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“The only thing I wanted out of Ovid was out of Ovid.”
“Male–female–it didn’t really matter as long as I got the hell out of Ovid.”


Visitors to a strange town in Oklahoma frequently end up changed.

The Complete Ovid Stories by The Professor now available at the Internet Archive

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With the permission of The Professor, I created an omnibus collection of his Ovid stories, and uploaded them to the Internet Archive. The files are in .ePub, .awz3, .mobi, and .pdx. I'll be looking into what would be involved in making them available via the Nook and Kindle stores as free eBooks. I'm open to suggestions as to other eBook distribution sites that might be likely to be visited by readers of transformation fiction.

Ovid 18: The SEALs


by The Professor (circa 2004)

Ovid’s security has been breached!
A team of SEALs is tasked with discovering Ovid’s secrets,
but are they a match for The Judge?

Ovid 17: The Talking Head

Ovid XVII: The Talking Head

by The Professor (circa 2004)

A television anchorman will risk anything
to become a network correspondent–
but the risk is greater than he ever imagined.


Ovid 16: The Derelict

Ovid XVI: The Derelict

by The Professor (circa 2003)

Bob Wallace was at the end of his rope–
broke, hungry, in need of a drink and about to be murdered
until a strange train and an even stranger passenger
showed him the way to Ovid and a new life.

Ovid 12: The Rescuer

Ovid XII: The Rescuer

by The Professor (circa 2001)

Jeff Bradshaw is feeling frustrated, trapped in
what he sees as a dead-end job as a corporate programmer.
The receipt of an email though, takes his life in a new direction.

Ovid 11: The Bigot

Ovid XI: The Bigot

by The Professor (circa 2000)

Allen and Dan learn firsthand what it means
to be on the ‘other side of the fence’
when their inappropriate racial remarks
earn them a visit with The Judge.


Ovid 10: The Academician

Ovid X: The Academician

by The Professor (circa 2000)

Noted archaeological professor Thomas Winslow has uncovered what may be one of the greatest historical findings of all time. But when the tabloid press runs a sensational story about his findings, the good professor finds himself on the hot seat with his university. Forced to drive across country to defend his findings, a winter storm forces Professor Winslow to take a route through the small town of Ovid, and that causes him to see history in a whole new light.

Ovid 09: The Private Eye

Ovid IX: The Private Eye

by The Professor (circa 1999)

Jeff Riley comes to Ovid looking for a man who absconded with thirty million.
He winds up as an attractive black woman with a husband and child.
Solving the case proves to be more dangerous than she imagined.


Ovid 08: The Team

Ovid VIII: The Team

by The Professor (circa 1999)

A trip down memory lane to the beginnings of Ovid
where a college football team faces changed lives
after their plane develops engine trouble.

Ovid 07: The Director

Ovid VII: The Director

by The Professor (circa 1999)

Phil Malone flies to Ovid to produce another porno flick.
However, he is caught with his personal stash of coke
and brought before the Judge. Phil finds that breaking laws
in Ovid is a little different to anyplace else.


Ovid 06: The Developer

Ovid VI: The Developer

by The Professor (circa 1998)

A real estate mogul who wants to change Ovid
is stopped by the ‘good’ Judge.

The mogul’s son is changed
and given a new chance at life.

Ovid 05: The Jet Jockey

Ovid V: The Jet Jockey

by The Professor (circa 1998)

Navy jet jockey Rich Baxter is recruited to find some spies
who plan to steal the design of a special computer chip.
He needs a new undercover identity and becomes
Mike Donovan, civilian test pilot.
Wait, in Ovid that will never do... he really needs
a new identity for this mission!


Ovid 04: The Bank Robbers

Ovid IV: The Bank Robbers

by The Professor (circa 1998)

Bobby Joe’s long lost and almost forgotten bad brother
returns to his life and forces him into a series of bank robberies.
But in a twist of fate, the Ovid Judge steps in
with a purpose and a plan.

Ovid 02: The Lawyer

Ovid II: The Lawyer

by The Professor (circa 1998)

A successful and famous lawyer
hauled before the Judge for speeding,
is transformed into a female attorney in Ovid.
Can he meet the conditions of his probation
and be returned to his former existence?

Ovid 01: Shortcut Through Ovid

Ovid I: Shortcut Through Ovid

by The Professor (circa 1998)

Four college boys driving to a football game
take a shortcut and all end up with
new lives in a strange town.

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