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The Steam in the Mirror, the Fog from the Sea (part 2)

The fountain that my own fingers recall, nothing like this: Drawn from a pond, a puddle. But, oh, how I felt an ocean of you crashing in. Ocean: warm saltiness of life, thick with potential, humming with energy barely contained, condensed of beating hearts and fluttering gills and lashing tails of a million, of a billion tiny creatures saying: Live, live.

For King & Country (part 11)

Who Was I - 33 (The End)

In which things are eventually made clear.

Who Was I©

By: Annette MacGregor

"Bill, the final report came in from Jane this afternoon."

I looked up at her, something didn't sound quite right. "Becky?" I asked her questioningly.

"It's a little disturbing Bill. Here, you read it."

Who Was I - 32

In which the preliminary PI report is received, Stacy gets her memory block removed, and lunch happens. If you look carefully, something else might happen too.

Who Was I

By: Annette MacGregor

"Okay Bill, what's this all about?"

"Nick, it actually started with my missing memory. We've found out what caused it. And a person did it."

"What? You're talking something criminal now Bill."

Who Was I - 31

In Which Bill admits to some vivid dreams, where Karen remembers her past, and Stacy gets a new body decoration.

Who Was I

By: Annette MacGregor

"Yes George is it." At his nod, "I think this is..."

"...becoming a regular thing." continued Karen.

He looked at us. "Do you d that often?"

We looked bemused. "Do what?" I said.

Who Was I - 29

In which Bill goes through the wringer, Ginny expresses her concerns as only an 11 yr old can. and in which the tree musketeers have lunch and make plans. Or do they?

Who Was I

By: Annette MacGregor

". . . So many things could go wrong.”

"That's HORRIBLE."

"Yes and any number of things could have gone wrong. . . ."

Who Was I - 26

In which Karen is met and we find out how she's doing; where we find out some more of Ruth has been up to; and where Ginny asks some questions.

Who Was I

By: Annette MacGregor

"What are you and mom and Ruth always so sneaky about?"

"Hmmm? What do you mean honey?"

"Well, sometimes two or three of you go off to your office to talk. Other times, you suddenly stop talking when I come into the room. I mean, it's not like it's my birthday or anything coming up."

"No, it's not. I guess Ruth was right though."

Who Was I - 25

In which Bill has a revealing session, and then later a dream, or is it? But Hey, the two friends are found.

Who Was I

By: Annette

We were quietly sneaking up to the building. Stacy had remained at the corner to keep watch while Karen and I went in first.

"You ready to climb up and hook the ladder." I whispered to Karen.

She nodded, and stepped into my hands as I lifted her to waist level. Two quick taps on her leg then a quick hop had her standing on my shoulders. Two more taps, and I stood back up. She squeezed her toes to my chin so I knew she could reach the sill. I stood very still, bracing my hands against the brick wall.

The Other Side Of The Door

"Get out now!"The house is on fire! I screamed.

"My brother Dan was on the other side of the locked bathroom door.

That was the last thing I said to him before the world went black.

I woke up three days later in the hospital.

"Mom? Where am I? I asked. Where is Dan?

Signed, Sealed and Delivered

Since I'm still blocked on the two stories I'm currently writing, I'd like to re-post this old story of mine here. It was the first fiction story I tried to write. I've gone over it and corrected a lot of things and generally cleaned it up. I hope you'll enjoy it. It's a long one, but I didn't want to push other, newer stories down the page by posting it in parts.

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

By Catherine Linda Michel

Who Was I - 22

In which Aunt Rachel tells all and then some and where Bill hears about it from his wife and daughter. In which he looks for more memories

Who Was I

By: Annette MacGregor

"WHAT? Are you saying this went on for that long and nobody knew?"
"DAD. Someone knew didn't they?"

A Fantasy Gone Way Wrong -2-

This is a fictional tale about a guy, who just wanted to recreate for him self a part of a fantasy story he read. But as we all know things don’t always go as we plan, and this was no exception. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it

Chapter #2.

Who Was I - 14

In which Bill finds his safe spot in a forest, or is it a tall stone tower? Well we'll see. Also, where Ruth decides on the topic for her course paper on the Cold War. How exciting can you get!

Who Was I

By: Annette MacGregor

Jack's Christmas Wish

Having to reveal my thoughts on transition to Saint Nicholas made me a little uncomfortable. I wondered secretly whether he even had the power to fulfill my desire. “Sir, it seems that my feeling that my body was of the wrong sex was prevalent even in my preteens. I suppressed those feelings thinking the it was not natural and a passing fad. As I reached my teen years and found that I would be different from my mates, I found myself questioning my masculinity."

Jack’s Christmas Wish
by Michelleokc08

Another Star Wars Scenario

Another Star Wars Scenario

by shalimar

Please don’t throw too many rotten tomatoes at me for this one.

Finally, Luke Skywaker was captured and brought to the Emperor in loose chains.

Who Was I

Who Was I©

Is Bill really a changeling? What happened to his childhood? He doesn't know. He can't seem to remember being a kid, but there are pictures. Do you know what happened to his childhood? Hopefull time will tell.

This is a complete story, in 33 parts.

Suited For Danger - Book 2 - Chapter 5

For cripes sake! As if I didn't have enough other shit to worry about, now I gotta deal with guys hitting on me? Understand, I didn't blame the guy for doing that. Actually, I should have expected it, looking the way I did. I just still wasn't used to looking like that, and he caught me on a bad day.

(sort of)

Book Two, Chapter Five

By Catherine Linda Michel

Ms Frankenstein

This is the first story I ever published on line. I first put it in storysite in 2001. I was still mucking around with a name then and sometimes used Credence Browne. I think I will keep her alive as a character.

I can't read this story myself with out reliving the feelings of terror and lostness that I felt at that time. This was an extremely bleak time in my life; forcing myself to live the life that others wanted me to but knowing full well that it was not me.

I want to warn some of you that this may be triggering. I know it is for me. It is also from the depths of my heart in a time when I was not medicated into stupor. Now I am coming off all my meds and feeling really vulnerable and frightened. I will adapt and learn to be a happy person again.

The Stocking is on The Other Leg - Part 1

A small town man begins to learn that a little tolerance towards others may not be such a bad thing.

Warning: this story has sexual content of a somewhat explicit nature.

Andersonville - The Final Season

The Final Season

by Kelly Davidson

Andersonville is based on the story "The Life and Death of Al Parker". Reading the story is recommend to understand some of the discussion in the follow series.

Andersonville - Season 2

Season 2

by Kelly Davidson

Andersonville is based on the story "The Life and Death of Al Parker". Reading the story is recommend to understand some of the discussion in the follow series.

Andersonville - Season 1

Season 1

by Kelly Davidson

Andersonville is based on the story "The Life and Death of Al Parker". Reading the story is recommend to understand some of the discussion in the follow series.

A Devilish Turn of Events


By Bimbo Alison

For the Devil, collecting souls is harder than ever. So when he sees an opportunity to mess with a happily married couple, he cannot resist. After tricking the husband down a dark path, will true love prevail? For once, we get to hear this tale from the Devil's point of view.

Strangers on a Train


By Bimbo Alison

A bored but romantic-at-heart witch enjoys a cross-country train trip. On her journey she touching many lives aboard the train and tries to make them better, while working around many of the rules and regulations of the magic community.

Hope you enjoy!


Quite A Lot of Sex


Hi all - This is the first story I've submitted here. My others live at Fictionmania, but it was suggested to me that I should put them up here as well. If people enjoy this one, I'll bring the others over too, and post my new ones here as well. If people say "Lord no, keep that dreck away from here!" I'll slink quietly to my bed and cry in my pillow. :-)

It's a story about Wilbur Green, who desperately wants to be transformed into a huge boobed bimbo. Imagine his delight when he finds out there is indeed magic in the world and his dreams are possible! Imagine his distress when things don't go exactly as he planned!

Hope you enjoy!

Mystery of Sawnerve Island -3- Occam's Razorburn

What if the only possibilities are equally impossible?

Coconut Palm      Mystery of
Sawnerve Island

Chapter 3 - Occam's Razorburn

by Jijillian and Kyosuke

The Tales of the Improbables - Wolf's Tale

All right, first things first. There is NO TG or CG content in this. It's bloody, dark, and rather unpleasant. It's also important in setting the stage in the latter stages of the Tale of Jet and Quartz, and adds a great deal of depth to one of the major characters in that tale. If it looks like this is going to bother you, then skip this, and spare me the angry e-mails. You have been warned.


By: Darian Deamos

The first tale: Wolf

The Only Real Magic

The Only Real Magic

by shalimar

It was another Saturday night where John and I were hanging out together as usual. We have been best friends since elementary school when I moved into this suburban community from the city in the second grade. I was shy then and had difficulty getting to know anyone in my new school. John who lived a few houses away from me decided to get to know me better and we've been friends since.

Subliminal Fancies...

Tonight after reading the rather awesome Sk8r Grrls story I was reading through some of my own fiction, and came across a passage in 'The Beauty Soap' (I'd link but my own site is being redeveloped and I can't find it here :S) which wonders if the shop has started using subliminals. This story came of that. It probably isn't that great as i knocked it out in two hours or so, and proofed it myself. Any errors are therefor my own. Without further ado...

The Deception of Choice. The Epilogue

A night at the opera for Grace and Helen and Francesca. And, as is appropriate, and traditional, and altogether in keeping with the reverence for the eternal verities that has so marked the telling of this tale, the end is signalled when the fat lady sings..

Not that anyone would ever call that epitome of svelte elegance, Grace de Messembry, fat! Even if she were surely no-one would dare? No I speak metaphorically only of course..

So no more secrets as we, you and I dear reader, eavesdrop from our privileged position in the back of the Royal Box at Covent Garden on the three guiding lights of the Venumar Foundation. The plain unvarnished, well relatively so, truth that no-one except you and I ........... .

But hush .... Listen .... Look .... The auditorium is stilled in expectancy. The baton raised, twice tapped, raised again. Poised .... Ssshhhhh ....

The Deception of Choice. Part 17, comprising Chapter 46

Wherein those concerned, or merely mildly curious, about David's fate may find some answers. That elusive 'Why?' being finally cornered. As well as revelations concerning impending global disasters. There is a walk in 'wild untrodden ways' as well as train, car and boat journeys.

No Plymouth gin although a thirst is slaked by beck-chilled ale. There is a poem by Anne but Grace de Messembry is untypically silent.

The Deception of Choice. Part 16, comprising Chapters 44 & 45.

Wherein can be discovered questions on the identity of a wren and doubts as to its integrity. The varied delights of a formal ball including pink gins as a tool of the unscrupulous. Do not trust them gentle reader! Men, not the gins naturally! Blood and broken bones in the moonlight, anguish both emotional and physical. Plans awry, a stowaway, and Grace de Messembry bids farewell to someone of no account. Or does she?

Quite unusually action packed. I feel quite faint and must lie down. Sal volatile anyone?


Peanut Butter Fog -1-

Thick enough to spread...
Peanut Butter Fog

Peanut Butter Fog

by Erin Halfelven

There's something surreal about traveling at night on the freeway. The bubble of light around you, the white lights come toward you and red lights convoy alongside. The multicolor lights of cities and towns pass quickly with the hot yellow roadlights of exits and overpasses standing like sentries.


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