Question for my readers

Good Morning, all. It's 8 AM, EDT, and I'm sitting on the bed in my room, waiting for my day to begin. Yesterday was quite hectic- with doctors, therapy, my counseling session, and meets and greets with all the staff, my dietician, my social worker, etc. I must apologize, as this kinda sapped my energy (and caused my muse to temporarily run away in fright). I will try to post something today but am not making any firm guarantees. Work continues (albeit slowly) on Prance and my other vignettes.

On another note, I'm a bit confused in regards to the complete lack of comments on my latest parable. Did I completely miss the mark on it? Did I accidentally offend you, my readers? Was it too hard to understand, or did it just not make sense? I really need to know, because I work very hard on these, and want to give you, my faithful readers, something both enjoyable and uplifting, and it appears that I did not in this instance. Please let me know what I can do to make it better, as it was NOT my intent to disappoint any of you so.


* Kisses Always *
Haylee V

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