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Gaby Book 10 Chapter *37* Pegged


Chapter *37*

Well it wasn't as outrageously bad as the night before, Jess was to be the centre of attraction this evening after all. Still I could've done without looking like a reject from Fame although I was thankful that it did a thorough job of offering a smoke screen as to my identity. Manda was also suitably toned down leaving Jess to dominate our threesome. We set off to eat - I am so not missing the pie tonight!

Gaby Book 10 Chapter *32* Canned Heat


Chapter *32*Canned Heat

The following morning's ride was pretty straightforward, no specific aims, no special requirements. Despite that it was a much more disciplined affair than when we started last week, we formed up into a rotation without prompting, no one trying to burst the pack or shying from their turn. That's not to say it wasn't a hard ride, we headed across to Glossop before turning south over some fairly tough climbs to Chapel en le Frith before heading back towards Manchester.

Gaby Book 10 Chapter *31* Pattern Break


Chapter *31*Pattern Break

Tuesday was back to the daily formula of ride, lunch, lecture, gym that we've so easily got used to. It was after dinner that our (tor) mentors threw the proverbial spanner into what we expected.

Gaby Book 10 Chapter *29* Ticking Off


Chapter *29*Ticking Off

"Get that luv." Gran prompted, the house phone had started ringing as she opened the door.

I grabbed the phone and on reflex answered, "Bond Residenz, Gaby sprechen."

Gaby Book 10 Chapter *28* Granddaughter


Chapter *28*


I was vaguely aware of a car parking nearby as Mand and I had our short exchange.

“Come on you two, Caroline will have my guts for garters if you get colds.”

Gaby Book 10 Chapter *16* Drew Delivers


Chapter *16*

Drew Delivers

It really isn't that far back to the Peters place from Bern's and given the attack on Helen not so long ago it probably wouldn't be the wisest thing to walk, by myself, at silly o'clock in the morning. Besides my current garb is not exactly warm and there was a distinct cold draught when Julie left a few minutes ago.

Gaby Book 10 Chapter *15* Who's The Mommy?


Chapter *15*

Who's The Mommy?

"So," Julie started after checking Bern over, "everything seems to be in order, baby's not quite ready to make an appearance but I don't think we'll be long."

Gaby Book 10 Chapter *14* Bernies Back


Chapter *14*

Bernies Back

I'm not sure what I expected; some shaven headed lag with LOVE HATE tattooed across the knuckles perhaps. The reality of course is that Bern was just Bern, bigger of course, junior isn't far off making an appearance, but Bern nevertheless.

Gaby Book 10 Chapter *13* Cheering Stuff


Chapter *13*

Cheering Stuff

Jess' routine wasn't long, maybe five minutes, forming just one part of a fifteen minute routine involving several other skaters. It was meant to be fun but even so she managed to include some pretty technical and intricate moves including a tricky blade walk that left me in awe of her skills. Despite what she'd said earlier there is just no way I could ever do stuff like that.

Gaby Book 10 Chapter *11* Fast Friends


Chapter *11*

Fast Friends

Whilst a ride this morning was pretty much obligatory, I reckon that last night's exertions let me off from anything too strenuous. There's a nice little loop up to Clowne so I headed out up the S ixty towards Cuckney where I took the A616 towards Creswell. The road bobbles about a bit before dropping down the ‘Mad Mile' to the village; even at stupid o'clock in the morning they're doing their best to kill themselves with dodgy overtaking and too high speed. Some have clearly succeeded judging by the collection of mini shrines along the verge.

Gaby Book 10 Chapter *6* Not In H&M

Chapter *6*

Not In H&M

Not that a wee is a bad thing but it wasn't high on my priority list, still if the girls need a lav who am I to delay things. Although Warsop College has broken for the summer, the same is not true for Nottingham so the number of teens on the streets was pretty low. One thing though which marked my friends out from those that were about was their conservative dress.

Gaby Book 10 Chapter *5* Ganging Up

Chapter *5*

Ganging Up

I've no idea what time I dropped off and to be honest I was still feeling quite maudlin when I thumped the stop button on my alarm a little after six Monday morning. With the sun streaming in through a gap in the curtains there was no reason not to go training and a good ride would work wonders in sorting my head out. I wasn't the first up this morning though, by the sounds of it, Uncle John was getting ready for work downstairs.

Gaby Book 10 Chapter *1* Close Call

Chapter *1*

Close Call

The silly old moo had pulled into the middle of the road, which left me a narrow gap kerbside to head for. There was no time to think about it, flick to the right, hold on tight, BANG! That's her mirror gone. I hadn't even finished passing her before an even loader noise rent the air. Instinctively I hopped onto the pavement and anchored to a slightly panicked halt.

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *40* Consequences

Chapter *40*


The trip to France had been brilliant, Dave and Josef hit it off and the pair of them ha d spent both evenings in the hotel bar, Drew occupied himself by wheedling his way into the Tour ‘enclosure' a couple of kilometres along the road . The second day of their visit was a mountain time trial back up the Tourmalet so it was a rare 2-night stop for the caravan.

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *38* Conspicuous

Chapter *38*


Rooms and luggage sorted out, it was time for some action.

"So, a couple of hours in the city then back to the Messe to register?" I confirmed.

"Sounds good." Steffi agreed.

" Let's do it!" Anna enthused.

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *37* Dance, Dance, Dance

Chapter *37*

Dance, Dance, Dance

The end of term dance, not something you can miss but it's a bit weird too as some people won't be back after the summer, moving on to college or different schools, some even starting work. All my friends will be back but there are people I know who won't so this could be the last time our paths cross.

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *36* Testing Times

Chapter *36*

Testing Times

“Change of plan for tomorrow.” Dad offered as we slipped onto the autobahn.

“How so?”

“Well I've been asked if you pair would ride the two-up rather than the solo event.”

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *35* Model For A Day

Chapter *35*

Model For A Day

"So what exactly are we doing?" I pretty much huffed as we stood on a windswept platform in Dusseldorf Hauptbahnhof.

"Shopping, I did tell you – you didn't have to come."

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *33* Food for Thought

Chapter *33*

Food for Thought

I can't believe I just did that, I actually invited someone to have dinner with us who is a) not in my inner circle and b) is a boy. T hat sounds a bit weird I suppose but whilst Max is a friend, I guess, you don't normally invite random individuals to lunch , at least not in my book.

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *32* Nougat

Chapter *32*


All I can say is that thankfully it wasn't some sort of meringue! It was, as tradition dictates, white, with a certain amount of lace. On the other hand it failed to reach my knees, was teamed with white hold-ups and sandals with a stupid 8cm heel!

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *31* The Angel Gabrielle

Chapter *31*

The Angel Gabrielle

As you might imagine, the rest of the week was a real drag — let me rephrase that, it wasn't that the week was any worse than usual, rather the weekend seemed to take forever to arrive. With no race this weekend my training schedule was less intensive so the highlight, if you can call it that was Friday's Gardetanz practice.

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *30* Best Of Elf

Chapter *30*

Best Of Elf

Dad and me were invited back for dinner so instead of finding a local restaurant we piled into the bus and Dad headed us via a slightly more scenic route back towards Wuppertal and beyond the extra mile or two to Mettmann.

"Dinner will be about an hour," Angela told us, "take a walk or something."

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *29* Olpe and Away!

Chapter *29*

Olpe and Away!

You would have thought he might have learnt something from our previous encounter, but clearly not hence I'm the champ and he's an also ran. We turned left in the village to start lap two and now my ire was well ire-y. There wasn't really any way of telegraphing my new game plan to Roni but I'm pretty sure she won't be content to just sit back in the bunch with a holding brief.

Gaby Book 9 Chapter *27* Plan C

Chapter *27*

Plan C

“So Drew, how are you feeling?” Doctor Fischer enquired.

Me, Mum and Dad were seated opposite him in a sort of lounge attached to the department, a cup of coffee in front of each of us, which I kept sipping to calm my nerves.


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