Physically Forced

Two Wrongs

Two Wrongs

When Clarissa's best friend Allison tells her that she had been raped, Clarissa decides that it is time for someone to learn a lesson. This story was originally written and posted in 2004

Amazing Grace - Chapter 5

Guilty as charged!

Guilty as charged!

Fiction by Johnny Cumlately

Part 1. My sentence.

Despite my pleas of innocence, I was found guilty of rape. It had always been regarded as a very serious crime and this was still true in the third decade of the 21st century. The mandatory sentence, however, had recently changed dramatically as more efforts were made to ensure that criminals did not re-offend. This is my version of what happened.

Forced To Be A Girl


This is a different tale that sprang up while I was cooking dinner. It is a single short story. This story may hurt you. Reader beware.

Michelle was confused. People kept asking or calling for someone named Mikey. She would sit day after day in the living room playing with her older sister and her barbies or tea.

Accidental Mother

Accidental Mother
By Stanman63
Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing And Nora Adrienne for editing
Synopsis: After the accident that turned Adrien Renee Calhoun into a girl, she married her best friend Ryan Foster, not expecting the Blessing of Motherhood.

The Pink ops 2

Look I have no interest in this type of story

Of course I have a choice..

Oh you think so do you..

Let that go! That's mine you can't....

Okay fine! But I am doing this under protest!

I was huddled in the corner of the room as usual. I heard the door open and someone entered.

"Jessie?" I know that voice.

"James?" hope beyond hope.

"Yes Jessie its me."came the gentle reply of my former dormmate.

I got up and looked for him. There was James Patterson just in the entrance of my prison cell. I ran to him and clutched him like a liferaft of hope.

An orphan tale

It’s late at night as a small figure moves across the grounds of a lavish estate, the house is a classical Victorian sat right smack dab in the middle of ten beautiful acres of well maintained gardens.

The Mercy Seat -1-

Author's note-the song is not mine and I make no money from it.

It all began when they took me from my home
And put me on Death Row,
A crime for which I am totally innocent, you know.

Not Death Row anymore, but Swap Row, but many prisoners prefer to call it
by the old name, as the result is the same. When you go to the swap chair
, also known colloquially as the "mercy seat" you may not be fried as in
the electric chairs of old, but you'll still die. A total identity death
with all your memories changed to that of your victim and your very body

Shawn the Maiden Chapter 8

Shawn the Maiden

Book 1
Chapter 8
By Princess

The young son of a rich powerful man is abused by his step family after his father marries a manipulative woman. They subject him to horrible cruelty

Shawn the Maiden Chapter 7

Shawn the Maiden
Book 1

Chapter 7

By Princess

The young son of a rich powerful man is abused by his step family after his father marries a manipulative woman. They subject him to horrible cruelty


The Replacement -3-

I stepped out of the shower, smelling like the "Spring Rain" body wash I
had gotten too accustomed to using. I put on the strapless bra and
French-cut panties -- both virginal white.

Finally, I looked at the dress. It was surprisingly heavy, and rustled
as I maneuvered into it. The hem fell lightly, slightly above my knees.
The waist was close enough to make me look rather thin and slender, and a
bit of rouching went upward from the waist before spreading to line the
bust. There were a couple of straps, but they were rather thin. A small

The Replacement -2-

"Amber, what are you doing? Anything you could use to cut off your GPS
bangle, cut yourself or hurt others has been taken away until you can be
trusted, Princess. I want you to come to the fruit shop with me hand in
hand and we can buy some tasty fruit together, no need to wear a coat, it
is summertime and people would stare at you," Helen said, taking my hand.
"Oh, and the controller button is set on a 10 and I have it with me so
don't try and escape or call for help or you will get the shock of your
life, young lady."

With a firm grip Helen pulled me, her faux daughter,

The Replacement -1-

It had taken a lot of bribes, just to get hold of him. And then the surgery had cost a lot more, but for the parents, it was worth it to have their Amber back again. They knew that he would not want to replace her, which was why they had implanted a little electro-shock device into him for training purposes. As well as that, a bangle that *she* could not take off contained a GPS device so they would know where their little princess was at all times. They waited for *her* to wake so they could attach the hair extensions and tell *her* her fate.

Shawn the Maiden Chapter 6

Shawn the Maiden

Book 1

Chapter 6

By Princess

The young son of a rich and powerful business man struggles to survive the cruelty of his step family. The son, now forced to live as a female named Joan, finds that his power is growing. How will he overcome his persecutors?

Shawn the Maiden Chapter 5

Shawn the Maiden

Book 1

Chapter 5

By Princess

The young son of a powerful business man is set up by his evil step family. He is set up, charged and is sent to endure a humiliating treatment by the totalitarian state in which they live in. Sentenced to be feminized, he meets some unlikely allies. And he meets the last person in his life he thought he would ever meet.


Shawn the Maiden Chapter 4

Shawn the Maiden

By Princess

Book 1
Chapter 4

The son of a rich businessman is set up by his evil step sisters who are plotting against him. He is sentenced to a cruel forced feminization program by a judge in the corrupt regime they live in. His step family's cruelty is taken to a new level. Can he survive?


Harry Potter and the Curse of the Emerald Witch - Part V



Heather quickly sat upright in her bed, panting heavily. She was completely drenched in sweat from head to toe. The amulet beneath her night dress was glowing brighter than ever, pulsing and pounding like a beating heart against her chest. She placed her hand on her chest as she tried to catch up with her breath. For a moment she thought she was hyperventilating. Then, she thought she was dying.

‘’Oh no,’’ gasped Heather. ‘’No, no, no!’’

Shawn the Maiden Chapter 3

Shawn the Maiden

Book 1
Chapter 3

By Princess

The young son of a powerful business man is set up by his greedy cruel step sisters when his father marries. The punishment for his arrogance is worse than he ever imagined. The cruelty of the nation he lives in becomes too clear to him. He is put to trial by a corrupt judicial system and he sees the true cruelty of his step sisters. Can he endure it?


Wings of the Butterfly!: The Trailer.

This is not a full story. It is thoughts for a new one presented in a somewhat different fashion. I had a story idea while up to my armpits in another. Instead of writing an outline to preserve the basics, because of all the summer blockbusters trailers I've seen lately I decided to try and do it in a movie trailer style.

Boys Will Be Boys - 9

Boys Will Be Boys
by Saless
Chapter 9 — Verdict

Last time...
"Your honor, I believe there is a bit more to this recording that might help to clear things up for everyone." Mr. Darvin said. The judge gave him the go ahead to play the rest of the recording. Aunt Karen looked smug, probably figuring she'd won. She even glared at me with a smile, which was a weird combination if you ask me. But the smile went away fast!

On the recording I was watching aunt Karen leave the room. I waited for a few seconds and then dropped the doll and ran up to the camera, "If anybody sees this, please help me! She made me say all that stuff, and wear these clothes. I don't want to be a girl, I like being a guy! Look what she did!" In the recording I pulled my dress up so you could see all the bruises on my stomach and chest. They were pretty ugly looking, worse than I realized, really. I pulled it down real quick and look to make sure aunt Karen wasn't there before continuing.

"My aunt is crazy! Please, if anybody sees this, GET ME OUT OF HERE!" I said in the recording.

Entertainment for the Troops

Entertainment for the troops



The invasion happened unexpectantly, we woke up and found that several hundred thousand enemy troops had invaded our small country as to why we never knew. Our own troops had been stretched to limit for the few years fighting in other countries supposedly in the name of peace under the United Nations and NATO.

The Maid

I giggled as I raised the spinning mower blade all the way up and put it into forward. In front of me the Gardener laid vainly trying to roll out of the way. He wouldn’t make it. Absolutely amazing the poisons found in ordinary household products.

Wild Magic 17

This is a bit rougher than my usual story, and it's not what I had planned to put in here. This part came to me while I was in the hospital. I don't plan to keep it this rough, but...

I was sitting on our sofa, in the dark. Mom’s candles burned on the mantle, giving a golden light to the room. I felt very good, and my date was busy, her head bobbing into my crotch, my right hand pushing her down on my cock.

Boys Will Be Boys - 8

Boys Will Be Boys
by Saless
Chapter 8 — Surprise!

Last time...
She smiled fondly down at me for a minute before she finally answered, "I'm just worried about this trial. It looks like it's going to be really rough for you. And I'm also worried that Karen might get away with this."

I laughed a little before the pain stopped me. Then I had to take a moment to get my breath back before I could answer, "Don't worry about that Mom. Mr. Darvin has a great plan! It's a secret for now, though. He doesn't want anyone but the two of us to know what he's got up his sleeve so nobody can let it slip on accident or through their reactions or something."

"Are you sure John?" she asked.

I nodded emphatically, "Oh yeah, I'm sure! Trust me, Mom, we've got aunt Karen right where we want her. But yeah, the trial itself is probably going to suck. At least until we get to the good part." I knew I'd probably end up crying again when I testified, but I was willing to put up with the embarrassment. Especially knowing we had an ace up our sleeve!

The Princess of the Desert -- Chapter 9

The Princess of the Desert

By Melodie Thomas

Edited by Holly Hart

Chapter 9

Saturday, May 2, 2009
My mind was totally scrambled by the time we left the crime scene, only fifteen minutes after we arrived. Smith led me back out to the waiting SUV, and we were off to the airport again. The Lear Jet took off only minutes after we boarded, heading to Washington D.C.

The seats in the Lear were arranged with four seats around a fixed table. There were four of these table/chair sets on the jet.

Harry Potter and the Curse of the Emerald Witch - Part IV


For a moment, nothing happened and the full feeling was freed from her mind. She thought she had beaten The Emerald Curse. Suddenly, the amulet chain tightened and began to squeeze tightly on her throat. She tried to pull it off as it dug into her skin but it was much too strong. She trashed about the place, gasping for air, wrenching and choking.

"The old man must DIE!’’ screamed Alys.

"Arrrrrgh!’’ croaked Heather, pleading for Alys to stop.

The Princess of the Desert -- Chapter 8

Read Readers,

Here is chapter 8 of my story. The next couple of chapters may be delayed for a few days as I am finding a need, and desire, to take some vacation time. I will continue to work on the story, but the work will take a little longer to complete.


The Princess of the Desert

By Melodie Thomas

Edited by Holly Hart

Chapter 8

The Princess of the Desert -- Chapter 7

The Princess of the Desert

By Melodie Thomas

Edited by Holly Hart

Chapter 7

Monday March 2, 2009]
Both Tina and I were in the office this afternoon for the trafficking case conference call which was scheduled to start in about a half hour. For the past couple of hours, I had been going over the case notes again to make sure we did not miss something, and we had all the gaps filled before the call.

“Tina, play sounding board for me on this.”

532 Part 2


Author's note: There is hope on the horizon for Belle. Some more darkness, so beware. Not explicit, but it is essential to the tale.

Chapter 3

Cerberus found out the location of the next gathering. He would mention to the police about the “festivities”. These people were guilty, but the law could handle them. They wouldn’t be delivered to the Ferryman tonight. This time.

532 Part 1


Author's note: The first few chapters involve a kidnapping and forced transformation. There is some bondage, and a nasty dominant, but it is NOT the focus of the story. There will also be some use of French in the story. English that is italicized is just the characters speaking translated French. You'll get the hang of it! :)

Chapter 1

The boy woke from his sleep. The room was dark, and a little bit cold. He felt around the bed. He knew he was naked, and the sheet that covered him was not nearly enough to keep him warm.

The Party of the Century

*Her story*

“All this food and nothing that looks good...” I muttered under my breath. What I really needed was to go to sleep. I had been up for much too long as it was already, but I had that report to finish for my class later in the morning. “Operation: Fix the Munchies is a failure, Huston. Over and out.”

The Princess of the Desert -- Chapter 6

The Princess of the Desert

By Melodie Thomas

Edited by Holly Hart

Chapter 6

Sunday, February 1, 2009
The weekly conference calls on the trafficking cases have continued regardless of the lack of new information coming to light. Occasionally a new something will be added from Washington from a source that is described as ‘victim memory’ but those memories have not added much value so far.


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