Tink: A Strange Fairytale 13

Teri flew into her room landing on her bed at a run, if she was going to get to the the F3 meeting on time she had to hurry. Diving into her clothes box it took her a moment to realize that there were some changes to the room.

“Huh, who left the rose bush?” she asked the empty room, flying up to look at a tiny, well tended rose bush sitting on her windowsill.

Finally looking on Theresa's side of the room, she noticed that things had changed there as well, far more drastically than her own side. The clothes were darker, the bed had dark curtains around it, and there were none of the regular posters and books lying around.

“Something's wrong here,” she said flying over to her desk where there was a large box with some writing on it. “Break in case of 4th wall,” she read.

Shrugging, she broke open the top of the box and pulled out a large wooden mallet, spinning in the air she hit something and glass fell to the floor. Flying through the hole in reality she picked up a large manuscript, flipping through it quickly she muttered to herself as she read. “Oh, Mount Everest! The Sahara Desert? A beach party! ICE CREAM! Super villain fights! Aw, that's really sad. Wow, Carson can be REALLY scary. Oh yeah, he deserved the anvil to the face. Wow, that's really sweet. Do I really HAVE to do that, couldn't you settle for a simple maiming?”

Teri put the manuscript down, careful to make sure nothing was revealed to possible onlookers, gave a little cough to clear her throat and adjusted her dress. “Hello everyone. I've just found out that the author of my little story has some REALLY big things in store for me. I MEAN REALLY BIG THINGS!” She scowled at something off to the side, sarcasm dripped from her voice. “Really big, like giving me an actual plot and background. That will be new.”

She squeaked and jumped as if something had poked her in the side. “All right, all right. I'm not the one who just started writing without any clue where I was going. And it's not my fault everyone knew I was awesome so you had to keep writing about me, you should have realized that when we first met." She jumped again. "OK! OK! Ahem, anyways, I'm not sure when it will come out, but the second draft is already written along with lots of little bits that will see me through the first year at Whateley, and it's big, and funny, with just a tiny bit of drama to keep things interesting.”

Looking off to the side again, Teri raised an eyebrow in question. “You call that a tiny bit of drama? Sheesh, please keep me out of your high drama writing, I don't think I'd survive.

“Where was I? Oh yes. Don't worry you won't have too wait too long to see me again, I'll still be showing up as usual in his other stories as soon as the author gets off his emotional angsty butt and gets back to work. And I promise to be back here being my awesome fairy self in a few months, hopefully sooner, but we'll see.” She gave a big wave and blew a kiss at the unseen onlookers.

Turning away, Teri pulled the manuscript back out. “Honestly, you're taking a silly noodle incident and making it-”

The room faded to black, as Teri continued berating the author.

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