Parallel Blog -7-

Well, the first part of "The Incognito Parallel" is done. Drew is dressed as a girl and on the run with his Mom.

The next part will begin with their arrival at Martha's ranch and meeting the new characters there. There will be a new sub-plot that has nothing to do with baseball. ;> Drew and his mother will have some choices to make that may affect them for the rest of their lives.

I've been enjoying writing this and I hope readers have enjoyed the story. Drew is a spunky character who is a lot of fun to write. This time of year is always a bit nuts for me, so I'm not promising a new chapter before early January.

I'm keeping the chapters short, it's not that hard to write a 2000+ word chapter even if it's written only a couple hundred words at a time. Things will get posted more quickly if I keep it short because one of the time consuming things is editing and rewriting a chapter which takes much longer with longer chapters. ;>

I hope everyone is having a happy Christmas or other holiday and I wish everyone a Happy New Year, too.


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