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Blessed Holidays and Many Thanks

Blessed Greetings and Many Thanks

While for me it will be Christmas, but I know we're a diverse community and I respect that.

I have been daring to write and post stories here since 2012, I think. I feel indebted to sisters and brothers that dared to write before me. During the years I've learned a bit, though not near perfect. I appreciate the constructive critiquing, encouragement and readers.

In memory of Leelah Josh Alcorn



My heart goes out to all touched by Leelah Josh Alcorn's life and apparent suicide. I pray for others to reach out to those who do understand and accept you. Please don't take your life, no mater how much you are hurting. I am a Christian who believes God is accepting and unconditional love is, unconditional.
May our sisters and brothers as transgender males or females be there for others.
I grieve for those who's faith is too small. Parents even thinking they are right must hurt at such a time.


Hope to hear from You

Welcome to BC; I see we have at least ten new members to BC. I hope you experience it as a community as well as a place to read and be here just for yourself as the need or desire arises. Hearing from one another through story comments or writing to an author is a neat part of BC for me. I read more than I write; I enjoy comments and hearing from others. It helps as a writer and as a person.

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