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Being Different Isn't So Bad Chapter 4

It’s been a month since August came to live and work for Rebecca. The first thing she had done, was take her shopping to get the clothes she wanted to wear. She made sure she had all the proper undergarments and clothes she could wear to go out to eat in, work and play. She treated her to a day at the salon and introduce her to a friend of hers that has been doing her hair and nails since she was a teenager.

Being Different Isn't So Bad Chapter 3

Rebecca was feeling down and sad that her father might die in the next three months. Lev had tried to make her happy and she appreciated it, but it didn’t help any. Rebecca’s nose start twitching as does her ears as well. Her nose was picking up a ripe body odor smell. She heard some noise coming from behind her. Rebecca stops what she was doing and turns around to see who the person was.

WildFire Chapter 6

Sasha had woken-up early and was drinking her coffee and reading the news on her tablet. When she notices, Rose waking up.

“Morning sleepy head.”

Rose looks around trying to get her bearings. She remembered crying herself to sleep after telling Sasha what happened to her, but she couldn’t figure out how she had gotten into Sasha’s bed.


Rose stumbles out of Sasha’s bed and notice she was wearing a nightshirt that came down to her ankles. It was just a plain purple nightshirt.

The Cat In The Cradle Chapter 9

Reverend Fredrick Earl Cerullo couldn’t believe that the gay conversion camp had been brought down by a freak and her human partner. So, far everything he has done so far against her has been counter by herself and her human friend. Now she has another freak and human staying with her. The investigator that he had hired to follow and take pictures of her reported that his son was staying with the freak. His son was parading around dressed as a girl. Going after her with the law would take too long.

The Spanish Flower Chapter 13

Renata had decided that she wanted to walk around for a little while on her on. Jesse had taken a private tour of the winery. He wanted to know more about it and how much business it did. Renata didn’t want to come with him and just wanted to have some time to herself. Her life had changed so much. She had gone from barely getting by to finding someone to love her for her. Now she was just exploring on her own. Renata finds a nice little hide away where she could come to think and not be bother by the staff on the ranch.

Never Pull on the tail of a Wolf (revised) Chapter 14

Jack and Chaos has been observing Sanzo Dulcidio movements for the past few days. While he has been observing him, Jack had planted incendiary devices and used drones at night time to spray the cocaine fields with a mixer of plant killer and jet fuel. Tonight, he was going to make sure these fields can’t be used again. Jack wanted a message to be sent so other cartels know not to mess with him or any one from now on. He knows that’s it isn’t going to stop them, but it might give them reasons to pause.

WildFire Chapter 5

Roy and his second had tracked down the girl Adam had hired them to grab. She was pretty and they figure they wouldn’t have a hard time grabbing her as she came out of the recording studio. She would have had to walk to the nearest bus stop which was around the corner from the studio. They had spotted her running towards the studio this morning and waited patiently for her to come back out. They were surprised when she came out with the band and got into the car with the lead singer and the guitar player from the band.

“Now what?” Craig looks over towards his boss.

WildFire Chapter 3 & 4

Adam Ludlum couldn’t believe what he was hearing from his second in command. That the hit he had setup for the owner of Atlas software development had been foiled last night. All four of his hired men were dead. His contact down at the morgue told him their bodies had come in and he had been order to run their dental and DNA through the system.

WildFire Chapter 1 & 2

The adventures of a stage magician who performs in a band named Siren. As she protects and guides a young girl in the musical business and protect her from sexual predators.

The Spanish Flower Chapter 12

Renata had woken up early and slipped out of bed quietly. She didn’t want to wake Jesse. They had slept with the sliding glass door opened last night. She opens it quietly and walks out onto the balcony to watch the sunrise. She couldn’t believe the view from the balcony in front of her. Nothing but grape vines and the mountains all the way behind vineyard to see. They were going to take a tour of the place later today. A bottle of the wine this place makes last night was served at dinner and she loved it. She wasn’t a wine connoisseur, but she enjoyed the wine last night.

Never Pull on the tail of a Wolf (revised) Chapter 13

Jack’s plan to capture the contractor had worked. After capturing him and taking him back to a warehouse he owned. He had given the man three choices to cooperate with him. To drive his point across that he wasn’t someone to play games with or not talk to, he let Chaos have his fun first. See, most integrator and torturers used tools, drugs or beatings to get their message across or extract information. However, when you have a big ass wolf like Chaos that can break a man’s arm like it was a twig. It comes in handy.

The Cat In The Cradle Chapter 8

“Kat, you and Paul better get over here.” Brittney had heard a commotion outside and had looked out the living room window to see what it was.

Terri comes walking down the hallway rubbing her eyes. She had fallen asleep yesterday on the way back from the camp and was carried in. It was lucky that Kat’s house had another spare bedroom. Then again, it was her family home and she had a sister and brother that had lived here with her till they got their own place.

“Why, what is going on?” Kat and Paul walks over towards Brittney.

The Cat In The Cradle Chapter 7

August was in the kitchen fixing herself, Lev and Becca some breakfast. It was the weekend and Lev and Rebecca had gone out last night and celebrated his birthday. It was a week after her sixteenth birthday. They had asked if she wanted to come along, but August had stayed home to give them some private time. Rebecca had help her mend the fence with her mother, but not her father. He was still being a butthead and now her mother was divorcing him. She still couldn't believe he had another family.

The Spanish Flower Chapter 11

The next following weeks for Renata were busy. She was discharged from the hospital after spending two weeks there. Her doctor told her not to lift anything heavier than ten pounds while her abdomen muscles healed. Her and Jesse had agreed on doing what the security firm had requested of them and a moving crew had come in and moved all her belonging and Jesse’s. They were flown out in a private jet to a private airfield and transferred to a helicopter to the ranch they had been promise.

Renata couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the spread of the ranch as they flew towards.

The Cat In The Cradle Chapter 6

Kat moves quietly through the woods to the camp. They had left first thing in the morning and drove till they came to the small town that the guys from the camp got their supplies from. They had talked about leaving Brittney behind, but she insisted that she came along. Kat didn’t like it, but she made sure Brittney stayed in the suv, since it was bullet proof.

“Are you having fun Kat?” Paul’s voice came over her Bluetooth.

Never Pull on the tail of a Wolf (revised) Chapter 12

Julia and Gina were disappointed when they woke-up the next day. Their father had left without letting them know. Their grandmother wouldn’t tell them where he went or when he would be back. All she would tell them was that he had some important business that needed to be handle and he should be back by the end of the week. The girls still would had like to have seen him off. Also, they couldn’t find Chaos anywhere, which was unusual. Chaos normally came to the house to eat and sleep.

On Tuesday, they get a phone call from their father. Selina had answer the phone.

Never Pull on the tail of a Wolf (revised) Chapter 11

Jack tucks his girls in and give them a kiss on their foreheads before heading back to his office where he had asked his mother, Selina, and Seamus to meet him after the girls were asleep. As he walks in, he shuts the door behind him and press a secret button on his desk to seal the room, so they won’t be disturbed.

The Cat In The Cradle Chapter 5

Kat was pissed by the time the cops had left after taking her statement, Paul’s statement and photos of all the damage done to their place. Brittney had fallen asleep in her arms from all the crying she did. Kat had left her asleep on her bed curled up with her favorite Teddy Bear, which happened to be dress like a SWAT officer.

“Why couldn’t we had left one of them alive, so we could find out who sent them.” Kat was sweeping up all the broken glass and broken wood pieces.

The Spanish Flower Chapter 10

A week had gone by since Renata ended up in the hospital. Her friends from the club came and visited her while she was in the hospital. They had teased her about the dilators and said if she was feeling that horny, they could find a stud for her to help scratch that itch. Even though a week had gone by and she was using the dilators like she was instructed to. It was both painful and embarrassing. Her stomach wound made it painful.

The Sirens Chapter 16 Ending

Several Weeks Later:

Angel stood looking at the gravestone of her birth mother with D.A. and Angie by her side. She had on a green dress that matched her eyes and white tights. Her shoes matched the color of her dress and she had her hair styled and pulled back into a ponytail. Her fingernails had been painted a light green color and had tiny butterflies painted on them. Angel still wore the Angel necklace that Rachel had put on her the day they had found her.

The Sirens Chapter 15

Kevin has been having a blast here at Sturgis lately. He has been making drug contacts with several bikers that could extend his reach. He met several women and had fun with them. This was the type of life he missed and enjoy. He didn’t like being tied down with a sissy son and a wife who loved their child more than him and was smarter then him. His wife wasn’t into the S&M games like some of the women he met here were this week.

The Cat In The Cradle Chapter 4

The next morning Kat and Paul were up early looking over everything Brittney could remember about the camp. They had written and drawn maps of the layout of the camp. The routines were written as well. So, they knew when they retrieved mail and when they went into town to get supplies. Also, when they brought new people to the camp.

Kat had her favorite jersey shirt on and was sitting on Paul’s lap. Brittney had stayed up late with them and was still in bed.

The Sirens Chapter 14

Big Tony had gotten a phone call from D.A. from the Sirens MC and wanted to talk. She didn’t say what the meeting was about, but she wanted it to be just him and his vice and her and her vice. The meeting was going to take place outside of Sturgis.

When Big Tony and his Vice shows-up at the meeting place. He notices D.A. and Her second/ wife was waiting for them. He knew D.A. from her days with another MC and her wife as well. Whatever they wanted to talk to him about must be important if they didn’t want anyone else around.

The Spanish Flower Chapter 9

The first thing Renata feels when she wakes-up is numbness and a tightness to her body. Her throat felt dry and she felt so weak. She manages to move her head to the side and notice Jesse sitting there next to her sound asleep. He was holding her hand in his as a smile appears on her face. She squeezes his hand and closes her eyes as she drifts off to sleep again.

The next time she wakes up, she notices that Jesse was still holding her hand and watching her.

“Well, good afternoon sleepy head.” A smile forms on Jesse’s face when he notices Renata’s eyes opening again.

The Cat In The Cradle Chapter 3

When the trio arrived at Mommies and gone inside. They were shown to a back table that Paul and Kat normally requested when they ate here. Kat ordered salads for everyone, while she gave Brittney time to browse the menu to decide what she wanted to eat. Kat was having her normal, which was homemade spaghetti which came with three huge meatballs. The sauce was a Sicilian style sauce made fresh daily. Paul orders his usual which is a Carbonara dish. Brittney didn’t know what to order. So, she orders the same as Kat.

The Spanish Flower Chapter 8

Carmen starts getting ready for her number. Her and Jesse had, had an argument this morning about her coming back to work. One, because she really isn’t of legal age to perform as a drag queen and two, because the cartel guys that were after her were laying low, because another group was moving in on their territory and they couldn’t spare any one right now. That’s what Jesse had gotten from that guy he had caught the other night. She was getting tired of being shut-up in his house with nothing to do except watch television and listening to his cd’s.

Never Pull on the tail of a Wolf (revised) Chapter 9

The following morning the girls were still a little confused about what had happened last night. However, last night had demonstrated to them that there was nothing their new family wouldn’t do for them. They also learned that the wolves were indeed vicious animals and would defend them. Julia and Gina was wondering where their father had gotten off too. They had seen him at breakfast, but he had taken off afterwards. He wasn’t out on the property or in his office. They also hadn’t seen Chaos this morning, but that was normal for him.

The Sirens Chapter 12

“Hey sleepy head, it’s time to get up.” Kimberly shakes Angel’s shoulder lightly to wake her up.

Angel slowly opens his tired eyes and look at who was shaking him awake.

“Ah, there’s the beautiful emerald green eyes, we love so much.” Kimberly gives Angel a sisterly smile.

Angel blinks his eyes a few times to get the sleep out of them.

“What’s wrong?” Angel was still feeling groggy.

The Cat In The Cradle Chapter 2

Brittney could smell the scent of bacon cooking in the air. She had woken-up early and decided to just stay in bed. The bed she was laying on had the scent of lavender to the sheets and blanket. She had been told that she could sleep in this room last night by Kat. The room itself looked to have belong to a teenage girl. There were posters of men on the wall and of bands. A vanity table and stuff animals and books. It had the same smell as the bed of Lavender, now mixed with the smell of bacon.

The Spanish Flower Chapter 7

Renata has already told Jesse she wasn’t going back to a group home. She was going to go ahead and get emancipated. He wanted her to stay here at his home till he found out more about the Cartel that had kidnapped both him and her. Renata had called Lady Bird and told her what had happened. Her boss at her full-time job had spoken with Jesse and understood. She would still have her job if she wanted it when she came back.

The Sirens Chapter 11

Angel looks out of the window as the Rv travels down the highway. He had slept peacefully between his mothers’ last night. When morning came, D.A. held a meeting to inform the rest of the MC on what had happened and what Angel’s true gender was. The women that didn’t know took the news well. Some of them felt betray, but they understood. The rest didn’t care. He had proven himself to them and they knew he would never do anything to disgrace the MC or his mothers’. D.A.

Never Pull on the tail of a Wolf (revised) Chapter 8

Yariel and Kaleb watches from their hidden spot. There was no moon out tonight to give them away. Perry had sent the two of them in to do recon of the property. They had arrived in town early this morning and waited till dark to make their move. Tyler had done an over flight of the property a couple of days ago. So, they knew the layout of the property and where most of the buildings were and a few forest roads that cross the property they could use.

The Sirens Chapter 10

Angel wakes up snuggle deep under the blankets. He could feel the Rv moving as he lays there on the bed. He looks around for his mother’s and notices that both their helmets were missing. He crawls out of bed and heads to the bathroom and does his morning business. After washing and drying his hands, he heads up towards the front of the Rv where Angel knew Brenda and Kim would be.

“Well good afternoon sleepy head.” Kim turns to look at Angel as she stands between her and Brenda.

Angel looks towards Kimberly when she says good afternoon to him. “When did we leave?”

The Spanish Flower Chapter 6

Jesse and Renata sat in silence as each watched as the Mexican landscape went by. Both were lost in thoughts of their own as they traveled with this strange guy that was nice to give them a ride. Renata was wondering if she should tell Ranger Jesse the truth about herself. He would find out either way when they ran her name to verify her citizenship for him to get her across the border.

“Jesse, how do you feel about people born one gender, but feel they should had been born the other gender?” His response would determine what she tells him.

The Spanish Flower Chapter 5

Renata and Ranger Jesse manages to make their way to an abandon warehouse. Jesse had managed to stop the bleeding from Renata’s gunshot. He looks at her and wonder why she is tied up in this mess.

Renata couldn’t believe the mess she was in. Why did Ichiko do this to her. She had never done anything to her. Why couldn’t the cartel just leave her along? Their leader was in jail and he deserve it for all the people he killed that day.

“So, any idea on how we are going to get out of here?” Renata had found a wooden box and turned it upside down to sit on.

Never Pull on the tail of a Wolf (revised) Chapter 6

Julia comes stumbling into the kitchen rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She wasn’t a morning person and had a hard time concentrating on things. Sphinx was following behind her as the two of them head over towards the breakfast bar.

“Morning sleepy head.” Gina just grins at her older sibling. Julia would sleep in, but they were going horseback riding with their father today.

He was taking them to his favor spot on the ranch.

The Sirens Chapter 9

Angel slowly opens his eyes and looks around. He was sandwich in between D.A. and Angie, lying on his side. He had buried his face against D.A’s chest during the night. He could feel Angie behind him with one arm draped over his slim body and her chest pressed against his back. Angel snuggles closer against D.A.’s chest and body. He felt safe between his mother’s body and didn’t want to leave.

The Sirens Chapter 8

Angel floats around on an inner tube in the pool. D.A. had let him go swimming with the rest of the kids from the other MC. He wasn't a good swimmer so he was just floating. His feet were still wrapped up. Helena had wrapped his feet with water proof tape, so it was alright if the wrapping got wet. She also redid his wrapping around his chest with water proof wrapping as well, so he was permitted to go in the pool wearing the one-piece Brenda had brought him.

Never Pull on the tail of a Wolf (revised) Chapter 3

Jack and the girls had met up with Debbie, Alex and Robert at the movie theater the next day. Julia and Gina held onto Jack’s hand tightly and stood close to him. Both were nervous and a little scared as they walked away from the safety of the hummer towards the movie theater to stand in line to wait for the tickets. Debbie had suggested the new Smurf movie for the girls. Julia and Gina kept close to Jack as they waited to buy the tickets and then when he took them inside to buy popcorn, candy and soda pop.

Never Pull on the tail of a Wolf (revised) Chapter 2

Jack had been watching Julia as she stood by the fence watching him and his friend Alex spar. Her recovery had been progressing greatly since she has been seeing Dr. Bailey. Gina on the other hand was still having a hard time, but she was getting better. At Julia’s request and Dr. Baileys suggestion he had Julia’s breast reduce so they weren’t putting too much pressure on her spine and made her look and feel a little bit more normal. After he watches Julia turn and walk away from the fence with Sphinx next to her. He stops sparring with Alex.

The Sirens Chapter 7

Angel feels his shoulder being lightly shaken. He opens his eyes and notices his mom looking at him.

“Hey! Sleepy head.” She picks him up and sits down on the sofa with him on her lap.

“Brenda told me you slept all day long. Are you feeling okay?” Angel could tell his mother was concern.

“I’m okay mommy, have we arrived yet?” Angel was still feeling sleepy.

“Yes, we’re here and dinner is set-up outside. Are you awake enough to go outside and met Roy and Joyce?” D.A. was watching Angel.

“Yes Ma’am.” Angel covers a yawn.

The Spanish Flower Chapter 4

Rafael looks at the men gather in the warehouse before him. Their objective tonight was two folds. Their first objective was the capture of one Renata Magdaleno. The person use to be known as Roman García Lozada. The person had testified against their leader and stole their money. Their second objective was the capture of one Texas Ranger Jesse B. Baylor. The man has stuck his nose into their business for the last time. Their boss wanted this Texas Ranger dead. Rafael knew which route Renata was taking because his informant was bringing her here, herself.


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