Interesting new feature on Amazon: Hide Sensitive Activity

So it just came across my twitter feed that "AMAZON IS HIDING LGBT BOOK REVIEWS!", and my knee-jerk reaction was of course, "WHAT?!"

But then I looked into it, and I think I get where Amazon is coming from on this issue. Namely: not everyone who reads LGBT fiction is "out and proud" nor do they want their Trump supporter anti-LGBT sister/cousin/parent/boss who knows their Amazon profile name, to know that they read/reviewed Tiffany and the Amazon Orgy (Just a made up name... I hope :P)

So this is me playing devil's advocate here, while at the same time alerting you guys that this new "feature" exists. If you want your reviews of LGBT fiction to show up you have to go into your privacy settings and untick the little box that says "Hide Sensitive Activity"

I don't know if this is actually new, or if it was just recently discovered that it affects LGBT book reviews, but as I said, it only just crossed my twitter feed.

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