Little Ones by Angel

The Dream Part 1 Chapter 2

I came to in another room. I was alone and scared out of my mind. I had no clue as to where I was, or if anybody knew, I was awake. I couldn’t move again and I could only see the ceiling in my room. I guess I woke up when I heard a familiar voice raised in anger. I couldn’t quite understand what was said, but there was a lot of noise then a door closed. I heard snickering and laughter as the sound faded. Eventually I found the call button and managed to press it. The quiet room suddenly burst with activity as a nurse, a doctor and some other people came running in. I found out that I was at Primary Children’s Hospital back in Salt Lake City, and I was back in the ICU.

The Dream - My History

Ok, I know I’m a little backwards and I should have started from the beginning not where the dream kicks in, sorry about that. I started out this tale in Northern Salt Lake City Utah at the North Star Elementary but had to move due to two problems.

The Dream Part 1

‘Princess? Now I’m confused. I know I’m a boy, but did Mom just call me Princess?’ I opened my eyes, expecting to see my blue room with Spiderman posters on the wall, but was shocked to see Barbie posters, Faeries, and horses on PINK walls. Looking down at my bed, I found I was in a pink toddler bed with Tinkerbelle sheets and a pink comforter with Tinkerbelle looking happy on it. Shaking that off I looked at my clothes. I had gone to sleep wearing my blue Spiderman shorts and top, but woke up wearing a long shirt with little ponies on it..

Dress Up Day

Dress Up Day

By Angel O’Hare

We have a tradition at school that I’ve always hated. Dress Up Day is a monthly event, and both the boys and girls are expected to dress in their best on these days. That isn’t all either, we also have to address each other as either Mister or Miss, follow the strictest rules of etiquette, and be both mannerly and respectful of each other along with our teachers and any other adults visiting our school that day.

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