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White Witch Chapter 2

White Witch




White Witch Sigil

The White Witch is the most powerful spell caster on earth, Rachael Aurora and her Apprentice will be pushed to their limits. Satyr, undead, shape shifters, Magic users, and a host of Mythological creatures will befriend her or Attack her which is friend and which is Foe. The fate of all life on the planet hangs on The White Witch finding the Green Mother's Fountain.

White Witch Chapter 1

White Witch




Witch Sigil

The White Witch is the most powerful spell caster on earth, Rachael Aurora and her Apprentice will be pushed to their limits. Satyr, undead, shape shifters, Magic users, and a host of Mythological creatures will befriend her or Attack her which is friend and which is Foe. The fate of all life on the planet hangs on The White Witch finding the Green Mother's Scepter.

Unexpected Sex 1

My ex-girlfriend hadn't changed since I'd last seen her. She was still slim and, while not exceptionally curvy, definitely with enough curves in the right places. She was also definitely dressed to impress, wearing a yellow summer dress that went well with her shapely, caramel-colored legs and contrasted nicely with her well-brushed jet-black hair, her legs crossed as she was sitting on the bed.

"Hi," I said.
"So you made it," she answered.
"I guess so. You look great."

Road Trip

Road Trip
By Ellie Dauber
Copyright 2000

Six fun-loving college boys on a road trip to New Orleans for Spring Break, but, when they have car trouble on a flooded Louisiana back road, they find themselves spending an eventful night at a little hotel located in the TWILIGHT ZONE.

The trip home. part 12 (Conclusion)

Promptly at ten thirty on Thursday morning Beth was sitting in the chair in Professor Tandy's office a tea cup nearby. Beth had come prepared this time with a cup of tea of her own.

The Heir

The Heir

When 16 year old Josh's aunt dies, he is surprised to be named as her sole heir. He is even more surprised to discover exactly what that means. This story was originally written and posted in 2005.

The Morpheus Collective

The Morpheus Collective

This story was published way back about 1999 on another site. It's repeated here for the first time, and hopefully, everyone will find this as entertaining as I did when I wrote it.

Resistance is Futile. Prepare to be Assimilated ...


MAU: Trekkin' Along

MAU: Trekkin' Along

Synopsis: This tale continues the adventures of Danni — a 'victim' of the Morphic Adaptation Unit who now resembles the Seven of Nine, down to functional Borg implants!

[email protected]

This story was previously posted to another site, and to the TG Fiction newsgroup. It is here on Big Closet for the first time. Enjoy. There are two more Trek stories done waiting their turn, and I'm working on another sequel.





Julie O




Features characters from The Julieverse

Normally the nightmare ends when you wake up. For Rob, he was about to discover that it was just the beginning

A Deal for My Friend and a New Life for Me

I was nervous... My friend wanted me to be his girlfriend for his Mom. I don't look like a girl, but I like the money plus room and board he offered me. "How could I be your girl?" I asked. Bob said "Sally will help, you will make a perfect girlfriend."


By Terry Hansay

Copyright © 2013 Terry Hansay

That Little Flower of Hope

That Little Flower of Hope


Author's Note: This story is hard to categorize for me. There are elements of bondage and sex, but it is incidental to the story, and isn't too explicit.

Read at your own risk! :)

Going home.

The last thing I remember was walking into my cheap apartment after a rowdy night with the guys. This is pretty much the same as every other night when one goes to a university in which your parents are paving the way for you. I was to graduate from university in another month or two. My grades were all top scores, which is kinda hard to not get when your two apartment mates have been various tutors in the subjects you were taking. My only escape from the horrid life dictated by my parents before I was even out of the crib was partying.

Bikini Beach: Peeping Tom

Bikini Beach: Peeping Tom
Elrod W

A guy with a hobby of photographing women in skimpy bikinis comes to Bikini Beach. He finds what he thinks is a way to get pictures of the patrons — against their will. He doesn’t count on the old woman being in a particularly bad mood.

This is one of the earlier BB stories; as such, grandmother isn't quite as smoothed-out as she is later. Be advised.


Preincarnation: Chapter 2

by AoifeM

Noticing how quickly I was becoming comfortable with both my new body and my environment irritated me. Looking at my reflection from a rather dirty mirror only made things worse. I was as Asian as anyone else around here. My body was curved to perfection and without much inspection I could already see I was extremely attractive. I also looked rather young, like 16 or so. I suppose in this culture I could be considered a young adult, but even that made me feel a little uncomfortable.

Looking at myself I wanted to shout every expletive I knew. I tried to remember sentences and fragments of old English, but I couldn’t, only reinforcing my unfortunate predicament. It literally was all foreign to me. I’m guessing that anything I’ve learned from a later life can’t be remembered in this one. As in fact, the only thing I could remember was that I was a man.

Bikini Beach

Bikini Beach
Elrod W

On a hot summer day, two guys want to go to the beach, but the beaches are full. They get a tip to try a private beach, where there are supposed to be lots of bikini-clad girls. There are — but not quite what the boys expect. (The SRU Wizard has a cameo, but this is not an SRU story…)

Note: This is the ORIGINAL Bikini Beach story. I have done some minor editing, and added a bit to the penultimate scene to clarify and soften things a bit. Since this was the beginning, there are many elements of the story universe which would later be polished, refined, and changed as I wrote more stories and matured as a writer. Please don't judge the nit-picky details that were later altered in the universe. Every universe has to start somewhere.

Warning: the story contains sexual assault, so it is not for the squeamish.

The Bikini Beach story universe and characters therein are copyright by the author, all rights reserved. Use of the characters or story universe without permission of the owner is a violation of copyright law.

Triple Play

Chemist Matt Bauer developed a drug that temporarily transformed any woman who took it into an insatiable nymphomaniac. Then, as it wore off, she forgot what happened. She didn't know what happened OR who had done it to her.

Matt and his two best friends use the drug for a game, bringing drugged women to Matt's apartment for a night of sexual "fun." Then, one night, Matt picked the wrong woman as his latest victim.

Attack of the Killer Bimbos from Dimension 69

Attack of the Killer Bimbos from Dimension 69

An army of bimbos has plans of world domination... and transformation. This story was originally written and posted in 2004.

Adriana's Addictions

Guilty as charged!

Guilty as charged!

Fiction by Johnny Cumlately

Part 1. My sentence.

Despite my pleas of innocence, I was found guilty of rape. It had always been regarded as a very serious crime and this was still true in the third decade of the 21st century. The mandatory sentence, however, had recently changed dramatically as more efforts were made to ensure that criminals did not re-offend. This is my version of what happened.

Betty Smith’s Transgender School

Betty Smith’s Transgender School

The court system has classified me as “Class 31”. Which means my mother has full control over me. I have been in courts many times -- I guess this is like throwing me in jail. The State will pay all costs to have me re-educated, they say. Not sure what that means.

My mother and I just left my doctor where the doctor gave me four shots. I was feeling very relaxed when my Mom told me of my new life because of the Court ruling me “Class 31”.

The Grange ~ 01

I was 19 years old, my parents where separated and I would divide my time living with either parent for a short time, they where both into new relationships and I always had the impression that I was just in the way. I didn’t get on with my father he used to beat my mother about, until eventually she had the courage to walk out on him, but her new partner was just as bad, I still had not found a job since leaving school but had a sizable inheritance from an Aunt I never really new, so I spent most of my time either just lounging around or reading the situation vacant pages of the local newspapers and just generally getting in the way.

That’s when I spotted the Add.

(Volunteers Wanted for Medical Research into the Common Cold. Get Excellent Rates of pay while you relax in our Health club)

The Add also contained a phone Number for further details.

The Pink ops 2

Look I have no interest in this type of story

Of course I have a choice..

Oh you think so do you..

Let that go! That's mine you can't....

Okay fine! But I am doing this under protest!

I was huddled in the corner of the room as usual. I heard the door open and someone entered.

"Jessie?" I know that voice.

"James?" hope beyond hope.

"Yes Jessie its me."came the gentle reply of my former dormmate.

I got up and looked for him. There was James Patterson just in the entrance of my prison cell. I ran to him and clutched him like a liferaft of hope.

My Super Secret Life...Potentials-5.

My Super Secret Life…Potentials-5.


It’s actually my name or the one that on my official papers. But usually everyone calls me Van or more likely Vana.

I get Vana the most.

And I’m not normal.

I’m sort of an orphan, I’m sort of not. I live here in White Star this big city on the planet moon of Coventry. That’s in the Federation if anyone’s wondering.

Gods…where do I start?

I guess at the first of stuff I guess.

Cindy's choices

Cindy’s Choices

I’m sitting here, at my computer, trying to figure out what I should do. Maybe if I write down what happened I can make sense of it, and make my decision. My name is Cindy Carmichael, and I’m twenty-five years old. After a false start, I thought I had found my “prince Charming”, and that life simply couldnt be better.

Now I’ve learned it was all a lie.

Wild Magic 40

The trip to Crawford was not a long one, perhaps 30 miles and they passed without incident. I could tell Debbie was really keyed up with worry. She knew there was a real potential for violence.

“I’m a little scared, Emily. I’ve never really been in a fight before. I wish I had brought something like a baseball bat or something,”

“Relax, Debbie. I don’t really expect a physical fight. I mean, we’d probably be heavily outnumbered, you know.”

Wild Magic 39

Debbie was worried. I guess that as angry as I was, I probably looked a little scary to her.

“Change of plans, Debbie. I’m through with the subtlety. They've finally pushed me too far.” I said, angrily.

I walked into the house and called out for Mom.

Emily? Where have you been, young lady? You should have been home hours ago! What happened?

They’ve crossed the line, Grandma. Debbie and I were attacked, and they took Tim!

What?! But why...

I don’t care why, Grandma. I’m extremely angry, and it’s all going to stop today!

Please, be careful! Jenny may not be in control, but she’s still there, and if you hurt her, you’ll be hurting your Mom!

I know, Grandma, and I’m going to deal with that first.

Harry Potter and the Curse of the Emerald Witch - Part V



Heather quickly sat upright in her bed, panting heavily. She was completely drenched in sweat from head to toe. The amulet beneath her night dress was glowing brighter than ever, pulsing and pounding like a beating heart against her chest. She placed her hand on her chest as she tried to catch up with her breath. For a moment she thought she was hyperventilating. Then, she thought she was dying.

‘’Oh no,’’ gasped Heather. ‘’No, no, no!’’

South Seas Adventure

South Seas Adventure
By Ellie Dauber  © 2000

It took George and Leo three weeks to reach what Captain Jehosephat Sheppard, an 18th Century officer in His Majesty's Navy had called Schooner Island. "Whatever else he'd done or said in his life," Leo thought when the island first came into view in the window of their seaplane, he's certainly been right about the island. That mountain at the south end still looks an awful lot like an old style sailing ship."

* * * * *

A Bad Girl to Good Boy Story: Chrissie to Chris to Christopher

A Bad Girl to Good Boy Story: Chrissie to Chris to Christopher

By Trapper Jock McIntyre

Chrissie Latham is an obnoxious teenage girl. All she ever thinks about is shopping and clothes. When her grades start to slip, her mother decides to send her to visit her Aunt Betty in a place way far away for malls and Limited Too. Can this place that is like night and day to Chrissie, change her from being a bad girl into being a good boy?

Wild Magic 35

I dropped Debbie off at her house, and then headed home. It was time for a council of war.

Grandma had scanned my mind as I pulled in the driveway. My “public” mind was available, and she knew I was upset, but she couldn’t get through to my “private” mind, and she couldn’t figure out why.

“Emily? What’s wrong, hon?”

“Grandma, I’m not sure that anything’s really wrong-in a way, everything’s all right. I need to get Mom and whoever else I can together. I have some information that’s gonna rock your socks off!”

Her Crewcut Humiliation and Masculinization

Her Crewcut Humiliation and Masculinization byTrapper_Jock_Mcintyre ©

It had to stop. She was spending far too much money on her hair with frosting and tints. The bill for her nails was ridiculous. It was as if she picked the most expensive place in town. And lingerie! For what she spent, we could have bought an entire Victoria's Secret. It was always spend spend spend, yet, she never once lifted a pretty finger to even try to get a job of her own.



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