A question for pagans

There are a lot of pagans in the trans community.When someone reveals they are pagan I treat it as something confidential and will not tell anyone else what I know and feel very complimented by their trust. The numbers do surprise me though. I am curious what drew people in. Are there any good online resources to read up on it?My personal belief is awe of this universe(multiverse?)and I am a serious science buff, I became a electronics tech because it struck me as the nearest thing to magic on earth when I was a child.As quantum physics advances it only gets more magical.I believe in the power of prayer and can use all the help I can get.
My roomate is quite open about her beliefs she told someone she would light a candle for her to which they responded "That's witchcraft in shock" Her reply was priceless "Only if it's done correctly!"Me, I'll take the candle and the goodwill.that comes with it.

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