Do I or Don't I?

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I am thinking about self publishing my stories (No, I will not stop posting them here) ;) I am also thinking of building a website to go with it.

Once upon a time I used to have a rather popular website with many helpful tips for CD's and TS's. It was also filled with lots and lots of pictures of myself and my friends but I no longer feel the need to brand everything with my face since it would scare others off. :)

I am not sure I will self publish or build a page but if I do (and I am leaning heavily toward I will), I am wondering if I should put those tips back up? I remember having people I had never met walk up and tell me how they had printed out my tips and they kept them with their 'secret stash'. That always made it worthwhile for me.

But that was almost 10 years ago and there is alot more internet now compared to back then and there are infinitly more places to find help than there used to be. The reason I initially did it was because I didn't know of a single site with that information on it. Now you can find all kinds of youtube videos as well as individual blogs on the subject so my voice would be lost in the crowd.

I am torn.

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