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There were two other versions of Kelly Girl before I started and stuck with the one that's posted in several places on the web and available through Lulu as an eBook and paperback.

One of those was a first person account of essentially the same elements in the first few chapters of KG. I liked it but it had a different feel than I wanted. For one, it was difficult to maintain the voice of a precocious twelve-year-old. For another, some of the action I wanted in the story would have to be out of Kelly's sight and I couldn't do that in first person.

But the real problem was the character movement from unwilling but acquiescent accomplice to willing conspirator that I wanted to explore with Kelly. It seemed very difficult to do in first person.

A different story started happening on the edge of my writing consciousness. I made a few notes on this other story. After Kelly Girl finished I went to some other stories, particularly The Fairy King which had a first person narrator who moved from confusion to a kind of celebration through a magical transformation. Or did she?

That story stalled when I actually lost a key chapter and have not successfully recreated it. I worked some on Kelly Girl, Incognito, a sequel to KG, too, but that also stalled due to personal life interfering with my concentration.

While fussing with TFK, I took out my notes on the story I was calling "The Other Kelly". I worked on it, off and on, for the last couple of years. It isn't finished but I'm at the point I want someone else to see what I'm doing. About a year ago, I posted a few chapters on the old version of Fictioneer and got some comments.

So ... the story is now called, "The Incognito Parallel" for reasons that will be explained in story, eventually. Though, not in the first eight chapters, so be patient.

So, TIP is another Kelly story, but a different Kelly. One in which many things are different. Drew Kelley is small, like Kelly Drew, and easily mistaken for a girl, like the original Kelly. But Drew is a more active player in his own destiny than Kelly started out to be.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I'm enjoying writing again.


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