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Louise Anne

I write my novels for one reason only - because I enjoy doing so. I have no literary ambitions beyond recording, shaping and polishing the stories that have been going round in my head for years past. The fact that others sometimes seem to enjoy reading them is most gratifying and an added bonus to me but is not my main motive in writing them.

My full-length novels are all set in the contemporary United Kingdom or else start out there. They contain no great danger or excitement; there are no vampires, zombies, gangsters, murders, bank heists, car chases or extra-terrestrials but they are about individuals coming to terms with who they really are. They tend to be categorised as 'sweet and sentimental' and have a positive and optimistic outlook, although with some tribulations along the way. They are not autobiographical in any way, but are rather my way of dealing with things 'that might have been' if I'd been born forty years later. I hope you enjoy reading them.

The two short-stories at the end of the list are both pieces of experimental fiction, written for BC competitions. One is a ghost story set in 1930s/40s Norwich, and the other a dystopian view of UK life in the 2090s. I'll leave it to others to decide whether or not they were successful.