The Parallel Blog -6-

This is a difficult part of the story, next episode effectively ends the beginning of the tale and prepares to enter a more complex middle with new characters and new situations for Drew and his Mom -- or Annie and her sister. ;>

The comments so far on this tale have been very gratifying, both public and private ones. I hope everyone understands that I'm not necessarily going to reply to all of the comments and suggestions directly, but I do appreciate them. And guesses about where I'm going with this are very entertaining and sometimes DO influence at least details of the progression of the story. So, keep those coming. ;>

As Avid Reader pointed out, tornados are pretty rare near Western mountains but the impact on Drew/Annie of what those sirens mean couldn't be greater if they were a storm-warning. Next chapter is going to be difficult to finish, though all the details and their order are clear in my head, already.

This time of year, getting time to write is problematical but on the other hand, it's great therapy and a good excuse when visitors fill the house with noise and busy-ness to have something to do that requires peace and quiet. ;>

If I don't post -16- before Christmas, I want to take the opportunity here to wish everyone Happy Holidays and blessings for the New Year.

Peace and Love,

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