What I'm currently working on

1:00 PM - Physical and Occupational Therapy until 3-ish
3:30 PM - Scheduled Group Activity
5:00 PM - Dinner

Between outings, I'm working on Chapters 1-3 of Prance, Chapter 3.2 of Demons, Chapter 0 of Smoky Corners: Origins, a chapter of both Crayola Chronicles and Mandela Shift, a Parable (or three, per Samantha's request - yes, I read it, luv :). Parable (and maybe a Tarry Fail) will be up by midnight EDT. Others will (hopefully) be submitted for editing in the next few days.

BTW, my muse is incredibly bored, as am I, thus the flurry of activity. It kinda comes in spurts, as many of my readers know by now.

* Kises Always *
Haylee V

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