Lesbian Fantasy

My Super Secret Life...Villain-14.

My Super Secret Life…Villain-14.

Chapter 14


We’re staring at each other…she’s ignoring her entourage and not willing to break the staring until I focus and focus on her eyes and I can feel that almost psi-touchy thing of this intensity coming off of her.

She’s not trying to read me but it’s more like I can feel her focus on me.

I…was going for that a little motive hidden in why I’m so focused on her eyes…I do a telekinetic brush of her lashes.

She twitches and flinches and rubs her eyes.

Then the glare when she realizes I got past her.

~You blinked. ~

“C’mon Link I’m done here. I never was one for playing with Barbies.”

“Oh…that’s a gang down here y’know.”

We’re walking and that, that made me laugh.

*And Now…………

Snakes and Ladders-27

Snakes and Ladders-27

Previously on………

Okay…I take a breath and built up my own power.

I hear them freak out and panic when those mooring things sizzle and pop and the boat starts to bob and move just floating on it’s own and I concentrate and let loose and slam my spell semi into the right side boat-wing thingy and the ship goes spinning in a fast circle in the hall hitting people, cargo falling off, people falling off before it gets wedged nose to tail sideways in the hall.

Then I’m in Final Fantasy meets Star Wars as spells are going up and off and arrows are flying and blasters are opening fire in the dark here from both sides.

Illisia casts some thing and this knights buckler made of energy and golden light with all these glyphs and symbols hit my arm and latches to it.

I pull my sword and fire it up and it does this energy whine as it does like a hawk cry at its prey and I run into the fight taking hits to the mage shield.

I’m not sure why but I yell. “Drop your arms in the name of the king!”

And Now……………

Chapter 27

My Super Secret Life...Scarlet-15.

My Super Secret Life…Scarlet-15.

Chapter 15

I take a few sips of my water and I check myself out in the mirror and try to ignore the looks for the other girls there. Honestly I’m sort of glad for the Scarlet super-heroine thing, I’m actually very comfortable in the leotard I’m wearing even though I’m still getting uses to the skirt they have us wearing with it and the legwarmers.

“Next!” The stage manager yells. “Thirty seven!”

Oops that’s me.

I go out on the stage and it’s bright they’re shining the house lights down on us and I can’t see the people in charge. I hear another voice. “Okay start!”

“Uhm…high I’m doing…” I get cut off by some woman out in the seats.

“We’ll figure it out, just start!”

Evanescence 26

Evanescence 26


I see Alecia moving through the crowd and the place is packed…I think I see some people from back in school her and others too. There’s a lot more people here than I though there’d be
She stops in front of a VIP section of the club and she’s talking to this guy that looks like Raphael…but he’s not at the power spot in the table. There’s a very gangland looking guy there Hispanic with lots of tattoos and another to the other side that is vamp pale and he’s smoking meth from a pipe…blood red meth…his eyes vamp over then there’s a shimmer of that green in there and in the eyes of the Hispanic fellow too. His eyes go slitted.

Alecia reaches for something and she pulls out a baggy?

She pours the stuff inside out from the bag and it falls in an ashy swirl.
The music stops and every vamp there just went fangs out.
Oh shit…

The fop guy I’m pretty sure that’s Raphael get’s up and goes for Alecia and they’re into the crowd on the floor snarling. The other vamp gets up to interfere and Jill’s walking in towards them like the effing Terminator with two guns in her hands and she’s shooting the vamp or was until he starts moving fast and the Hispanic guy get’s uhm…scaly…like a snake and rushes Jill. Sloan’s in his grill after tossing a smoke grenade behind the bar?

And all hell’s breaking loose now.

Shit, shit, shit… “Alecia! We need him alive!

And Now……..

Snakes and Ladders-26

Snakes and Ladders-26

This was hard to come back to. I started this as a present to Wren who had very quickly found herself a place as a dear friend in my heart. I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to put another one out and they’ll be coming out probably infrequently so I hope everyone is patient and understanding.

Wren…. We love you, we miss you.

Chapter 26


“No, you’ll be protected.” She passes me the sword in that knightly over her wrist way.

“Wren, you are Erendae, Wren Phoenix yes and I’m here able to unspell this warded box on this mission and theirs is a blade form and you think that this wasn’t something the gods set into motion? This blade was meant to be your sword Wren.”

I take it and stare at it and step back and charge it up and there’s this red-gold light that shines out of the bird decoration with raptors scree and its glowing red…and there’s little tufts of flames coming off of it.

I’m not even hot holding it.

I’m not sure about the whole gods thing since I’m kind of a Christian but this…this looks a whole lot like one of those flaming swords that an angel might have had.
I’m kind of scared of this and yet…

Was this meant for me? Is this a sign?

I have good people here looking at me and nodding like this is.

I cut the power. And look up? “I’ll try; I’ll do my best to keep them safe.”

*And Now……..

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-29

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-29


And she seems to have recovered from her talk with mom and we’re sitting close together hip to hip with all this sweet eye contact and feeding each other choice bits off our plates and sucking on fingers in this amazingly sexual semi-lesbian thing.

I can feel her thinking of my fingers touching her and being inside of her but I’m picturing the feel of her girl delicate fingers wrapping around my cock in almost the same intimate way.


Oh yes…the want of the feel of the pads of her fingers the heat of her touch in so a personal way and place has me so turned on.

And the feeling too of how much she wants to touch and hold and caress my breasts and I want that too…oh I’m getting so aware of my breasts, of the sexuality of being Sh’uan.

“God Kaylee…this, us…I really want to be alone with you.”

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-28

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-28

Chapter 28

I was a little worried still with the whole Shy and Jax thing but if Shy’s doing anything then I can’t feel it but Jax is sort of…he’s treating Shy like a mix of me and Hill. He’s still being him and being a rude butt and all that but he’s not perving on her anymore. He’s treating her like a girl but also like me so…a girl that he has no mouth to brain filter for and is acting as gross and stuff with like shy’s just one of the guys.

Okay…I so think I had something else in mind and I might have gotten more than a little freaked out by Cheyenne doing that whole martial arts powers thing. I mean its one thing to watch it on a movie or TV but to actually see someone do stuff like that guy from the movie. “I am Number 4.” Is really kind of freaky in real life.

And I’m an alien, still human but I’m an alien from another dimension.

So if I’m jumping to conclusions then that’s sort of why.

What a good boy...Chapter 22

What a good boy…chapter 22

It’s a powerful thing feeling what I’m feeling as Jamey is walking just behind me following me and my sway as we go down the hall. I can feel his eyes on me as we get to the end of the hall. I stop at the intersection part by the lobby. “Which way?”

“Left I’m in the five hundreds…uhm five-oh-two.”

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-27

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-27

Chapter 27

We’re into the second batch of blueberry ice cream that old Mrs. Anderson had made for us when the cops showed up. Kaylee’s sticking close to me enough that I’m holding her and trying to sort of radiate comfort and that I’ve got her and its safe now, to her with my powers.

She’s leaning right into me with her weight right into my boobs pressing them into hers and it’s so on purpose too. and jeeze I really want to be with her and yet I want to be with Shy after what happened and her being that amazing and there’s another part that’s upset that I kinda froze and got scared and all girly about these guys and the way they seen me sexually and wanted actually wanted me freaked out and scared by that and that well…had me… freaked out.

What a good boy...Chapter 20

What A good boy…Chapter 20

Chapter 20

It’s been an odd week with what happened between Frankie and me and learning all about her and her and I having that whole watershed moment together. I really have been thinking a lot about that and we’ve been so tempted I think of hooking up like the first time in the closet again but she looks scared…and lonely and longing.

And thinking about that has sort of cut into some of the sneak away urges that I’ve had with Sophie and Gwen.

Bridges 35

Bridges 35

Chapter 35

I’m smiling as I make it over to the house as quick as I can and stumble inside and kicking my boots off at random the thuds making her giggle on the other end of the phone.

“You’re home?”

“Yes baby I’m home.” I smile into the phone as I’m trying to climb stairs and she clothes at the same time.

“I head the door and your boots.”

Tribe of the Mountains Chapter 17 – Seduction

Tribe of the Mountains
Chapter 17 — Seduction

In Thebes, "free women" is the name given to all women that do not have a proper father or husband to protect them. They can`t have lands, but some few banks accept their money. The taxes are very high though, so many of them keep money stashes where they can. Most end depending on a male relative to live, or on a pimp.

Nowadays there is one exception, a woman adept of magic. If she is good enough she may be allowed to have money in any bank and to own land. But this new rule is not accepted by all and long judiciary battles where their male relatives try to confiscate the money are usual. Of course, a powerful female mage can be very persuasive and make her relative to drop the cause. After all, as everyone knows, people sometimes simply disappear.

X-Why-Me...Chapter 11

X-Why-Me…Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Kira bit her lower lip. “I like you Emily, I do I like you a lot…and I’m…I’m attracted to you…I know that this is maybe a shock to you or maybe not but I want to get to know you better….if that’s just as friends great but…you deserve to know that I’ve been kind of crushing on you a little since we met…”

The attack had really messed Emily up and she had a few bruises and they were pretty bad but that night when she’d gotten home it just kept popping up. How pissed they were and how much Jack and Trent wanted to really hurt her.

And then there was Matt showing up and being so darned great…and saved her.

But Kira too, she dropped everything she was doing and rushed to her and then she’d pretty much admitted she liked Emily.

Tribe of the Mountains Chapter 15 - Traveling

Tribe of the Mountains
Chapter 15 — Traveling

Thebes was created as a trading post between the two halves of the northern continent. Even with the tribes occupying the grasslands it was easier to carry goods by ship to Thebes and then, by caravan to Magdan then crossing the mountains.

There are, of course, other passages north, mostly in the vicinity of the internal sea controlled by the Romanish empire. Rivers flow to that sea, and some of them almost cross the continent. Almost is the key word here, the whole continent is divided in two by the mountains and they get bigger as you go north so that a distance that looks small in a map proves to be full of ups and downs in real life.

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-25

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-25

Chapter 25

I wipe some of the sweat away from my forehead and take a drink from my water bottle. “Wow…my back…” I look over to Shy who’s way ahead of all of us in their row. Jax is pulling grassy bits out of his rake.

“Y’know for someone that’s never raked a blueberry in her life she’s likely the best raker I’ve seen since dad.”

That’s likely because Shy’s mimicking him.

“Yeah, she’s….”

“Into you which sucks for me.”


“What? Cheyenne’s likely the easiest damned girl that I’ve ever talked to. Well besides you Dylan.”

Tribe of the Mountains Chapter 14 – Stealth?

Tribe of the Mountains
Chapter 14 — Stealth?

You ask me about the times of the lingering death.

Nobody else talks about this, isn`t it?

They are wrong, we must pass the horror onward lest our city forgets.

The plague that destroyed half the city it is called.

A lie.

Tribe of the Mountains Chapter 13 – No Mercy.

cidades mundo fantasia2.jpgTribe of the Mountains Chapter 13 — No Mercy.

Yep, we still have two sexes and yes, the girls with sperm are also known as y girls or simply y here in the tribe.

OK, I admit, it counts. A girl tend to look at a y girl as a partner and vice versa. The ability to have children together counts a lot.
But y girls transformed at a young age are not stronger than our normal girls. And even among the ones who were transformed at more advanced ages cases like that of Erica are unusual.

To the depths to this!!! Look, I am stronger than any other save Erica and I am small and fast, much faster than her. This kind of thing kills any kind of discrimination for a job or separation of tasks by gender.
For what matters guys, we have two sexes, but only one gender.

Now, lets forget this complex shit and drink some more of that new wine that Anora`s people have been brewing.

As registered by Linda Basteter in:
My Mother, the Drunk Philosopher.
Note: Only when drunk.

First copied by the mountains academy scribes, in the year 110 AG.

X-Why-Me...Chapter 10

X-Why-Me…Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Things went from black to this fuzzy grey and Emily could smell something sweet yet not cloying this really lovely almost mixture or flowers, citrus and vanilla…Kira’s perfume.

But it was after school?

After school.

Jack and the asshole…

Grabbing her, trying to grab her! Oh my god they were going to!

“Aaah!!!” She sat up with a scream and planted her face into Kira’s shirt and cleavage.

Tribe of the Mountains Chapter 10 – Love and War.


Tribe of the Mountains Chapter 10 — Love and War.

What leads someone to treason, rape, murder.
How deep can a man or woman fall into the trappings of self servitude and greed?

Of course these questions are important, essential even to an organized society.
But there are times when you must send it all to the depths and judge a person only by the consequences of his/her actions.
These times are always the darkest ones.

Anora the first.
Philosophical musings.

What a good boy...Chapter 18

What a good boy…chapter 18

Chapter 18

I slowly wake to this so amazing sensation of having wet lips on my Vee and feel this tongue inside of me as the pleasure pressure builds in me and I have this gentle slow orgasm.

I’m inhaling and my eyes flicker open and I’m laying on top of Gwen mostly my head pillowed on her amazingly firm yet soft sexy breasts. Which means…Sophie’s between my legs making me all squishy gooey with her chocolate lips.

Tribe of the Mountains Chapter 9 – Expanding and Converting.

Tribe of the Mountains Chapter 9 — Expanding and Converting.

Kids, you have a choice.
Not much of a choice some of you say, but you have it.
Forget the pressure from our society.
You know that your mothers will keep contact one way or the other.
Go to your rooms today.
Do I want to be a man, a woman or one of the tribe?
You had all your life up to this moment to decide, but think a little more.
You have one week.
Use it.

Linda Basteter
Discourse to the children of the Tribe at their thirteenth birthday.

Tribe of the Mountains Chapter 8 – How to be a Man.

Tribe of the Mountains
Chapter 8
How to be a Man

For centuries the Free People were the only ones able to survive in the space between the northern and southern mountain ranges. The poor yellowish grassland was full of weirdly shaped small hills, deformed beasts and poisonous plants. Not that the land was completely devoid of it's blessings though, it had a huge diversity of animals living both above and below ground and a kind twisted ironwood tree so strong that nowadays a few of the wagons made using it remain, as if untouched by time.In this land they not only survived but thrived. They killed the worst of the monsters, learned to shape the hard wood and learned the hard way what to eat and what to avoid.

For a while things seemed to be getting better, the land was less poisonous, the monsters were defeated and feared man. The numbers of the people started to increase. Their neighbors, the soft people of the cities, were considered weak and easy to plunder.

Pride really comes before the fall.

Merinda Anorier
Notes from Classes at the Mountains Academy

Tribe of the Mountains Chapter 7 – A Fresh Start

IMG_1064.jpg Chapter 7 — A Fresh Start

Some say that the Tribe is just a group of indistinct clones, that we think the same, do the same, that joining us is to lose what makes you human.

Of course this is not so, or we would not be useful to anyone.
Least of all to ourselves.

Merinda Anorier
Notes from Classes at the Mountains Academy

The Tribe of the Mountains – Chapter 6 – The Blessed Ones


How do you convince a heterosexual male to become a woman?
Well, a heterosexual male will do almost anything for a woman.

From the teachings of the blessed ones as originally kept in the Library of the Mountains.

The Tribe of the Mountains – Chapter 5 – The Goddess

IMG_1127.jpgThe Tribe of the Mountains — Chapter 5 — The Goddess

God or devil, spirit or creature, male or female, usually the distinction is easy to make and it is utilitarian.
If it is powerful and helps me it is a God.
If it is powerful and hinders me it is a Devil.
If it does not have flesh but was never a human being, it is a spirit.
If it has flesh, is a creature.
If has a penis and can`t bear children is a male.
If has a vagina and can get pregnant is female.

But what happens when all definitions get mixed up? When male does not have a penis but still can`t get pregnant, when a god has flesh and has its own objectives, sometimes helping, sometimes hindering my work?
Can our minds survive the chaos? Can it become Kaos, the creative force of mythology?

From the teachings of the blessed ones as originally kept in the Library of the Mountains.

The Tribe of the Mountains – Chapter 4 – Daylight?

The Tribe of the Mountains — Chapter 4 — Daylight?

From the Seventh Sermon to the Dead — Written by Young (real life)

Man is a portal that allow us to go, from the external world of gods demons and souls into the interior world; from the bigger world to the smallest one. Small and insignificant is man; soon we leave him behind and so we enter again in the infinite space in the microcosm, in the interior reality.

The Tribe of the Montains - Chapter 3 – Hammocks and Mysteries

Chapter 3 — Hammocks and Mysteries

IMG_0512.jpg There are two ways to survive a night in the woods:

- Keep your fire hot and sit close to it. Remember to wake up and feed the fire or build a huge fire capable of lasting the night.
- Tie a hammock to many of the thinnest branches of a tree, so that a jaguar can`t reach you without breaking a branch and falling. You need to be a good climber to use this one.

The second way is more complicated, but was used by many travelers in the past, with usual success. Or, perhaps, we simply never learn of the ones that fail.

Merinda Anorier
Notes from Classes at the Mountains Academy

X-Why-Me...Chapter 8

X-Why-Me…Chapter 8

Chapter 8

It was a few stares and a bit of quiet for the rest of the bus ride home. She got off the bus with Angie. She shouldered her backpack and started up the lane. Angie wasn’t too long coming up from behind huffing from trying to catch up.


“Hey, how was you’re day?”

“Not as interesting as yours.”

“So you guys heard it too huh?”

“About how my sister’s a lesbian?”

The Tribe of the Mountains - Chapter 1

The Wolf Tribe of the Free People is being destroyed.
Their last survivors are fleeing for their lives.
But amid the chaos a girl sees her hopes rising.
And, sometimes an end is just a new beginning in disguise.

But SHE waits for her children.

X-Why-Me...Chapter 7

X-Why-Me…Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Oh she really knew she shouldn’t be laughing. If she was smart she’d just leave Kira to twist in the wind.

But she just couldn’t do that. She wasn’t like that and not only wouldn’t do that she really never’d do that to Kira.

She ate the sushi.

And she was thinking more and more that she might like Sushi too.

Jem...Chapter 64

Jem…Chapter 64

Chapter 64

Her hands…even though it’s just through the bra and the silicone touch me and hold my “breasts” and there’s this sensation that is just…and the way she looks and oh my god her eyes are just so amazing.

So “Shine on you crazy diamond.”

What a good boy...Chapter 14

What a good boy…Chapter 14

Chapter 14

My dad looks at me then at my mom and he rolls his eyes and says

. “I’m going to the living room. I love you both but I am not mentally prepared in any way shape or form to have my wife talking to my son about sex toys.”

It’s almost funny except that I kind of am right with him on this one. Some things y’know just should have barriers.

Not with mom.

“Come lets take these things to your room.”

“Okay…this is more than a little weird.”

What a good boy...Chapter 13

What a good boy…Chapter 13

Chapter 13

I walk to class with Gwen and Sophie and she’s so looking at me. Gwen does this side shift and then I’m walking between these two hot girls. Sophie’s looking at me as we head in from the halls to the cafeteria and Sophie’s getting us coffee’s while Gwen is getting some fresh cookies. The caf makes cookies in the morning and sells them all day but they’re best when they’re done in the morning.



Chapter 15

I gasp a little happy gasp as Brandy does this thing to me. She spends time kissing and tonguing out my navel?

I’m still new at intimacy so I’ve never heard of this and there’s this sort of feeling it sort of not feeling it thing at first.

If you’re wondering…take a finger and trace your belly button. Then wet your finger, close you eyes and do it again.

Now picture nibbling teeth, warm lips, and a curious tongue.

And then her hands and nails sliding up my body and cupping my tiny breasts in her hands and kneading them gently.

Snakes and Ladders-22

Snakes and Ladders-22

Chapter 22


I look to where they are coming from and really these things are scary as hell especially when you think about the sheer size of something ten feet tall yeah like another two feet over the ceilings in most houses then add it the bulk…add huge muscles, fangs and tusks and armor and huge weapons and make them pretty damned fast and it’s a really scary sight.

There’s people opening fire on them and most of the spell weapon attacks are barely slowing them down.

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-20

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-20

Chapter 20


Okay I’m seeing Kaylee and I don’t really know Shy at all and I’m just…well you ever meet one of those people that just impacts with you. Shy is so doing that with me. I’m not even sure what it is about her other than the fact I really want to say Him when I’m thinking of them.

Snakes and Ladders-21

Snakes and Ladders-21

Chapter 21

I’m a little freaked by jumping into this sucking hole in the air but I steel my nerves and jump into the thing and sort of try to prepare myself for the whole thing.

There’s this pause barely there but enough that you know that it happened then you’re sucked through to the other side with this fastest roller coaster ride ever and you see everything you pass by or through too fast to track but like the pause something in your head tells you yes…this happened.

Snakes and Ladders-20...part two.

Snakes and Ladders-20…part two.

I take a deep breath. This is strange for us, me not being able to see or feel something though the bond between us and I can tell its bothering Shaya too. I look over at her as she’s slipping into her armor and she has this sort of turning things over in her head expression.

“You can’t show me these things?”

“No, I swore a spell oath a form of secrecy magic.”


“Well…” she sort of smiles as she’s sliding some of her knives into her sheathes.


Sweet Dreams-36 The first cut is the Deepest.

Sweet Dreams …36 The first cut is the Deepest.

Chapter 36


I wake feeling that wonderful spacey feeling that I get from having afterglow and really great sex. The lights are still on and I’m cuddled up…I’m cuddled up naked with my best friend Cindy who I just had sex with.

The First Queen in the Village 11B - caution!

The First Queen in the Village 11B - caution!

by WannabeGinger

Taking things easy, Christopher and Astrid were enjoying their day of research into the proclivities of their neighbours in the village. Coffee had set them both up, as had the talk about having sex. Unsaid, both resolved that they would fore-go lunch and head for home before the joys of the afternoon.

Explicit details are contained in this chapter, so CAUTION if it might offend you.

Vampyre 5.

Vampyre 5.

Chapter 5

Donna and I get some pretty strange looks as we walk into the IHOP together we’re both pretty filthy, there’s dried blood and dirt from the fight and the ashes and torn clothes and if that wasn’t enough Donna’s holding my hand.

The few rednecks without the brain power to just let people be people are sort of choking on their remarks because yeah…go ahead be a redneck homophobe to an officer of the law.

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-17

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-17

Chapter 17

I actually lead Kaylee into the ladies room and we actually use the facilities when she does this cute sniffly. “I have to pee.”

I do the same and yeah I sat and I wiped.

Okay, girly stuff aside guys should wipe. Shaking it’s fine in the woods but even shaking there’s drips and more and more to me that’s kinda eeew. Not in my clothes. Okay I know that’s the new me talking but hey. It’s not a bad habit to get into.

I come out and get washed up with Kaylee joining me and she takes out her purse and starts to try to repair the damage. I reach out and take the wipe from her. “Hey, hold still.”

I cradle her face and start using the wipe to clear off her make up trying to do this in this slow caring romantic way. I’m kind of winging the whole lesbian romantic gesture thing. I actually love this…not just like it but taking my time, being gentle and the eye contact mixed with that bit of trust.

I love this feeling…


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