God Bless the Child

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A cop from a family of cops, Chase Milan tries to keep his corner of the world safe. He gets the criminals off the streets of Lebanon, Tennessee, but hasn't had to help their victims rebuild their lives. Until he meets Jeremy Bergeron, whose life has been turned upside down in an act of senseless violence.

God Bless theChild

Only four years old, and already Jeremy's lost everything. Some things he's never had, like love and kindness from his parents. Jeremy suspects dogs might be safer than people, and clings to Chase's K-9 partner. He needs a refuge while his next of kin are found; Chase is willing to bring the boy home to his wife Melissa rather than separate the child from the dog.

Neither Chase nor Melissa have any idea how to help this sensitive and frightened child, but he's only going to be theirs for the weekend...

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This story is 199 words long.