Speaking Of Rereading Bailey

Well, while I'm incapacited I've been rereading a number of Bailey's stories, they hold up well in the rereading, if I do say so myself!

I was rereading "Images" and I discovered that Chapter 55 is missing. I checked with Bailey and discovered that not only is 55 missing, Bailey lost the backup when there was a computer crash.

So, with Bailey's kind permission I am asking if anybody has a copy preserved somewhere. If you have it and are willing to share I'll provide you with an email address to send it to. I'll read it privately but I'll send a copy to Bailey. Once she is happy with it then either she or I can post here. While I can post it and put her name on it I'll defer to her judgement as author. It occurs to me that I might be able to find it using the WayBack machine, but my luck there is rotten.

So, if anybody can help us out it would be much appreciated!!! <3

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