So begging for comments works

Apparently. I was getting a bit disappointed in how few comments I was getting to my series River in the latter chapters. Since retiring I have started getting onto a roll, and have several chapters ahead. So I decided to let me readers know that I would post a second chapter this week if I got at least 12 comments. So it is three hours since posting, and normally I would get my first comment about now, or maybe a second one. Today there are 8 (I have made two replies, which don't count).

I have seen other good writers ask for comments at the end of their stories, and I always thought it was kinda cheesy. Now I know it isn't. I wonder if the non-writers out there realize how important comments are to the writers. I have reread the comments through the whole series several times, and it always inspires me.

I don't know about others, but I write about 1000 words an hour. Thus there are three to five hours of writing for each chapter. Then there is rewriting (at least one pass on each chapter) as well as formatting. And in between, my editor Eric goes through each chapter at least twice, and I know that a good editor like him can take as much as half the time I spend in writing in the first place. So I spend about eight hours on a chapter, and Eric, maybe three or four.

A comment takes what, three minutes to write? Non-writers in the community should consider this as their payment for the time we invest as writers and editors.

Dawn Natelle

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