Jaye Michael

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I'm at the age where I can say I'm an "X" -- ex-civil servant, ex-clinical psychologist, ex-child-rearer, ex- -- well, you geT the idea.

My stories focus on science fiction and fantasy that involves physical and mental transformations, but I rarely follow the expected trail and may dissapoint readers with some of my endings -- I consider the ones in question to be "realistic" as opposed to "feel-good" endings.

When I write, I try very hard to make the story believable and realistic, often re-writing sections where I don't think it might have actually happened as written. My theory is that the more outrageous the premise, the more important that the events and situations be believable if I want to maintain the reader's "suspension of disbelief."

I also welcome any and all comments, especially those that help me make the story better (and that includes spelling and grammar corrections).

Those few stories not here can be found at: http://www.home.earthlink.net/~jeff_mahr/default.htm.