Essay essay essay!

Depending upon how you say the title, it could almost be the start if a music hall joke, except I've been essaying an essay essay as an essay all day. If that doesn't make sense, neither does most of what I wrote. An essay can be an attempt, a piece of written work shorter than a treatise, a first draft, a trial or an experiment; according to Chamber's.

I am up to my eyeballs pollution in China, for lots of Chinese it goes over their heads. I have a few more days to resolve my dilemma of the essay, not just the exact meaning of the word but a piece of written work. It just so happened my new microscope arrived today, so be prepared to be astonished, that I only checked it was all okay, rather than trying to stick Whizz under it to see what makes her tick. It's what I knew as a dissecting microscope, but these days they call a stereomicroscope because it enables you to see things in three dimensional views unlike compound microscopes which only operate in two. I can see things at magnifications of x10 or x20, which will probably be enough to look at bits of mammal skeletons from owl pellets, which is one of the main things I shall be doing with it.

I don't honestly know if I have the energy to scribble Bike tonight, and I'm out on wednesday to a public meeting on bTB and badger culls in darkest West Darzit, so Bike is likely to be intermittent for the next several days.


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