Parallel Blog -4-

Well, I'm late posting the next Incognito. It's done but I want to be an episode or two ahead when I post. Plus, I'm aiming for longer posts, around 2000 words instead of 1200.

But the story is going nicely for me, Drew is easy to write. And the suggestions last time of names for girl-Drew sparked some ideas. ;>

My tendency in writing a story is to go for a moment by moment flow, because in a transformation story, each incident can be significant. But this can turn tedious. I am going to have a jump in time, soon, covering from when they leave the motel in New Mexico till they arrive at the ranch in Arizona. Those are big states so it's not just a cruise to the corner store. ;>

I intend to post chapter 10 tonight and have 11 ready to go by Monday or Tuesday. Three chapters a week looks doable so far. I hope to you have as much fun with the story as I do.


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