A Friend in Deed, part 2

After a few moments of waiting, Marcus realized Janet wasn’t going to say anything else. “I know I’m short,” Marcus finally said. “But my eyes are not down there.”

Janet snapped her eyes back to Marcus’ face. “Sorry, “she said with a slight blush. “It’s just. . . They’re so big!”

Marcus looked down at her breasts. “You don’t have to tell me,” she sighed. “But what really gets me, is that I had to tell a girl that my eyes are up here.”

Janet’s blush darkened. “I can’t believe I was staring like a boy.”

“I think anybody would stare,” Marcus said as she shifted her shoulders. “These things are heavy. I can’t believe they’re real. Real girls just don’t get this big.”

“Not normally,” Janet said.

“I don’t mean those fake girls you find on the internet,” Marcus said with a roll of her eyes. “I don’t know how you even get on those sites. Don’t you need a credit card to pay for them?”

“My brother,” answered Janet. “And I don’t mean those girls. I mean real women. “

Marcus opened her mouth.

“Women who don’t have implants.”

Marcus closed her mouth.

“Are you sure those women are real.”

“Yes,” nodded Janet. “If you dig long enough, you can find evidence for or against them. The only thing they had in common was their condition. It was called breast hypertrophy.”

Marcus tilted her head in thought. “You’re making that up.”

“No, it’s true,” insisted Janet. “You can Google it yourself, . . . Um. What do I call you now that you’re a girl? I mean, Marcus is a boy’s name.”

“Mom was going to name me Nicole, if I had been born a girl,” Marcus answered. “I guess you could use that name.”

“Nicole, huh? I like it. For now, on, your name is Nicole. As long as you’re a girl that is.”

“Fine,” the newly christened Nicole said. “Now that that’s over, I need to get home.”

“But you just got here! Why do you have to leave already?”

“Because I need to get ready for the dance” Nicole patiently answered. “For some reason, Mom is convinced I can’t get ready in less than four hours.”

Janet looked at the clock and her eyes widened. “Is that the time,” she shouted. She turned back to Nicole. “You need to hurry,” she said. “If we’re lucky, your mom has already made an appointment to have your hair done at the salon.”

“What,” yelped Nicole.

“Hey,” snapped Janet. “I may not be all girly-girl, but I do like to be pampered every now and then.” She sighed. “But I’m not sure you’ll have to the time to get everything done. You really should have done this earlier today.”

“How was I supposed to know girls take a long time to get ready?”

Janet blinked. “You know, that comment doesn’t make any sense now.” She shook her head. “But that doesn’t matter right now. We need to get you back to your home. You need to start getting ready.”

“Fine already,” Nicole moaned. “I’ll go home.” She started patting her pockets. “Um, where are my keys?”

“Probably in your purse,” smirked Janet.

“Purse? What purse.”

Janet pointed. “That one.”

Nicole turned to look to where Janet was pointing, but she turned too fast. Her gigantic breasts kept moving when she stopped turning. Their momentum caused her to spin around and crash into Janet.

“Easy there,” Janet said as she caught the smaller girl. “You are a very top-heavy girl. You can’t just spin around like that.”

“And who’s fault is that,” grumbled Nicole as she regained her balance. “I know it isn’t mine. I wouldn’t have chosen such ridiculous boobs.”

Janet blushed. “Dreams aren’t always practical,” she admitted. “And they’re not always something you can achieve. Sometimes, they’re just something to motivate you to do better.”

“That’s nice. Who told you that?”

“My mom,” Janet answered. “She told me when I told her I was a lesbian.” She sighed. “I was so afraid I would disappoint her. I’m still not sure why she told me that.”

“Well, she is a bit strange.”

“True. And you’re stalling.” Janet pointed. “Get your purse and let’s go. We really don’t have the time to waste. Or, do you not want to go to that dance with me?”

Nicole squared her shoulders. “I said I’d go with you,” she said.

Janet started grinning.

Nicole stared at the taller girl for a moment. “What are you grinning at,” she finally asked.

“You really shouldn’t square your shoulders like that,” she pointed out. “It really makes your boobs stand out. Not that they need that. They stand out enough on their own.”

Nicole blushed and hunched her shoulders. “Janet,” she moaned. “That’s embarrassing.”

Janet sighed. “You’ll have to get used to the stares,” she said. “With as big as you are. Sorry about that. I just wished I knew why you turned out like this. I mean, I know I like really big boobs, but your size is impractical for everyday life. If this was just for sex, then I could understand the size.”

“Wait,” Nicole said. “You don’t fantasize about women with boobs this big?”

“I do,” Janet answered. “But only for sex fantasies. Those are way too big for everyday living.”

“Wait,” the extremely endowed girl began. “If you only fantasize about girls with boobs this big, why am I this big? I should only be what you consider large and sexy.”

“Who says I don’t find them sexy?”

Nicole glared.

Janet backed up a step. “You sure you weren’t born a girl? You definitely have the death glare.”

Nicole glared harder.

“Alright, already,” Janet said. “I have a tit fetish, okay! Are you happy now?”

“I’d be happier if I knew why my boobs are so big,” Nicole answered.

“I don’t’ know. I do know that I like them big.” She looked at Nicole’s breasts. “Maybe not quite that that big. But big. I mean, your size is impractical for regular living. They’d get in the way of anything you try to do.”

Nicole eyes narrowed. “You’ve thought a lot about this, haven’t you?”

“What?” Janet asked defensively. “I have fantasies, you know. I’ll bet your fantasy girls had giant tits too.”

“Don’t you try to change the subject,” Nicole demanded as a light blush covered her cheeks. “We’re not talking about me. We’re talking about you.” She went to cross her arms over her chest. But, she couldn’t find a comfortable position and ended up putting her hands on her hips.

Janet couldn’t help but giggle at the sight.

“I’m happy to amuse you,” growled Nicole. Unfortunately, her growl wasn’t as fearsome as she wanted it to be.

Look, this is getting us nowhere,” Janet said. “Let’s just get you home so you can start getting ready for the dance tonight. Okay?”

Nicole sighed. Janet was right. She really needed to go and get ready. She turned to her purse. Slowly this time. She didn’t want a repeat of the last time. She, then slowly knelt and reached for her purse. “Um,” she blushed. “Can you tell me where my purse is? I can’t find it.”

“M-move y-your hand a l-little to the r-right,” stuttered Janet.

“Are you laughing at me?”

“No,” Janet managed to say. “Why would I do that?” She couldn’t stop the snort as she finished speaking.

“You are laughing at me,” huffed Nicole. “Why are you doing that?”

“I’m sorry,” giggled Janet. “It’s not every day you see a girl with boobs so big she can’t see what’s in front of her.”

“At least you could hand me the purse.”

Giggling, Janet walked to the purse and picked it up. “Do you want some help standing,” she asked her friend. “I’m not sure you can get back up with all that weight.”

“No, thank you,” Nicole said. “I can stand up fine on my own.” Nicole went to stand up, only to find that the weight of her breasts wouldn’t let her. She tried leaning forward, but quickly stopped as she felt herself tipping over. She tried using her arms to keep them close to her body, but that didn’t work either. Finally, she looked around for something she could use to help her stand. The only thing close was Janet. She had her hand out and a huge smile on her face.

“Are you sure you don’t want any help,” she giggled.

Grumbling, Nicole took her friend’s hand. Even with help, Nicole had a tough time getting to her feet. “Don’t even think about it,” she growled at Nicole. “Just give me my purse so I can go home.”

Even though she tried, Janet couldn’t keep from grinning as she handed her temporary girlfriend her purse. “So, what time should I expect you?” Janet asked as Nicole rooted through her purse.

“I don’t know,” Nicole answered. “I’ve never done this before. Um, I guess 8. That’s not too late, is it?”

“No, that’s not too late,” Janet answers. “You should be finished getting ready by then.” She watched Nicole root through her purse for a moment. “What are you looking for?”

“My car keys,” the busty girl said without looking up. “For some reason, I can’t find them.”

Janet studied the shorter girl for a moment. “You may not have car keys,” she finally said.”

Nicole froze. “What?” she asked. “I have to have car keys. I drove here didn’t I?”

“Not exactly,” Janet said with a wince. “I mean, I don’t know much about magic, but with as short as you are, and as big as your breasts are, you may not have been able to drive here.”


“Couldn’t the magic decided that since you’re both so short and so big, that you can’t fit behind a steering wheel,” Janet asked. “I mean, your boobs are bigger than you head! Only porn stars have boobs that big. And they’ve got implants!”

Nicole glared at her friend. “And who’s fault is that,” she demanded. “I know I didn’t ask for these.”

Janet blushed. “You know I like big boobs,” she said. “Even bigger than this, if you want to get picky. But those are just fantasies. I would never want a woman to be this big in real life. For one thing, those have got to be really heavy. And, they’d be a bitch to work around.”

Nicole glared at her friend for a moment before reluctantly agreeing with her. “So, what about me not driving here? You know how hard I worked on getting that car.”

Janet nodded. Marcus had practically built that car. Marcus’ father had salvaged a 1975 Ford Mustang and he and Marcus had worked on it for 2 years. Marcus didn’t expect anything but to spend some time with his dad. The fact that he got the car for his 16th birthday came as a complete surprise.

“Maybe you’ll get your car back after you take of the locket,” Janet said with a wince.

“I am not taking off this locket until after we get back form the dance,” Nicole said flatly. “But you may have a point about my car. I’ll ask my mom when I get home. I’ll call home and see if somebody can come and get me.”

“No,” Janet said. “I’ll take you home. It’s the least I can do. Especially since you’re doing all this for me.”

Nicole looked into her cleavage and sighed. She couldn’t stop the shiver that ran down her spine at the feeling of her breath against her breasts. “Alright,” she said. “Let’s go. I just hope Tammy doesn’t laugh herself to death when she sees me.”

“She’d better not,” growled Janet. “And if she did, I’d remind her that your boobs are bigger than hers.”

“Just what I always wanted,” Nicole said as she rolled her eyes. “Boobs bigger than my sister’s. Come on. I’ve get a date to get ready for. It may be the only time I get you out on a date.”

Once in Janet’s car, Nicole took a few moments to get the seatbelt settled. “Damn seatbelt’s,” she grumbled as she finally snapped it closed.

“All women have that problem,” Janet remarked. “Some just find it more annoying than others.” Nicole huffed and turned to look out the window. Janet just shook her head as she buckled herself in and started the car. “You may want to watch the jiggle as well. As big as you are, I don’t think you’ll enjoy it.”

“And just how am I going to do that?”

“Hold them,” Janet said. “You can either put your arms on top and press them down. Or, you can hold them from the bottom. Personally, I’d like you to hold them from the bottom. But, I’d probably get distracted and crash.”


Janet grinned. “Holding them from the bottom will only stop them from jiggling around. And, with your size, that really won’t stop them from jiggling.”

Nicole glared a Janet for a moment before putting her arms on top of her breasts. She then turned to stare out the window. “Just get me home.”

“Remember,” Janet said. “This was your idea. I didn’t ask you to do this. I wouldn’t have asked you to do this even if I knew you could have done this earlier.”

Nicole sighed. “I know,” she said. “It’s just my boobs are so fucking big! I know you like big boobs. I like big boobs. I just wish I knew why I’m so big.”

“Ask your mom,” Janet said. “You did say you got the pendant from her, right? Maybe she knows why you’re so big. I mean, it can’t be just because I like them big. I would have been perfectly happy if you were only a D-cup.”

Nicole looked down at her chest. “I don’t know,” she said. “D-cups look awfully small now.”

Janet couldn’t help herself. She snorted. “Porn stars look flat next to you,” she said. “And I don’t mean the girl-next-door types, either. I’m talking about the ones with the big implants. They wish they were as big as you.”

“Why now,” Janet asked after a few moments of listening to the radio.

“Huh,” Nicole asked. “’Why now’ what?

“Why did you show me you and your family can do magic now?”

“Oh, that.” Nicole sighed. “You’ve seen the news about the ‘snake girl?’”

“Oh yeah,” nodded Janet. “She’s been on the news for a couple of months now. Wait! You mean she’s real! She’s not some sort of elaborate hoax?”

“She’s real,” Nicole said. “She’s the reason why Mom okayed me telling you about the pendant. Magic is coming back into the world. That ‘snake girl’ is the emissary of the gods.”

Janet couldn’t stop her head from turning and staring at her buxom friend. What she just said was too incredible. It couldn’t be real.

“Eyes front,” snapped Nicole.

Janet snapped her head back around. She saw that she was fast approaching the rear of another car. She slammed on the brakes. The car screeched to a stop. Both girls sat there, panting.

After a moment, Janet caught her breath and pulled over. “Now,” she said once she put the car in park. “When you say ‘gods,’ whose gods are you talking about?”

“All of them,” Nicole said. “Yes, that does include the Judeo-Christian god as well.”

“Why do you think there hasn’t been any miracles for the past few hundred years,” Nicole quietly asked when Janet didn’t say anything. “From what Mom has told me, magic left the world thousands of years ago. The gods fought over what little was left. One god one, and you know which one. That one, banned all magic users. Saying they were either evil, or worshipped evil. He even tried to kill all magical creatures. The only ones that survived were the ones that went into hiding, or submitted to him.”

“But why do all that?”

“Magic had left the world,” Nicole said. “No more was coming in. The magic users and magical creatures used magic. Leaving less for the god. And, without magic, even the gods can’t stay in the world.”

Nicole studied her friend for a moment. “I can understand if you don’t want to go to the dance with me,” she said. “It’s not easy having your world view shaken.”

Janet shook herself. “No,” she said as she put the care back into gear. “We’re going to that dance. And I’m going to rub those stuck up bitches’ faces in your cleavage. And their bastard dates too. Tell me I should die because I’m a lesbian. Fuck them and their god.”

After pulling back in to traffic, Janet gave Nicole a side long look. “Does your religion accept new people?”

“You don’t even know what my religion is,” protested Nicole.

“Does it have anything against lesbians?” Nicole shook her head. “Then it’s okay with me. Too many so-called upstanding Christians hate homosexuals. They tell everybody we’re sexual deviants. Ha! All the rapist I’ve heard about were all straight. Bet they don’t spread that fact around.”

“Okay,” Nicole said. “Calm down. I want to get home in one piece, you know. Besides, our high priest has told us that their god will be having a few words with his followers when he gets back. Apparently, he’s not happy with how his words have been twisted.”

Janet’s eyes widened. Then a wicked grin appeared on her face. She could just see how her friends would react when they heard this. “Any word on when that will happen,” she asked.

“The emissary hasn’t said,” answered the busty girl. “She says that the magic has just now started returning to the world. It needs to build up before any other magical being or creature can return. Mom hopes she doesn’t give a time frame. If people believe their god will return at any moment, they’ll clean up their act all the sooner.”

Janet nodded. “I can see that. Now, about your religion. I’m serious about joining. If not yours, then another. I’m tired of people telling me I’m going to hell because I’m a lesbian.”

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