A House Divided, part 2 of 7

Dad snuggled in next to Mom on the sofa; she put aside the skirt she was working on and they hugged and kissed, but I thought I saw a little bit of hesitation, and it hurt. I knew too many kids at school whose parents were divorced, or looked like they might get a divorce any time now, and I was happy to think that my parents looked like the sticking-together kind. But when I saw her hesitate a little before letting him hug her and kiss her, it worried me. Could they still stay together after changing in such drastic and different ways? And if not, what would happen to me?


When David Bowie and T Rex were making waves in music and their hair my characters find a new way of living. Another dip into the world inside my imagination. Not sure the pictures will copy, sorry if they have not.

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-19

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-19

Chapter 19


I’d sort of settled here for now in town and got myself a job at the local A&W place and I’m not that bad at the whole service industry stuff. Me and My people have been here awhile and we’ve gotten the proper I.D.’s through various means and stuff but all it just means is I won’t flag things when they go to run my social.

Hidden Jem

I spent a lot of time with my best friend Janey. I was nearly always at her house or she was round mine. We spent most of our spare time together and being in the same class at school meant we were pretty much inseparable. It was strange, at my school at least, for a boy of my age to have a girl as a best friend; but I did. Janey was such good fun. What ten year old wouldn’t want to be friends with her? The fact that the boys didn’t have much to do with me or, in fact, that I didn’t really mix with the boys made it quite important that someone wanted to be my friend.

My Super Secret Life...Villain-7

My Super Secret Life…Villain 7

Chapter 7

I wake up and smile last night went good and inside I turned a corner in my head. I went to the free clinic and I seduced the street doc I’ve been working with. I’m really new to this sex stuff and yet I’m sure he was pretty good.


I’m getting the big deal some people have about their first. Jeff’s a really decent person and yeah it’s sentimental as fuck but there’s no one that can take that away from me.

My Super Secret Life...Villain-6

My Super Secret Life…Villain-6

Chapter 6

It’s my first sex dream.

And Link is the starring player.

It’s raining out that night time movie rain and I’m back at the tunnel with her. I came with supplies and I’m wet and shivering and she comes in from the deeper tunnels and she’s……well she’s.

My Super Secret Life...Diamond-6.

My Super Secret Life…Diamond 6.

Chapter 6

The last two days were really busy really in just getting settled down and unpacked into my condo here in The Tower and getting things the way that I like them and getting tips from some of the female members and staff here at The Tower.

Mom had actually the great idea of me having a housewarming shower here in a sort of open house sort of way here for the people here that worked in the building and the other members on the team.

My Super Secret Life...Potentials-3.

My Super Secret Life…Potentials-3.

My great thanks to Thera who came up with the greater part of this really interesting character.

………………………………................. *Karma….

My name’s Quinn, Quinn Jackson…yeah that guy…poor me right. I know, I know.

I guess this is how things got started and that was as far back as junior high. I was famous. Q-J…the all star basketball star and even then…It thought I was perfect…I thought I was king of my world. Big and strong…I was even good looking and I’ll admit…I knew I was all those things.

The First Queen in the Village 7

The First Queen in the Village 7

by WannabeGinger

A new character, one who is especially well-connected in the Village is someone that Christine feels that Andy should meet.

Chapter 7 — Through the looking glass


This is just something I though of as a neat situation. If you wish it to continue you are free to submit ideas for new chapters and difficulties.


Seme & Uke.

Seme & Uke.

The year is 2097 and this is an odd little story about two odd people who find themselves and enter that adventure called love.

I never fit in.

I’ve felt like a freak for as long as I can really remember.

Why well lots of reasons but I’m a child of The Human Immunity Immunization Vaccine. Like this drug a long time ago in the past called Thalidomide the HIIV compound got rid of HIV and Aids but there were side effects, birth defects and chromosome mutations.

Like me.

“Come on Steve stop being a wuss, just hit him!”

Evolution, Chapter 3

"Wow, that's a new look for you," Heather Myers said when Jacob and his mother showed up at self-defense class.

"I asked mom if she'd do it," he said of the french braid. "Keeps my hair out of my face when we're kick-boxing."

"Oh, so you're not making a fashion statement?" His support group leader asked.

"Come on Heather," he replied. "What kind of fashion statement can I make in a t-shirt, sweat pants and tennis shoes?"

Evolution, Chapter 2

She was thankful her son's more feminine look was confined to the weekend. He still wore the black eyeliner and the earrings to school to school, but no sign of the the lipstick, light makeup or the nail polish. His clothes, the jeans and the black shirt, they were pretty much gender neutral.

Her son's "new look" unnerved her a little bit, but she was more concerned about his safety if he dressed more girly at school. For now, she was somewhat comforted by what one of Jacob's best friends description.

My Super Secret Life...Villain-4

My Super Secret Life…Villain-4

Chapter 4

I’m sitting with the make-up off of my face and looking at Jeff as he’s looking at the stuff on the sheets in front of him and I’m chewing my lip and staring at him.

Jeff’s my doctor.

Well Jeff’s a doctor that I free supply with stuff that I steal so he has the stuff to actually treat people, poor people out of his small little clinic. Usually the wait out front is nuts but I get special consideration so he doesn’t lose his golden goose as it was…were?

“Well Rook it looks like you’re showing normal blood work.”

Plump and Pretty - 9

Plump and Pretty — 9

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2012)

Now it shall come to pass
That our Brian becomes a lass,
A girl for so many to admire
In dresses and skirts to inspire.

Plump and Pretty - 8

Plump and Pretty — 8

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2012)
He was a chubby boy, soft and sweet
Finding a girl’s life so lovely and neat;
But as a big loser he grows so fetching
That a special boy finds him worth catching.

Plump and Pretty - 7

Plump and Pretty — 7

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2012)

Can there be any reason to ponder
That Brian is soon to wander
Into the sweet desires of a boy
Who finds him such a girl, a joy?

Plump and Pretty - 6

Plump and Pretty - 6

By Katherine Day


Would he be so pretty
That he’d be one of the chubbies
Chosen to be among the girls
To model fashions for tubbies?

Seasons of Bailey: Winter - Part 1

Tom is gone, and Bailey has no idea when he'll be coming back.
It has been a month since he left,
and things have been solemnly different for Bailey.
Thinking that his departure would be the greatest freedom ever,
Bailey is confused to find that everything comes with a price…

Seasons of Bailey

Part 1

By Taylor Ryan
Copyright © 2012 Taylor Ryan
All Rights Reserved.

Plump and Pretty - 5

Plump and Pretty — 5

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2012)

This boy so soft and sweet
Finds new life that is replete
With gobs and gobs of dresses
And a girlish style that impresses.

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-14

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-14

Chapter 14

It’s really, weird having someone stuck in your head like that. I mean I have no idea who they are or even what they are. I mean I can’t tell if he’s a pretty guy and all of that or if she was this really boyish and handsome girl.

Either way it did start occurring to me that I was being not a fair date to Kaylee. It wasn’t like she was saying anything about me being distracted but it was sort of like a vibe coming from her that I was making her feel a bit alone, like my mind was elsewhere…which it was but I just didn’t like the feeling that I thought was going on with her.

I reach over and lace my fingers into hers and smile at her. “Hey, sorry just some random weirdness I guess, I didn’t want to wreck tonight.”

“You didn’t Dylan, hey; I’d have a lot going on too if I was going through what you’ve been.”

Plump and Pretty - 4

Plump and Pretty — 4

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2012)

Like Cinderella, the awkward boy
Is transformed into a lovely princess.
Could life ever be so sweet with joy
As he finds in wearing a dress?

Plump and Pretty - 3

Plump and Pretty — 3

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2012)

Here’s a gift for you, she said
Thrusting a bra into his hand.
Now put this on, my friend,
And you will now be one of our brand.

Plump and Pretty - 2

Plump and Pretty - 2

By Katherine Day

Copyright 2012
He huffs and puffs among the girls
Finding it tiring doing simple whirls;
He finds a welcome now as one of the girls.

Plump and Pretty - 1

Plump and Pretty - 1

By Katherine Day
Copyright 2012
Chubby and awkward, not quite a boy,
He finds a future, comfort and joy
In things girly, dolls and dresses,
As he dreams of gowns and tresses.

Gaby Book 8 Chapter *04* Departure

Gaby Book 8 - Changes
by Maddy Bell

Copyright © 2011 Madeline Bell
All Rights Reserved.

It has been a long break for me since writing the previous volume in the Gaby series and I hope that it's been worth the wait. Our diminutive hero(ine) gets up to all sorts this time, weddings, racing, shopping  – well the usual Gaby stuff really!

Pour a coffee, get the hankies and settle back to see what the Wunderkind gets up to next!

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-13

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-13

Chapter 13


I never expected to run into them…not this soon and the contact just…god I could feel their soul calling to mine…there was an instant spark between us and I’m scared. God I’m scared.

Oh yeah we have or had a creator belief too but I guess It doesn’t matter. I’ve been here on earth ever since I was a toddler.

We’ve been set adrift as a people, and when I… I was sent here when the Loci of Dylan’s spiked. I never expected to meet one…a Shuan the fourth gender.

Dylan’s just…

My Super Secret Life-19.

My Super Secret Life-19.

Chapter 19


I wake up feeling like I’ve been through a beat down and my room’s dark and my body just hurts. My stomach hurts from crying so much. I slide out of bed and there’s still some of Ty that’s leaked out of me.

Enough to get me bawling again.

Emotional, yeah…usually I’m Matt and by almost social definition told to not act femme…and femme isn’t camp. A genetic male being female in his sensuality isn’t camp and swishy.

Yeah, I’m Bi in my sexuality but really in my sensuality I’m a girl.

My Super Secret Life-17.

My Super Secret Life-17.

Chapter 17


I took the bus home curled up into the back seat after the worst day of my life.

Sunny’s the Superhero Titan and able to change from girl to guy. She was just one of the hottest girls I’d ever known and since her change she went from being this slutty kind of girl to being this smart and engaging person.

You think you’re in love then…something happens with that one you’re with that just floors you in how awesome they really are.

I Heard New Bells on Christmas Day

I Heard New Bells on Christmas Day

Here are lyrics for what I pray will meet with your approval as a Christmas carol expressing the hope that our culture will learn not merely to tolerate or to accept, but rather to fully embrace transfolk, whether merely androgynous, crossdressed, partially or fully transexual, or intersexed. These lyrics work with both the traditional melody by John Calkin or the modern tune by Johnny Marx. (The one by Casting Crowns doesn't fit the rhythm of the fourth and fifth lines of each stanza.)

I just wish that I had thought of these sooner…

A Gift to Keep on Giving

A Gift to Keep on Giving

This is a sequel to the short story "Midnight Mass," published at BCTS on December 27, 2010 at 6:33am CST.

James had attended Midnight Mass at the Cathedral on Christmas Eve en femme a year ago. After that, he presented himself to his parents as Jamie for the first time. So what has happened to him–or her–since then? Tonight James attires himself as Jamie for Midnight Mass once more.

My Super Secret Life...Villain-1

My Super Secret Life…Villain.


I’m a Villain.

Sure, right.

No, I’m a criminal, with powers…hence villain.

I’m called Rook, that’s my handle and I was thirteen when my meta powers blossomed. Dad was drunk, and he was beating the shit out of my mom and was coming for me and something went snap, crackle, pop in my head.

I’d thrown my hands up to ward off the blows and he hit something bounced off and freaked out. He grabbed a bat and kept trying to kill me. Felt him hitting the nothing stuff, he’d break through and miss me as I ran around the trailer and of he’d hit me and…well if you’ve ever been baseball batted…you know.

If not…hey that’s a good thing.

To See Through a Glass Darkly 16

To See Through a Glass Darkly


Anam Chara

Chapter 16

When Sasha wakes up Saturday morning from his sleepover with Sonia, Tina and their friends, his memory of the previous evening is sketchy. But now he seems to everyone more girl than he ever could have believed possible.

My Super Secret Life-14.

My Super Secret life-14.

Chapter 14

My powered leap takes my up into the air and clearing nearly the fully city block. I’m starting to like the feeling too. It’s got almost this reverse bungee jump kind of thrill to it.

But that’s not the big deal right now. The big deal id the Silver Cross Bank and the cops hiding behind their cars as these three guys in exo-frames are loading ATM whole onto the back of a truck while this suit of power armor is providing cover fire.

The Voice in My Head

The Voice in My Head
Anam Chara

Like any other boy his age in junior high school, Danny has enough trouble steering his course through life. Parents, siblings, friends, classmates teachers, and everyone else are all telling him what to do. And that’s hard enough for him. But now, there’s this voice in his head questioning the decisions he makes for himself.

The Guardian Princess 2: And Justice For All, Chapter 2

When Justice woke up, his surroundings were unfamiliar to him at first. *Oh right* he thought to himself, “This blows.” He finished out loud. Now comes the embarrassment.

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-11

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-11

Chapter 11

I’m standing there stunned at the sudden rush of the girls laughing and squeeing and running all over the place. Hillary’s laughing a bit too. But she’s pointing at various girls and shouting out orders.

“Bring all your clothes even the good stuff and the stuff that you’re not using that might fit Dylan!”


“You three get all the different make-up stuff we have and bathroom stuff!”


“You two junk food!”


“You two Movies!”

“Yo, Earth to Hill.”

“Deidre, mud masks and cucumbers!”


First time 10.......

First time…..

Musings from WannabeGinger

Experiences like my salon first timer that day live with me for ever. It’s only when you write tracing back earlier days that you feel what you felt then. The more I think about it, the more I know, I felt lonely. Little did I know that, before the year was out, I’d have had my first kiss with a girl.

Chapter 10

First time 9.......

First time…..

Musings from WannabeGinger

Experiences live with us for ever. It’s only when you write tracing back your earlier days that you feel what you felt then.

I felt lonely.

Chapter 9

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-10

Don’t Blame Me I’m a Martian-10

Chapter 10

It’s so good, I’m drifting in this haze that just is like this…I don’t know it’s that foggy place in dreams like you see on TV. I’m in this hotel room and it’s nice and it’s there’s some soft music playing and I’m in a silk teddy and I hear. “Hey beautiful…” it comes from Kaylee coming out of the bathroom in this skimpy sexy set of lingerie and that’s it.

Jem...Chapter 7

Jem…Chapter 7

Chapter 7

You’d think that I’d be more guy about this whole thing right? That I’d be more Jason or that Jason would be more of a teenaged guy here living in a house with three really pretty girls.

I thought I might be.

Hell I thought I would be way too turned on by just being near them. You get a totally different look at girls/women when you’re living with them and apparently camouflaged.
They act totally different when you’re one of the girls. There’s a lot more adjusting of the bra’s and scratching than most guys would think of and I get to learn about something I’ve never heard of as Brooklyn adjusts herself from having a front wedgie.

Okay…it took me a few moments to figure that one out. It was worth looking a bit “duh” then embarrassed for getting the laughs that came out of all three of them.

Whose Irish Eyes Be Smiling? 6

Whose Irish Eyes Be Smiling?

Sean and Morag discuss why he abandoned his promising career as a violinist. The school nurse worries about Morgan's anxiety, while Sean battles insomnia before his audition with the Daughters of Danaan. And Kelly seems to exert a profound influence on those around her, even from a coma…

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-9

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian…9

Chapter 9

We’re all full of adrenaline as we’re racing up Old beach road to a lonely stretch of sand dunes the locals usually end up partying at. We just call it The Dunes or some call it Desert Sands but that’s like the name from back in Dad’s era and stuff.

Van Halen’s “Mine all Mine.” Is blaring out of the front of the truck and there a lot of wild yells and screams and stuff. I’m getting increasingly sore and in pain as the ride is going so when someone passes me a beer I take it. And when someone passes me the Jack Daniels I take that too.

The beer is beer but the whisky just burns it’s way down my throat and sets my whole mouth into searing pain as there’s all these cuts on the inside of my cheeks and lips and my gums from getting beat on by “Dick.” I might not have felt it then but I’m feeling it now.

Life Is Precious

Life Is Precious


Kyle and his roommate Steve are invited to an exclusive Halloween party at the Delta Beta Zeta House. Both are in for a night that they will never forget.

Jem...Chapter 5

Jem…Chapter 5

Chapter 5

I look up from where I’m sitting with the girls and blinked a few times as it sinks in what just happened and I get to my feet and head upstairs. I head to Raven’s room and the door’s shut and I knock gently.


“What…?” (Shaky and sobby voice.)

“Can I come in?”

“Okay…” (Kind of a whine.)

Jem...Chapter 4


Chapter 4

Dad’s got this I’m not totally awake yet thing going on and well…well he’s certainly awake now. In fact he freezes and it staring and then he looks me up and down and I’m starting to get scared and nervous. “Dad?.........Daddy?”

He blinks and extends his hand and I offer mine and he shakes it like I’m a young lady.
“You’d better come inside…”


“Jem? Like in Jem and The Holograms?”

“How’d you?”

“Come on in and we’ll talk Jem it’ll be safer that way.”

“Yeah the police aren’t here yet.”


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