Big Updates for Zoe and Ashleigh

If you were in the middle of reading one of our stories this morning, then you might have noticed some temporary weirdness happening with the organizationals. We, that is Ashleigh and Zoe, have finally unified our author pages into one place so that you can easily access everything we’ve written, instead of having to try and guess which of us posted what and where.

You can find the unified author page at the bottom of this announcement. We would post it right here, on this spot, but we have another, bigger announcement first.

We’re creating a Patreon page! The timing of a blog on the subject is purely coincidental - because we know someone’s going to ask us that. This is actually something we’ve been discussing and planning for quite awhile now.

And to answer the second question, this effectively will not change anything about what we post publically here on TopShelf. Anything that was going to be made public will still be made public. Anything we planned to publish through Doppler Press will be sent that route.

As our stated goal on the new Patreon page says, we’re looking at $600/month to consider writing and indie game development as a full time career. That means more writing gets put out on TopShelf or Doppler Press, and more indie game work sees the light of day.

Right now we’ve decided on four tiers of patronage with the top two being beta access to our stories before they’re ready to be published, a full week in advance per chapter, two weeks if it’s a full novel, and what we’ve dubbed Live Writing which is like Twitch Live Streaming, except that it’s, well, writing!

We collaborate on Google Drive, and issue invites to top tier patrons to come and participate in the creative process, able to offer comments or thoughts, chat with us as we write, etc. In addition, these tiers offer early game access.


Zoe and Ashleigh’s Story Booke Corner Patreon Page

Fan page On The Book of Faces:

@Darkkitten123 (Ashleigh)
@CrystalMystical (Zoe) on Twitter!

Our Joint Author Page!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support over the years. We completely understand that not everyone can afford to support us financially as we try to transition to professional authoring (and game development!), and you won’t be left out. You will still get to read our stories.

This should actually allow us to get more work posted than ever. Without TopShelf, there would be no Zoe and Ashleigh. There would be no Zoe for that matter. We love you all.

Love always,



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