BCTS March Contest: On An Adventure!

Thanks to how successful my last contest was, Miss Erin has given me permission to run another one of these things! As such, it is my pleasure to announce the BCTS contest for March 2016:

On An Adventure!

Who doesn't love a good adventure story? Perhaps you like pirates and escapades on the high seas, or maybe your taste tends more toward the Alan Quartermain school, exploring the darkest depths of the jungle on the hunt for hidden treasure. Maybe you're just a big fan of the Tomb Raider games? No matter what your flavor and flair, now's your chance to tell your story!

The rules are simple: write an adventure-filled story, preferably with TG content (though if it's really good we can let that slide!) You have 10,000 words or less in which to awe us with dramatic sights, heroic protagonists and nefarious villains.

You can start working on your story now, but the submission period for entries doesn't start 'til the 29th. I'm giving more time to prep and write this time 'round than with The Crush, too, so submissions will be accepted through the 12th. Once submissions are complete, readers will have a week to get their kudos in on their favorite stories (voting for multiple entries encouraged, of course!) and on the 19th the votes will be tallied to determine our prize recipients. This time around we have TWO count 'em TWO one-year subs to the Hatbox available for our top two performers, as well as two 3-month subs for our runners-up! That's 30 months worth of prime premium BCTS writin' right there, folks, ripe for the pickin'. Heck, submit a story even if you already have a sub or don't want one, just for fun, and if you win we can pass the prize on down to the next qualifying entrant.

So, to recap:

1. ADVENTURE! In 10k words or less. Complete in one posting please!
2. Submit between February 29th and March 12th
3. Kudos tallied on the 19th, with prizes delivered digitally within 3 days.
4. Top two highest kudo'd stories get a 1 year subscription to the hatbox! Next two runners-up get a 3 month sub each!

Any questions or comments? Feel free to message me here at BCTS, and I'll get back to you as quick as I can.

Write on!

Melanie E.

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