Superhero Twins: Chapter 1

This is a fan fiction of a mix of Whateley and The Center by Lillith Langtree. Mostly in The Center Universe. This is a fan fiction so I will break some of the rules as the Whateley Universe has different rules concerning mutants.

Sean "Port" Porter is helping his crew clear a building when the impossible happens. He ports in on another world and comes face to face with himself. Only this version just turned into a girl. He wants to get home, but without any other mutants his chance to find a booster are impossible or are they?

Broken Phoenix Chapter 3

Chapter 3:

Amanda goes into her office and sits in her chair.

“My oh my what a day!”

*She then picks up her phone and dials up her husband.*

“Hey hun how’s you’re day been today?” Amanda’s husband asks.

“Oh it was great, and I have a surprise for you when you get home tomorrow.”

“Oh really? Well I can’t wait to see it.”

“By the way, you’ll be doing some assembling when u get home.”

“Ok hun that’s no big deal I figured I’d have to do something now that it’s spring.”

“Well hun I love you and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

In Too Deep - Ch 30-34

  • Dana and Sloan have a heart to heart chat.
  • Thomas Dern learns about Sloan's upcoming audition.
  • Taylor Sloane earns a reward from Ms. Sharp.
  • Miss Taylor Sloane has an exciting day of shopping.
  • Thomas calls in his dogs and Danielle gets nervous, while Brandin Sleeps In.

Hello David 6

David, awkward around boys and unable to fit into their rough
and tumble activities, had felt much more at home with girls and their
generally gentler pursuits. By the time he was seven he’d developed a deep
longing to be one of them and detested the body he’d been born with.

Connie decided to take matters into her own hands and
become the girl that she knew she was supposed to be!

Hello David
Chapter 6

by Sydney Moya

Copyright © 2012,2014 Sydney Moya
All Rights Reserved.

Quoth the Raven Chapter 1 It Begins

Quoth The Raven
by Jennifer Sue
Chapter 1: It Begins

During the Friday after Thanksgiving fifteen year old Jane Raven was working in the family restaurant just like she did nearly every day. The pretty girl had become quiet and shy since she’d been drugged and date raped. As the second trimester was coming to an end, the increasingly active child inside filled her with love and concern for the child. She was at the cash register having just finished ringing up a customer when loud voices echoed throughout the dining area.

Atalanta at Whateley: School Days Chapters 31

What the rescuers find when the morning comes. Probably some more campfire tales!

This chapter ends this second book. The next one is being written. I want to thank Bill and Asheligh for their help and to those that PM'd me. I also want to thank everyone for reading and your comments.

Atalanta at Whateley: School Days Chapters 29

As Atalanta prepares for another run up the Devil's Washboard and Christmas Eve day's festivities she borrows a horse and goes exploring the forest. Later at the party....

Atalanta at Whateley: School Days Chapters 27

I'm sorry I seem unable to post a chapter on a regular time table but some many things are claiming my time. I do appreciate that you have stayed involved in the story. In this chapter Sam takes Atalanta to spend Christmas on the Reservation with the Donners. It is a quiet chapter but things always seems to happen when Atalanta is around. I do hope you enjoy this story.


Atalanta at Whateley: School Days Chapters 26

I want to thank Bill and Asheligh for their help and encouragement and to the readers and their comments. It really is appreciated. I hope to get into regular postings--one or two chapters a week.

Dr. Bellows suggests a class change for Atalanta. Atalanta and Hank sit on the steps at Poe until Mrs. Horton runs them inside. Atalanta and Manny talk about Whateley and later she has a talk with her mom and we learn a little more about Audhilde.

Atalanta at Whateley: School Days Chapters 25

I'm sorry I never meant to be this late posting the next chapter. I know how irritating it can be to be reading a story and have it go missing for a month and you have go back and read up. The fallout from my daddy's passing and one sister's refusal to talk sucked all creative energy from my heart.

Last week I started writing a trashy erotic story that I have no intention of posting in its current version but there's nothing like sex and sex scenes to spark my creative muse.. Again I apologize for the delay and will finish the posting for this book in the next two weeks.

As a gentle reminder in the last Chapter Atalanta was introduced to the Medawihla Indians who she is to spend Christmas with. While there she almost creates a diplomatic incident when she almost kills a visiting Were Moose and ends with the group back on school grounds.

Back at the school Mrs. Carson gets a call and a visitor and Atalanta reconnects with an old friend.


John lay on his bed wishing it would go away. Not the bed. That thing at his crotch. It was bad enough just having it there. But it had started growing a bit. That was a bad sign, he really wasn't looking forward to puberty. But at least he hadn't started getting hairy yet. Except for small patch just above it.

It was probably wishful thinking, but he thought he was growing a little bit up top. From what he'd read on the web, it was probably just gynecomastia, but he'd take what he could get.

Atalanta at Whateley: School Days Chapters 24

While I have a few minutes of down time I thought to post an additional chapter. I'd like to say that I can return to a regular habit of a chapter every few days but I just don't know. Writing and posting Atalanta's Story has been a type of therapy so I appreciate that you like the story. I also want to thank Bill Durr who encouraged me and Ashleigh.

Atalanta, Sam, Nikki, and Hank visit the Medawhiia tribe and as usual something happens unexpected. As usual Atalanta finds herself in the mix of something she didn't start.

Atalanta at Whateley: School Days Chapters 23

Sorry that I haven't posted but my daddy passed on the day that I posted the last chapter. It has been a surreal week and a half.

Atalanta has tests more tests that raises more questions than they answer. More plans are laid.

Atalanta at Whateley: School Days Chapters 22

I'm posting this earlier while I have some time. Atalanta starts her class assessments and meets Dr. Bellows for the first time. She also meets a group of bullies and ends up with more face time in security. And she make the acquaintance of Mr. Hawthorne! I hope you enjoy this chapter.

Just a Normal Girl 8

Sensei Tolman has me working with a staff. She figures the skills I showed with the field hockey stick will transfer more easily.

After watching someone else plant the end of their staff and use it as a pivot point I got an idea.

Which is why I'm out here on my roller blades with my helmet, elbow and knee pads and the rest.

Yep.I can use the staff to do different maneuvers. A bit painful learning what I can't do with it while on skates. At least nobody was around to see me mess up.

Atalanta at Whateley: School Days Chapters 21

I meant to post this chapter on Monday but my hear wasn't in it. My daddy was brought home under hospice care on Tuesday and it is only a matter of time. This a shorter chapter and I will try and post the next chapter tomorrow or Monday.

Mrs. Carson makes some calls and Atalanta gains a running partner. Hope you enjoy this chapter.

Just a Normal Girl 7

Costuming got strange today.

One of the other girls was designing an outfit that had an armored breastplate. She'd designed it with the typical armored cups for her breasts.

This lead to a long lecture from Mrs. Ryan.

Seems that this is a horribly bad idea. She explained that doing it that way means that a strong impact on your chest gets focused into the area between the cups. Which can lead to a shattered sternum or worse.

So even if it looks funny, the "uniboob" look is safer.

Just a Normal Girl 6

Well, I've got a costume now.

Costuming class was a bit odd at first, but what the heck. It wasn't that hard. And I could use an "easy" class or two.

I went with the skintight bodysuit as a base. With strategic reinforcing. After one of the other kids let slip something about the combat finals, I got serious about reinforcing things and making sure I could still move well while getting some protection.

Plus, it'll be easy to hide under a lot of my clothes.

Atalanta at Whateley: School Days Chapters 20

Atalanta clears up a misunderstanding and answers some questions. Meanwhile Mrs. Carson reaches out to learn all she can about Atalanta and makes her plans. I hope you enjoy this chapter.

Morgan 7


We'd barely gotten on the bus when my phone and Chris's started going off.

I grabbed mine and I had a text from Sally. "Looking hot bro!" with an attached pic. I pulled up the photo.

Oh god. It was me in the hall outside English, right after Chris had given me that kiss and hug. My shorts had been a lot tighter than I thought after that kiss. My cock looked huge and my boobs were prominent as well. Looked like my nipples were hard enough to cut glass, even through the top.

I texted back "Where did you get that?"

Sally's response was "you're all over Facebook and Tumblr"

"I'm doomed."

Chris looked up from her phone.

"Somebody told you about the posts?"

I just backed up a bit and showed her the pic.

"My sister sent me that."

"Wow. That looks better than you did before I kissed you."

"Not helping."

"I wonder if the pic is good enough to blow up to poster size?"

"Really not helping."

"Aww. You'd look great on my bedroom wall."

"Yeah right up until your mom & dad see it. Then I'm dead and you'll be grounded for life."

Chris gave it some thought. "Nah, probably only grounded until college."

I made a face. "I'll still be dead though."

"Dad wouldn't do that. He'd probably just maim you a little."

Atalanta at Whateley: School Days Chapters 19

I meant to post this chapter Friday but I was sidetracked writing the sequel. I tend to immerse myself in my writing and it takes me time to emerge from it and dry off. And I do want to thank Bill for his encouragement and editing book one and Ashleigh for her editing this sequel.

Atalanta is tested for her powers and the results are mixed and surprising. She also reveals her code-name and drops a bombshell on Bardue and Nikki.

Atalanta at Whateley: School Days Chapters 16, 17, & 18

These three chapters are a little longer than ideal but the next chapter is about the same size as these three but it seems like a logical place to pause. Atalanta meets fellow Poe residents, her first meal in Crystal Hall where she exchanges greetings with a bully. Mrs. Carson flexes her authority and accuses her of being an artist. Her testing results are mixed and unpredictable. I hope you all enjoy these chapters.

Atalanta at Whateley: School Days Chapters 14 & 15

Warning Disclaimer: This is the very first story I ever wrote and it was written about 5 years ago and completely reworked three times. The last version is to make this story naturally flow from the first book. I tried to be accurate in the WU but I've learned at lot about Whateley since then but as I was focused on telling the story it never entered my mind to review Whateley physics/facts and my editors weren't familiar with it either . Until it was brought to my attention. As such there maybe errors but I've worried this story to death as it is and I hope it is not too much of a distraction.

Mrs. Carson and Atalanta reach an understanding and Atalanta is taken on a condensed tour of the school.

Atalanta at Whateley: School Days Chapter 11, 12 & 13

I really appreciate the help that I received in writing Atalanta and to y'all for reading it. The pic is a one off I wanted to show a older version with a hint of bad girl thrown in and this is the best I could find.

A plan doesn't go as expected and Atalanta receives support for her meeting with Mrs. Carson.

Atalanta at Whateley: School Days Chapter 10

I want to thank everyone that helped me with this story. And I also want to thank everyone for reading and kind comments. Believe me they are appreciated especially this one as I have wavered between three versions.

In this chapter Harvard leads Atalanta to meet new friends and school days draws closer.

Atalanta at Whateley: School Days Chapter 9

I meant to post this Saturday but life kept getting in the way. Mostly though its myself as I want to rewrite it again. Again I want to thank all the people that helped me.

Plans are being put in place while Atalanta goes exploring.

Havens Salvation Stave 2 ch 14-1 The Phantom Queens Gambit

Castle In the Sky

Editorial salvation by djkauf
Who patiently repairs my mistakes, any ones found are my responsibility alone.
Creative Consultancy by Bailey Summers, and my two girls Anna and Crystal

Dedicated to

Ms Mary Adelaide Wilkinson
my mother who dragged me all over the back roads of Colorado bringing those historical souls back to life


My two deceased friends Stewart Hills and Karlen Ann Wannop who watch over me from the other side of the veil, all three of us labored in each others behalf and became better for it.
With out all of the efforts from the above this story would never seen the light of an audience


Castle in the SKY.


“Betty my lass worry not, ye have been blessed with acceptance by the land its self, THE LAND itself has chosen to bond with you in the strongest of ways. The last to have that happen was well before my time. Oh my Betty this is a ,very ,very powerful omen, it also points to something else I think I need to communicate with Mom on this before I say any more. But ye have nay anything to be worried about James, is plugging the holes that let the rats in and your more than able to take care of your self again with Alease's help,and ye children be safe with Lilly and Melissa. so take the day off have a good dinner with your kids and enjoy your good fortune.”

“You do have a way of putting me at ease Fay; thank you very much I think I need to lie down until the kids get home from school, there has been too much happening for my nerves to follow.”

I bid Betty a good day and immediately started to plan what I would need to prepare the gift I think will set her feelings right. With the earth being so plastic and cooperative at this time it is the perfect time to do this for her she will just squeal for joy when we surprise her. Mom is going to love this I just know.

Atalanta at Whateley: School Days Chapter 7 & 8

Again I want to thank my co-conspirators in getting this story posted. I'm not sure if I need to mention that this is copyrighted and the characters are from my imagination.

The plan starts to come together and Atalanta finds she has more resources that she thought. This offering has some explanation and one of my favorite scenes. See if you can guess that scene; I believe that is starts to give some insight into who she is.

Atalanta at Whateley: School Days Chapter 3 - 6

Again I want to thank everyone who helped get this far; Bill for his encouragement, thanks to Ashleigh for editing and Todd for reading it. I've included an image of her that I feel captures her her spirit in the wild.

Atalanta makes camp and reaches out to an old friend for help.

Atalanta at Whateley: School Days Chapter 1

I am sorry it has taken me so long to post this continuation of Atalanta's Story. I had much of it wrote a year ago but this has been written almost from scratch three times. I has to slap myself from a fourth. I want to thank Ashleigh for editing it and to Bill who helped me in the early stages of this story. And to Todd who read it. I hoped I have not missed thanking or shortchanging anyone. If I did accept my apologies. I guess I should add this is copywrited material.

Atalanta arrives at the train depot to find...

Celestial! - Chapter 3

Lady Blaise ©2015

I don’t know if it was loyalty or stubbornness that had motivated me to still go with it. Loyalty or stubbornness that made me continue our quest to adopt a child.

Abnormalies Part 2


Part 2

Back at the base.

“This is a base message for all residents with children between the age of 12 and half and 13. There will be a general meeting in the main conference room in 30 minutes.”

“Oh well, love. Guess this means us and Twitch. They did mention that when she got old enough we would be invited to a meeting with the guardians.”

“I guess we will find out about or baby then. God, I hope they have some good news.”

“So do I love, so do I.”

Abnormalies Part 1


Part 1

The year is 2150, the populace of Earth had to give up fossil fuels years ago due the ozone nearly being depleted. This is where my tails start. My name is Twitchy, yeah really weird name, but I’ll get to reason why shortly. In the late 2000’s when people started to notice it was getting hotter and hotter every month. The scientists discovered the problem with the ozone, their readings were well off and it was nearly gone. The world’s leaders all got together and immediately stopped the extraction of fossil fuels. This meant we had to implement the programmes that was already developed, but the fuel companies did not want them released, as they controlled enough corrupt officials to stop it actually coming to fruition.

A prisoner in my own mind 3

A prisoner in my own mind

Sydney Moya

(c)2015-All rights reserved


Ashley touches an alien artifact one day and an alien invades his body with incredible results.

Chapter 3

Ashley had never felt so powerless. He was literally trapped in his own mind, unable to control his body which was being run by an alien called Jav intent on turning his body female so that he could reproduce.


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