort of a family that had suffered a loss she told the owner of the
boutique about us, including the whole story of me having left my
suitcase behind and wearing girls' clothes.

Aunt Mary said, "Oh mother you are always doing that telling strangers of
things in your life."

I said, "Grandmamma can I tell you about the dream I had last night?"

"Yes my darling Chrissy."

"I dreamt I was wearing a pink flower girl's dress and I was at a wedding
where there were two brides."

"That's very interesting Chrissy, so you love wearing pretty dresses?"

"More than anything in the world," I gushed.

"Well maybe I should take you to see this dress and then you can see if
it is the same as the one in dream, the dress I saw was pink."

Aunt Mary said, "We can maybe do that later today, we have got some
mansion hunting to do."

Grandmamma said, "Yes can do that, I want to see what you have in mind to
buy dear Mary."

I felt I need to use the toilet and asked Aunt Mary where toilet was.
Grandmamma offered to take me to the toilet; she took my hand after I got
up from her lap and walked me to the toilet. As we entered the toilet
she helped me get my dress up and then helped with my slip and pulled my
panty down for me. I needed to pooh and after I was done with wiping
myself, she took a soft wash cloth and perfumed soap and washed my behind
and then powdered me before pulling my panty up and my slip and dress

We went back into the lounge and Aunt Mary asked if I was properly
cleaned to which Grandmamma replied, "Chrissy is all clean and powdered."

The chauffeur drove us to the real estate office and on our arrival Aunt
Mary invited the agent to come with us in the limousine so she could show
us a few properties. We left and headed for the first property at South
Ocean Boulevard. We came to huge wrought iron gates which Ms. Kennedy
opened using a remote. The property was huge even larger than Aunt Mary's
estate in California. The distance from the gate was about a mile. We
came to the imposing mansion and Ms. Kennedy took us on a tour of the
mansion after she opened the enormous front door. What impressed me was
view all the rooms had of the ocean. You could lie in bed and watch the
sun rise. I liked that especially. The master suite had a fireplace.
Aunt Mary said she was not even going to look at the other properties,
this was perfect, it had sufficient space and it was a dream place to

Back in the limousine we drove to Ms. Kennedy's offices where Aunt Mary
arranged for a wire transfer for the asking price. I wondered just how
rich Aunt Mary was that enabled her to pay the whole asking price.

With the financials all settled we left Ms. Kennedy's and parked outside
Cinderella's Bridal Boutique. Grandmamma Priscilla led the way into the
boutique. I saw the flower girl dress and it was like it was in my dream.

Grandmamma introduced us to the owner of the boutique, Mrs. Beverly

"Beverly this in my daughter Mary Alexander, and Brenda and Chrissy
Reilly, I told you about them the other day, girls this Beverly Guthrie,
the owner."

Beverly said, "So good to meet you lovely ladies, Chrissy you are a
pretty girl."

Thank you Mrs. Guthrie," I said.

"My dear you are such a polite child." She winked at me and continued,
"I just can't believe you are a boy, Mrs. Turnquist told me all about you
and your daddy and brother, I'm so sorry for your loss Mrs. Reilly and

"Thanks Beverly but please call me Brenda."

Mrs. Guthrie said, "Mary your Mum tells me you are going to be moving
here to Palm Beach."

"Yes Beverly that's right we are, I have purchased a mansion on South
Ocean Boulevard."

Two young women came out at that point and Mrs. Guthrie introduced them
to us as Christine and Patricia.



Patricia and I had just come out of the changing room where we had been
trying on bridal lingerie. Beverly introduced the ladies and young girl
to us as the former boy and mother who had lost their father and brother
and the lady who had flown the former boy home to be with her mom.

"Hello Chrissy welcome to Palm Beach, I am also actually a male like
you," I said.


"Ooh that's nice, I love to be a girl and dress in pretty clothes. Aunt
Mary and Carolyn her maid introduced me to wearing girls clothes after I
left my suitcase at school when I went to visit Aunt Mary. She invited me
to her home when the school has renovations done and how did it begin
with you?"


I marvelled at the opportunity that Chrissy had to enter a world of
feminism at a young age and said, "I began to wear my mother's clothes
when I was 12. After leaving school I got my own apartment and began to
buy my own clothes. I did not have confidence to go out till a few days
ago. I won a prize, a wedding dress; I entered a competition for a car
but did not win it, but won the second prize. That's why I am here. My
prize has a condition; I have to wear my dress in actual ceremony.
Patricia asked me to marry her and we were wondering if you would like to
be a flower girl at our wedding. It's to be in about 3 month's time."
Chrissy ran up to me and kissed me on the lips and said, "Oooh Christine
that would be so lovely, you know last night I dreamt of wearing a dress
just like that one over there and I was a wedding with two brides, but
the faces were a bit vague, But I seem to remember they were of older

"Mommy and Beverly here are also going to marry on the same day and I'm
sure they would love to have such a pretty girl as their flower girl too,
we are getting married on the same day."

Beverly joined in and said, "Yes my darling Chrissy we will love you to
have you too as a flower girl."


I felt so great that I was going to take part in a wedding and get the
opportunity to wear such a lovely dress that I had dreamt of.

Grandmamma spoke and said, "Ladies I would love to have you all over to
my house this evening for supper and if you like spend the night, I will
love to have a full house again."."

Christine spoke, "I'm sure I speak for all of us, yes we would love to
come and spend this evening and night with you, your daughter and

I also thought it to be a great idea and looked forward to spend time
with Christine and her mommy, fiancé and Beverly. We left to go back to
Grandmamma's house. On the way there Aunt Mary received a phone call. It
was from Ms. Kennedy to say that Aunt Mary could come and collect the
keys to her new mansion. Aunt Mary instructed the chauffeur to drive us
to Ms. Kennedy's offices.


The lovely trio had left us and Patricia and I headed off for home, on
the way we chatted about the lovely Chrissy, about how fortunate she was
to have the opportunity from a young age to wear girl's clothes, and the
fact that she had support as I did. We arrived home and Mommy was there
already. She told us that she had a bit of news for us. She had been
retrenched and she was glad she had the job at Beverly's shop. It saved
her from having to put in her resignation. We told Mommy of the invite by
Mrs. Turnquist and she was delighted to be able to go. She said she so
wanted to meet Chrissy and her family and to spend some time with them
was a bonus.

Patricia and I packed overnight bags while Mommy went to do the same.
Patricia's phone rang. It was Kathy and she wanted to know if she could
come over to visit. Patricia told her of our plans and thought it would
be fine for her to come over too at least for supper but also to pack a

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